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  1. Yes, these are Hybrid Target. Unfortunately those bullets are currently spoken for but you're next on the list if that falls through for whatever reason.
  2. Similar to my other thread i'm looking to start saving up for a house, that means thinning out my collection a bit. Up for sale is my Knights Armament SR-25 APC (Advanced Precision Carbine) with around 750 rounds down the pipe. Its fully NJ compliant with a Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock and a pinned Surefire SMFB Brake (spent some time in Texas with it hunting hogs with a borrowed suppressor so there is a bit of carbon build-up on the brake). It also has a Magpul MIAD grip, KAC bipod rail, and a Radians Weapons Raptor charging handle (will include the original KAC charging handle too). Rifle will come with 5 10 round PMAGS. Very consistently sub-moa rifle (picture of test target from KAC is attached) with FGMM, with hand loads and the right shooter can probably go lower. Open for an FFL-facilitated transfer after background check in NJ or shipping on your dime to your FFL if you're out of state. $3900.00 SOLD Trade-wise, the only thing i'm interested in is a partial trade (with cash on your end) for a high-end 14.5" AR15 mid-length carbine (KAC, LMT, LWRC, Noveske, Radian, etc.) For some reason i'm having trouble uploading pictures via the thread so I created a Google Drive shared folder for you guys to take a look: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1h0FjY9XdEcvJJkKCHgrzs6ldiyCU71t1?usp=sharing
  3. Bump, by the way will be at Range 14 this Saturday (early till noon) so if anyone wants to meet me there I can bring anything I have left. Also, open to offers!
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm careful about keeping the powder completely separated and have never opened up two different cans at the same time to avoid cross-contamination, but I can understand the hesitation. Also, bumping since I added a bunch of brass. I'm also sorting through and cataloging a bunch of primed/sized/annealed .223 brass and pistol brass (mostly 9mm and 45) that i'll plan on having with me at OBRPC on Sunday if anyone is going to be there.
  5. Bumping this up. Edited with current status, items which are sold or pending have been removed.
  6. Varget and 8028 are SPF. I'll also be at the USPSA match at OBRPC on 8/23 with anything that may be left over so if anyone is interested in meeting there and picking something up let me know.
  7. Well its about that time. I'm looking to buy a house and need to raise up some funds for that. I also haven't loaded a round in over 2 years. I have accumulated a large amount of reloading equipment over the last 5 or so years and i'm looking to divest myself at this point. I'm still working on an inventory of all of it so i'll be slowly adding to this thread as i find more stuff. There's enough where posting pictures is going to be prohibitive but i'll break things down in categories for easy browsing and if you really need a picture of something let me know and I'll take one when I can. Most of this equipment is geared towards precision rifle reloading and all of it (including powders and primers) has been kept in a humidity/temp controlled environment for its life. Shipping is going to be on you for items that can be shipped. Local pickup is in Middletown NJ, but am willing to drive to ranges to meet up. Press (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY) Upgraded Redding Big Boss 2 Press Package - $400 Redding Big Boss 2 Inline Fabrication Ultramount Inline Fabrication Case Ejector System w/2 bins Inline Fabrication Ergo Roller Lever Inline Fabrication Universal Double Bullet Tray System Redding Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeder System (Large and Small Tubes) Dies/Die Accessories Redding .308 Win Master Hunter Carbide Die Set (Full-length sizer and Micrometer seater) - $120 Will include Lee Precision .308 Collet Neck Sizing Die RCBS .45 ACP 3 Die Set - $40 RCBS .308 Neck Sizer - $20 Misc Tools Little Crow Gunworks Worlds Finest Trimmer (Original) .223 Rem - $50 RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center - $100- Will include the following accessories for .223 and .308 cases Primer Pocket Uniformer Case mouth chamfer and deburr tools Flash Hole Deburring Tool Satern Powder Funnels in the following sizes - $10 each 9mm 45 Cal Brass/Brass Prep Mixed Pistol (mostly 9mm and 45) (unprocessed) 10 LB mixed - $20 10 LB mixed - $20 10 LB mixed - $20 The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  8. Blackjack988

    CZ P-10

    Nice price! Got mine from the first shipment deguns had of the FDE model. Paid MSRP, but that's the price for being an early adopter and it was worth it to me. Happy to answer any other questions out there.
  9. Blackjack988

    CZ P-10

    Works 99.99% of the time with the way I insert my mags (energetically). Some people see it as a problem but I don't, I got used to it happening with my M&P and like how quick it makes reloads. It happens quite a bit more often with the CZ vs the M&P because of the way the slide stop interfaces with the bolt face as opposed to a small notch on the slide (its enormous in comparison so its also heavier and seems to drop easier). Its easy enough to ride the slide stop while inserting the magazine to make it closer to 99.99999%. I did have some issues with the first ~150 rounds where the top round in the magazine would nosedive into the feeding ramp on an auto battery, but that has resolved itself and i'm going to chalk that up to magazines that needed to be broken in.
  10. Blackjack988

    CZ P-10

    Yep. Certainly heavier than normal, especially compared to a Glock or 1911. I personally don't have any issues releasing it quickly, every student I've handed it to has had a hard time doing so, to the point where I usually tell them to use their off-hand thumb to press it in fully. Its worn in dramatically since I got it an expect it to continue to wear in further but I doubt it'll ever be considered light. It's likely due to the heavy magazine springs being used and the design of the mechanism itself (which is really novel by the way). I've seem some people disassemble and polish the V-notch, which I may look into doing. I also know some people that have replaced the spring with a Glock spring, but I've seen some issues with that approach so, especially considering I don't have any issues, i'm unlikely to try that.
  11. Blackjack988

    CZ P-10

    Have one. Love it. Had a bit of a break-in but after about 150 rounds it runs flawlessly. Great ergonomics and a fantastic trigger. Happy to let anyone who is interested in trying one out shoot mine.
  12. Anyone know of any upcoming Appleseed events in NJ anytime soon? I've been itching to return to the basics and I have never attended one.
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