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  1. For sale is a Ruger Mini-14 model 05801 in almost new condition. About 500rds through it. Includes all original packaging, 2 x Ruger 5rd magazines, 2 x Ruger 10rd magazines, original scope rings, mounting rail, lock and owners manuals. Located close to Ramsey Outdoor and Yankee Armorer in Mahwah but willing to drive up to 50 miles to meet at your FFL. Asking $700 First person to reply with "I'll take it" wins the sale.
  2. Selling left over .45-70 ammo and brass. One box of 20 rds. of GOEX 405 gr. RNFP Black Powder ammo. One partial box of 6 rds. of Black Hills 405 gr FPL ammo. 70 rds. Used brass. Marked “W-W” $20 for everything. Located in Ramsey. first to post “I’ll take it” gets the sale.
  3. WTS: 9mm HK P2000SK V3 pistol in very good condition. Shows some wear from use. V3 is SA/DA with decocker button by the hammer. $600 or best offer. Includes: pistol, 2 x 10rd HK magazines, original box, lock and user's manual. Located close to Ramsey Outdoor and Yankee Armorer in Mahway but willing to drive up to 50 miles to meet at your FFL. Buyer is responsible for FFL transfer fees. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
  4. Thanks guys! I have been looking forever for 15rd versions of original GI 20rd mags. Will post photos with my Colt 605 reproduction when they arrive!
  5. They have a limit of 5boxes of any caliber/brand combo but honestly, what is preventing you from buying 5 boxes going to your car then coming back and buying 5 more? Unfortunately i do not remember the CCI Mini-Mag prices. I want to say 7.99 or 8.99/100 but don't hold me to it. By 10:30am there was a crowd in the ammo aisles but at 9:30am it was me and maybe 3 other guys looking at ammo.
  6. Drove out to Cabelas in Hamburg, PA this morning. Arrived around 9:30am to find 9mm and .45 acp being restocked. Shelves were still mostly empty but there was; Herters(Blaser) Alum. 9mm for 12.99 Herters brass 9mm for 14.99 Herters Alum. .45acp for 21.99 Rem 100rnd .45acp for 51.99 Some .32 acp and .380 Lots of .40 S&W in green plastic ammo cans Some 10mm .223 and 5.56 in 20rd boxes was on shelves. PMC, Herters and "nato grey box" whatever that was. tons of 7.62x39 and .308/7.62 Shotgun ammo shelves were fully stocked. When I arrived there was also quite a bit of CCI Mini-Mags .22lr HP in 100rd and 325rd boxes. Sadly by 11:00am the .22lr ammo was all gone. Herters 115gr brass 9mm on the shelves
  7. Sadly can't shoot this stuff in most indoor ranges...
  8. 45Bravo was actually machining his own faux three prong muzzle devices for those of us in the ban states. Sadly he has not done work in years. He did build me a wonderful 605 replica upper(took a year and a half!) and it is my prized AR possession. The "retro bug" is a very special kind of sickness in the AR community
  9. I would say the Herters .223 is the bottom of the barrel of Russian ammo. Even my old bushmaster which would go through 1000rds of Wolf without so much as a hiccup would jam up with this stuff after 100rds. The Herters pistol ammo i have had no issues with but something about this .223. A case would always get stuck in the chamber right around 95-100rds like clockwork. Be prepared to clean the bore after every 80rds or so and you should be good to go though.
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