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  1. Hmm that’s odd. Hopefully I’m in like for the 556 one. Lol
  2. What are these going for now? Havent seen any in years....
  3. Sent you a message about option 2 (556 setup). I’ll take it pending some questions.. thanks
  4. What are you asking for this? I have permits coming soon, looking for a 22LR pistol...
  5. Some good posts here... All I can add is that the Sheild is my favorite sub-compact that I own or have fired to this date...
  6. Forums or site? Reddit Honda-Tech Lawnsite Various insurance related crap Linkedin & Facebook...
  7. Havent purchased ammo in a while, but this may change that lol
  8. You make a good point Newtonian, however they are REAL examples of bartering in history, some examples in not-so-long-ago history. Yes it wasnt the USA, but the bartering certainly did happen. From what I remember most of what was bartered was alcohol, toilet paper, and burnable wood..
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