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  1. Looking for a good condition G26 (gen4 or gen5). I have a permit and can meet at any FFL in North or Central NJ.
  2. Need the front sight tool that comes with the Beretta CX4 and its out of stock online.
  3. This looks cool but I still have my eyes on a Beretta CX4 as I already have 92 mags. Has anyone seen a CX4 in stock lately new or used?
  4. Bump. Still interested if anyone has one or a lead on one.
  5. They're on sale this weekend. Code: LABOR40
  6. Thanks guys. If anyone has either version they're willing to part with send me a PM.
  7. Want to buy a gently used CX4 9mm that takes 92 mags. PM if interested.
  8. Sad, but true. It will take time but they will continue to erode our rights.
  9. Very interesting. Maybe I could ship to myself "in care of" a Florida FFL and then take possession of the packages when I get down there.
  10. Thanks for all the input, still trying to figure this out. Maybe I could "sell" the guns to a local FFL for $1, have the local FFL ship to a Florida FFL that will hold them for me until I get my new license and whatnot then "buy" them from the Florida FFL when I can legally do so for $1 and transfer fees, NICS fees, etc. I think that would be legal but I'd have to find two FFL's willing to play ball then incur transfer, shipping, and NICS fees. ...or I just bite the bullet and drive.
  11. Try Vamoose spray. http://www.vamooseproducts.com/ I can personally attest that it works. I have recommended it to others who have also had success using it to get the smoke smell out of their vehicles. I recommend spraying the inside of your car heavily when you know you can avoid driving the car for a day or two. Vamoose initially smells like a weird mixture between vinegar and Febreeze when you first spray it, but after a few days it goes away along with the smoke smell. The smell is strong at first which is why I advise using it when you aren't going to be using the car and can let it sit. Good luck!
  12. areacode201


    Haven't purchased anything yet. I'm on the fence between letting the permit expire and getting a wheel gun.
  13. areacode201


    You make a great point. Look at me here thinking about spending $500+ instead of taking the $2 hit on an expired permit. My town used to be great. Never waited more than 6 weeks for a permit. The last time around it took over 90 days from the date of submission and the PD was very uncommunicative during the process. Left a sour taste in my mouth. I can't imagine the thought of going through all that aggravation again.
  14. areacode201


    Seems like the audience favors a wheel gun... I'm leaning in that direction as well. The 686 seems to be a popular choice but the MSRP's on the S&W website are a little more than I was looking to spend. Any advice on where I can pick one up used? I don't see any recent posts in our marketplace forum.
  15. areacode201


    Hmmm a 1911 is a cool idea. The Sig is my HD gun so I don't need anything "top of the line" if I were to go the 1911 route.
  16. I saw those. Sig also had a special where if you bought a new pistol you got a $200 credit for their online store." Pretty good deal but I'd rather just get an outright rebate if possible.
  17. I'm thinking about "pulling the trigger" on a new Sig P220 in the next few months. I know around Christmastime many manufacturers and some LGS's run promotions/sales/rebates. I remember seeing Beretta ads for a $50 rebate with purchase. Does Sig have any similar rebate programs coming up? I'm in no rush to make a purchase so if getting a discount means waiting a few weeks/months that's fine by me.
  18. Thanks for the heads up even though it seems like it was cancelled.
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