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  1. IANAL to be sure, but the whole basis of NJs gun laws seems to go against the basic tenat of law. NJ has made firearms possession illegal except for specific exceptions. So much for guilty till proven innocent. While not a law in itself it is a long held tenet. I recall hearing of a case in the late 70s that talked to this. (too lazy to look it up but I think it was somebody v Kentucky) Being that no other laws in that state follow that principal (that I am aware of, specifically dealing with an enumerated right), seems like there would be some basis via that route. I did read the ruling and dissent and there seems to be cause for the Supreme Court to take it up, but is it enough for them to do so? I don't know.
  2. Had I done so earlier I'm sure it wouldn't have been an issue but once I realized there would be a longer wait than I had anticipated and contacted the seller he already had the other offer and to be fair to both based on the weapons history he wont. I'm cool with the terms, but am still hopeful. Was told by someone at county health that there is no backlog, but would like confirmation from an official source before speaking with the acting cheif.
  3. Is anyone aware of a delay in mental health checks in Hudson County? If so, any idea what the backlog is? Finally, is there a specific person I would be able to call and ask other than the main office # in secaucus? I ask because I have been checking on the process used by Union City. I have already passed the 45 day mark and a extremely rare window of opportunity is about to close for me. You see I am trying to purchase the 1911 that I was issued in the service. The seller is aware of whats going on with the city, but has another much larger offer from another buyer and is only willing to wait so long. The second buyer had also been issued the same sidearm a few years before me. The seller is being more than patient and fair with me both in waiting and on the price. No way I could come close to the offer the second buyer is offering so here I sit waiting dreading the time its taking.
  4. Nics check delay of ~10 days. Fid checks ~68 days. Aside from prints (which being electronic checks are quick) what is different? Is the process that dramatically different? If not why do fids take so long? Same reason. Because it takes however long they say it takes. What are you gonna do about it? Don't tell me how to do my job. You'll get it when you get it. Thats the response I got from a local cleo.
  5. My brother got the call and has picked up his gun. All told 10 days for the "instant check", 63 days for the fid & p2p. Lol I hadn't seen him so excited since we were kids opening presents on christmas day. He bought a .40 cal storm. Wants to buy a second one now and name them thunder and lightning. Lol a bit cheesey but I can overstand his enthusiasm.
  6. Not sure. New chief seemed aware of how the city became compliant as well as how it had become uncompliant prior. I have to see if I can contact the old chief.
  7. So as some of you know I had gotten the chief of police in UC to comply with state firearms laws. I had told him I would give the city some time to get comfortable with the new process before applying and report back ho things went. Unfortunately the chief after just over a year on the job resigned his post. I was not aware of this when I applied. While the city is complying with the paperwork requirements it has become abundantly clear that the major factors in the delay of the apps stems from the sgt that handles the process. I just had a conversation with the new acting chief. I had called to check on the status of my app having hit the 23 day mark. I called not expecting it to be ready, but I have learned by helping others obtain their card that our city will not contact you if there is an issue regardless of what that issue may be. So I figured it would be best to make sure thing were going smoothly. I was told everything seemed to be in order that they were waiting on county to return the mental health. I thanked the extremely courteous lady and said no worries you have 30 days we have time. At this point she asked me to hold a sec. Next voice on the phone is the sgt that does the checks he comes on the line. Being that I didnt ask for him, I was a bit confused as to why he was on the phone. He starts in with the authority voice explaining what was going to happen. He stated that regardless of how long it took no application was going to the chiefs desk untill all paperwork was back. I then stated that the law wasn't written that way. Its 30 days, not finding cause to deny you must issue. Thats when he became unproffesional. He attempted several inflection and tone changes along with wordplay to try and intimidate me. He insinuated that the processes could be delayed that he decided when and if an app made it to the chiefs desk. After asking him to first lower his voice I told him I was not intimidated and that I would be contacting the chief and mayor. Ofcourse at the time I didn't now we had a new chief. Well after my conversation with the chief I did not feel any better. While he was polite, I did not get a good feeling from him. Although I was clear and upfront that I wasn't looking for special treatment and I was providing feedback on how things were going he went into full on political mode he spoke many words and said nothing. Basically he will take the word of the sgt over anyone else. Period. He believes that you shouln't get the permit before 30 days even if everything comes back in 10. He also stated that if it took longer than 30 well thats how it goes, that he would deal with that on a case by case basis if the person complained. He feels there isn't an issue because he hasn't heard about it from citizens in town meetings. Nevermind that most folk are afraid to say anything in fear of having their permit delayed. They dont want to rock the boat. Lets not forget that supposedly no one had complained about the additional paperwork requirements prior to me either, so how is no one has complained before even relevant. That whole statement sickens me, but I digress. Basically the new chief will go along with whatever the sgt that does thevpaerwork says and the sgt will continue to do whatever he like. So while we have no additional paperwork requirements, the process that had improved with the prior chief has reverted with the new.
  8. I dont want to move. I will do my best to keep fighting. That said, I dont know. Like others the gun laws aren't the main reason, but the are the proverbial straw. As of this moment I'm staying and fighting, but I'm tired. The state has handed me so many beatings over the years and like a particularly mean bully, it feels lie they are seeking me out for more. My friends tell me that the only reason I haven't moved is my stubborness.
  9. My brother called to see if there was any news. Was told by store it was looking like another week. I'm having a hard time not getting upset with the situation. Not at the store mind you their hands are tied. My issue lies with the state. I get it they decided to not allow ffls to use the federal nics system and opted to be a middleman. That being said you are middeman to citizens who are trying to excercise their rights. This is where when you notice that the two or three people that typically do the job are overwhelmed an you put more people on the job. It is not very complicated. Nor is the job of doing the nics check overly complicated. We arent applying for rose planting permits, we are following the assinine laws put in place to make exercising our rights most difficult. Yeah I know, I'm clapping with one hand. Just had to vent. I think I'm more frustrated with the whole situation than my brother is. I just wish that getting his first gun hadn't been like this. Your first gun should be a way better experiance on the whole.
  10. Well today marks day 7 in my brothers wait for his instant check. Sadly, since it was a handgun he had no recourse as buying out of state would not have sped things up, hell likely would take longer as he would have to wait for it to ship then the true waiting would begin and thats assuming no delay cause the ffl wasnt on file with seller. He was so excited to be purchasing his first gun. The 2 month wait for the fpid and ptp dampened his enthusiasm some. The odd story that the city hadnt gotten his prints back and were waiting for them to be mailed had a bad odor about it. Especially when morpho and the state claim they were received the Next day. I couldnt help but get caught up in his excitement as he made his final choice, then share in his dejection at being told it would be three days before he got it. That was now 7 days ago and no estimate as to how much longer. This is sad. If you are denied or to use the nics term you are delayed you have a clear recourse. But your instant check takes a week, you must wait. I had always been under the impression that instant was an infinitesimal space of time so I must not understand what infinitesimal means, which I had believed it was a number very close to but slightly more than zero. Although the dictionary seems to agree with me, I must surely be wrong cause the state tells me so.
  11. Ive been focused on what I could do to help fight the slew of new proposed antigun laws, so no I havent been up on the nics delays. Didnt think the press would be so much from NJ with its limited amount of fid owners as compared to people that live in free America. So is NJ or the feds the hold up.
  12. Has anyone been having delays on nic checks? Im being told there is a 6-7 day delay.
  13. Dont me my permission. Have at it. As for the 30 days thing... We'll see. I hadnt applied for my permit cause I refused to go through an illegal process. Now that it has changed... Well I should have enough funds for the prints in another week or so. I will be a pest at 30 days after they have the prints. Will update with results.
  14. Perhaps I should start using the <sarcasm> tags again... Nah more fun watching some random guy jump on your comment. But no I never stop to think about anything. I just spout whatever is boiling at the top of my head. Any of my posts would tell you that. Should I use that tag? Nah why bother. Lololol
  15. While I feel gun owners should pursue training pertinent to whatever aspect of firearms they persue and optimally in as many as they can, I am against mandatory training. Why? Simple, people that seek training will absorb and benefit from it. Someone forced to does not. I think that basic firearms safety ala the eddie eagle program should be taught at schools. This should be given equal time with the dare programs. Why? Simple, some kids have parents that are anti gun. As such its likely that the only exposre to firearms for these kids is from movies, tv and video games. Not the best place for them to get info and form an opinion. Seriously how many gun accidents could we prevent from simple education? Seems like common sense to teach them at young age about safety. Just like not drinkin bleach or sticking objects into electric sockets.
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