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  1. I bought 5 pmags and 1 could only hold 14 rounds. I called them and they told me to send it back. They told me that they had the gunsmith unpin it and put it back together and was fine. I suspect that the spring was bound up and could only hold 14 rounds. Unpinning it and pulling the spring back out was the fix. Rebel was great to deal with great customer service. By the way I paid $35 for each mag at the time of all the craziness
  2. lol haha I didn't realize, I don't even have a 34 yet. Just trying to find mags
  3. I would like to see glock 34 15 round mags
  4. I called cabelas they said their system is down right now. My CC was charged for the purchases
  5. dwh112

    Your First 9

    I picked the H&K USP 9mm. I picked it for H&K's reputation of making quality and accurate weapons. It fit my hand perfectly
  6. I had my lever pinned so it will not move
  7. I had Steve @monmouth arms install my yhm phantom muzzle break. I think he charged 25 or 35 and the break was 25. I have a psa upper with the stainless barrel and midwest floating handguard
  8. http://www.cz-usa.com/products/view/cz-720-semi-auto/ 20 gauge, guess they change the model #
  9. I shoot wolf, herters, golden bear and i think its called tiger something
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