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  1. I currently drive a 2013 BMW 550i, coming out of a Honda this is an amazing automobile. I'm just glad it's still under warranty, because once that starts to expire, buh bye BMW. Aside from the BMW my other favorite was my wifes KIA Cadenza fully load, that was a nice ride. From the tech, to the drive the car was sweet. My least favorite was probably my first ride, a 1991 Chevy Camaro RS that I bought in 1999. It had a 305 small block that went nowhere fast, the tranny mounts kept ripping, the t-tops leaked like the Niagara Falls when it rained, but it sounded great due to an exhaust leak. Everything in between was mediocre, both Honda's. Reliable as all, but just a mediocre ride. Selling the last one I had if anyone is interested.
  2. A guy was driving down the interstate, he looks in his rear-view mirror and sees that he is getting pulled over. The trooper walks over to the window, the gentleman politely asks the trooper "officer why are you pulling me over? I was going the speed limit, I haven't been drinking..." before he finished his sentence the trooper tells him "sir, your wife fell out the car about 2 miles back", the guy replies "OH THANK GOD! I thought I was losing my hearing."
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. You weren't kidding when you said "splurged". It's a very good looking and seems like a quality knife. Probably why it's out of stock. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome aboard from another northerner
  5. Stupid question, but what do you need a tomahawk for? (Not trying to be a dick, serious stupid question
  6. Whats the law on body armor plates? Are plates legal and vests are not?
  7. Thanks for the reply, what I meant was if you will sell the barrel with a BCG.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Transplanted from Marine Park myself.
  9. Would be cool to partake in something like this, unfortunately chesterfield is not a hop, and a skip away from Passaic county. Maybe next time.
  10. Are you going to get anymore "combos" in 5.56?
  11. Thanks for the recommendations. Between all these different manufacturers it's hard to figure out is ones quality better than the other and does it make sense to pay the extra coin for the slight benefit that in most cases a person would not notice.
  12. So I've decided to assemble my first AR, I got the lower receiver, got the LPK, got mags, going with ALG trigger, and probably a Luth AR stock. Now I can't figure out what upper assembly to go with or to build it? I've been looking at Odin works, Rainier Arms, DSG and some others. I have about a $500-$800 budget for the upper. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  13. The argument is flimsy and can be taken apart by even a graduate level audiologist.
  14. BigAl


    Do you guys think this is overkill? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TACD77C?psc=1
  15. What I meant was, why is something still pinned if it is no longer relevant.
  16. BigAl


    Thanks for all the recommendations, gents!
  17. BigAl


    Is there a kit that can be purchased of tools that are needed to build an AR? If not, what is needed, other than a vise?
  18. Here is an article that explains some things http://www.hearingreview.com/2007/03/firearms-and-hearing-protection/ If anyone needs impressions for custom plugs, I can help out.
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