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  1. I ordered an acog and rmr from them through this deal. I got shipping conformation and tracking numbers already. I guess well see
  2. There is a 2yr old golden available here at Berkeley animal shelter. My dog got out last night and we were trying to find him and I came across the other golden. He is 2 yrs old and a very nice looking dog. If I wasn't moving now I would take him. Give them a call if you are interested
  3. Army navy store in seaside has them. He is active here and a great guy to deal with
  4. Used once it's been opened I wouldn't consider it new
  5. I just wanted to see what everyone was using for their precision rifle. Post a picture of your rifle and target. My rifle is a GA Precision FBI HRT rifle with a jewel trigger set to 2.5 pounds. I have a US optics scope with a mil dot rectile. The target is shot at 200 yards with black hills match 168 grain. This is my best grouping so far.
  6. My friend just built an ar for just over 400 bucks. Only thing he still needs is a rear sight. They can be built on a budget
  7. Range 14 is your best bet. 60 bucks for the year and 4 bucks an hour after that

    New Glock 42

    Maybe this time?

    New Glock 42

    I tried to add a picture of the ad but I'm on my phone and I failed. It has a picture of a zippo and says the only thing smaller that fires every time. Coming Jan 2014 so I'm thinking shot show
  10. ZOMBIE

    New Glock 42

    Glock is running an ad for their new pistol. I am hoping it is going to be a single stack 9mm to rival the shield and xds. What do you guys think?
  11. Can you post the link to the donation page. I have some tools I can donate.
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