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  1. He is North of Philly willing to drive up here, I am in Denville
  2. Just pack it up an take to post office with copy of PA FFL's licence?
  3. is there a way to avoid shipping fees selling a long rifle to a PA resident?( NJ FFL to PA FFL) shipping fee
  4. Why waste the effort on such a low performance cartridge? I have a Chilean Mauser that was arsenal converted to 7.63x51which is a great shooter, with a Mojo peep sight
  5. this would not open for me:The links in the email titled Stand up and vote from ANJRPC regarding NRA PVF candidate ratings and endorsements would not open
  6. With all of the emails that I received I would think that finding a list that could give me guidance on who I should vote for should not have been so difficult,I tried to click on links in the emails that would not open, WTF I wanted to make a difference but could not find help in selecting who I should support
  7. I am still trying to find a home for my NJ legal National Match AR,
  8. I am in the same boat, I am surviving a brain tumor and I don't know how much time that I have left, my wife has no desire to deal with my firearms, although I wish that she would keep one just to have around the house just in case. I have simplified matters by taking most of them to my bro's house in Virginia an I have left them to thim all in my will.I trust my bro will pass some on to my son when he is old and responsible enough.
  9. If by some twist of fate a NJ LE officer that doesn't understand the complicated NJ firearm regulations pulls her over and finds a pistol in her possession, she would likely be arrested and left with an expensive lawyer and the NJ court system to figure out if she was violating the law or not.
  10. You'll need to contact the FFL to see if he will accept firearms from a non-FFL, and you may need to show the shipper a copy of his FFL
  11. I have a Stihl 066 with a 36" bar, and a Stihl MS260 Pro with an 18" bar. Both have ported mufflers which allows me to run at higher rpm's with a 40:1 mix. I use a rat tail file to put a few licks on each chain link daily when I am done or if they start to dull. Always use gloves when sharpening. I also always use chaps and a Stihl combo hard hat/face shield/ear muffs. A chain saw will rip through soft tissue faster than you can possibly imagine, and is likely the most dangerous power tool that you can use. Always keep yourself out of line with the spinning chain! Always 2 hands on the saw and never hold the saw over your head. I bought both of my saws used and they will last me a lifetime.
  12. I agree with the smell test, but spoiled dairy products are more likely to produce pathogens that could lead you to sickness. Can't you just go buy some more milk? BTW, if you are making a Béchamel, you will be bringing it to a boil, but it is more than a month expired, WTF are you thinking about? I hope you're not planning on feeding it to your kids...
  13. I 2nd the vote for a nice Rem 700 My Remington 700 5R in .308 with a SWFA 10x42HD scope, CDi bottom metal, cerakote by GdsCoatings, Badger rings and rail, bolt knob by me, and a Harris bipod. Cost a little over $2000, shoots .350" groups with handloads...
  14. My first year SP101 in .38spc is sufficient for me in close quarters. I would chose my H&KP7 PSPif I anticipated the need to shoot accurately at a greater distance.
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