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  1. I got my second one today. LOL not even sure why.... unless they are just shipping those to dealers regardless if we ordered them already
  2. I confirmed.. this was an issue and it’s been rectified.
  3. why would this surprise anyone? Ebay is Anti Gun just as paypal is. NJ would have only needed to send an email to stop them from selling to NJ..
  4. I'v not heard of any of my customers having an issue with permits. It might be that some towns ran out early who knows.
  5. you can just pull the bones out.
  6. Listen to me... The McRib is Fucking Delicious! Notice the Fabulous Grill Marks
  7. SO lemmi So lemmi guess.. Your Cooking "BBQ Flavored" Ribs in crock pot while drinking a latte with extra foam and shopping urban outfitters for skinny jeans. True wiki is full of false info already
  8. Yes.. i think they removed references to my name as to not get free advertising LOL i was also told my avatar needed to change.
  9. Yes when i was first getting my FFL and was inquiring on the forum they got pissey about it since i was not a paying vendor...
  10. YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. Ribs need a bite....
  11. Sure.... Just skip over this "finished on smoker"
  12. vacuum marinate is fine... you are just taking the process of marinating and making it faster.
  13. I would guess acting as an FFL with being a vendor..... they are overly strict about that.
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