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  1. In the packaging buffer kit. I have a Rogers stock that was mounted on a different tube but never used with no packaging. 40 bucks shipped for buffer kit, 35 bucks for stock, 70 for both.
  2. Having never been to one of these areas I'm not familiar with the operation. If there are people on the line is there a designated time for new shooter like top and bottom of the hour? What is used for targets? I may get a hunting license just try it out.
  3. OP read what Bully has said he's been at it for a while. I had a few precision sticks in 6.5x47L, 300WM, .223 match and 6mmAR. I exclusively hand load so I wasn't concerned about amo costs, etc. Given my skills and range availability I cut the two larger cal rifles. They were both fantastic but were overkill for the reasons above. I enjoyed the. 223 match so much I just had an upgrade built by T1D that I need to pickup (NICS IS SO SLOW) After you make a sensible purchase for your needs you'll have to get quality glass and scopes are no cheap proposition either. So consider your budget in its entirety. Good luck and enjoy whichever way you chose to go.
  4. OK, how about a 10 dollar donation to St Judes and 10 dollars shipping and I'll cover the rest and match the 10 dollar donation to St Judes.
  5. Brand new never used. I don't have the box but it's in the plastic paper. I think it's worth a 15 dollar donation to St Jude's children's hospital and if you need it shipped medium flat rate your stil ahead of the game but a bunch. Cheapest I've seen is about 38 bucks so this may cost you 27 if you can't meet for a pickup. It's black and the stock only.
  6. I'll make an offer on all or at least a good chunk if you just wanna go buy an optic but
  7. I can't say it's new in box because I put a set of rings on it but I've never mounted it to a rifle nor has it left the house. It's the AR-BDC with MOA reticle 1-6x24, new is 300, I'm thinking 225 with the rings, it's 30mm tube. https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-strike-eagle-1-6x24-ar-bdc3.html Another situation where I have rings on it but I'm pretty sure I didn't use it. It's the 3-9x40 dead hold bdc 1" tube I believe, I have rings to go with it 125 bucks https://www.opticsplanet.com/v/dbk-01-bdc-kit1-vortex-diamondback-3-9x40-matte.html Text me 97three-four64-two7five8 but first I'll take it in the thread gets them. Thanks. Can ship on your dime prob medium flat rate.
  8. Yes he handguns and would need to buy ammo thus I said you need a no resident FPID. I inferred none of these other things especially carry. My real advice at the end was sell and rent.
  9. Rob0115

    More Berettas

    WC Brig and an old 92FS completely redone by Beretta. I was going to sell one of the two to thin out the collection and couldn’t part with either of them. The Wilson combat cerakoting is spectacular quality.
  10. If you are moving to NYC forget the guns. I have an apartment in Lincoln square and wouldn’t entertain going through the process. As a non-NJ resident it may be hard to store the guns and retrieve them for use unless they are stored at an actual range. You’ll need a non-resident FPID which means the nearest state police barracks to your NYC location. I would not leave my firearms with friends or family in NJ bedside that’s an illegal transfer if you do not live with them. Sure you can sign a fake lease stating you live there but why risk it for three pistols that are common? If all you care about is going the the range sell the guns and rent on range days it’s way less hassle. I keep my firearms, small quantity, in NJ and the bulk in FL. If NYC was my only residence I’d not have firearms and rent when I came out to Nj.
  11. Sorry looked at it and couldn't part with it.
  12. I only have an ultra II. Prob gonna keep on the Wilson 1911.
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