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  1. Ive got a ruger mark 3 for sale in the market place for $350 call or test if interested 908-421-5503.
  2. I have a question similar to the discussion at hand. I can fit 16 rounds into my factory unmodified glock 19 magazines. Anybody else able to do this? Should i get them pinned?
  3. Cool thanks for the help how many rounds should I bring?
  4. So ill be able to just show up help set up and shoot?
  5. I'm trying to register but am getting a message saying that the match is filled? If so that sucks
  6. I am very good friends with one of the guys that work back there, and have never had an issue with anybody that works there. Most of the cashiers let me use coupons i dont even have. haha
  7. Couldn't you just say its a utility tool you use on a day to day basis just like your regular folder.
  8. I streamed dexter from my xfinity app today from 9 to 5 today at work and had to plug my 4s in at about 3. That was on wifi as well, if i wasnt streaming the whole day i wouldve easily made it through the day.
  9. This. When i took my hunter education course this was young kid there with the same problem. An NRA instructor came over and had him use both eyes but he covered the kids left eye with his hand and his sights lined right up. Just found out my younger brother is the same way put a piece of tape on his glasses over the left eye and now he sees fine.
  10. The entire report wouldve been different if all those people interviewed and the news reporters were in a bank when this shooting happened and the student saved all of their lives.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BwgX2Os8mg&feature=related Just wanted to share this story with you guys. Not sure if its a repeat on here, but I thought it was pretty awesome that the student saved himself and stayed out of prison. Although who knows what the outcome wouldve been here in jersey.
  12. Ill probably end up just checking it out and meeting a few of you guys. I could use some practice before id feel comfortable shooting in a match. Thanks alot though everyone for your help.
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