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  1. So I took your advice , and said that I'd be late to work(I have my priorities )... got to the store at 730am, and the guy told me that nics open at 830, for some reason it was some kind of secret information that he couldn't tell me over the phone, so I wasted an hour of my time for nothing. to be continued tomorrow. I feel like I'm writing a diary here...
  2. A great disaster has struck...my recently ordered px4 is sitting in the ffl dealers store, but the guy is out sick, so I have to wait another week to pick it up.or skip work on monday .looking for a support group to help deal with this
  3. crutoi

    Wolf 9mm

    I was thinking about getting them, but it looks some ranges are not allowing steel cases so I got the ruger 1000 for 200 shipped.....
  4. there is a thread on meetups there, do you know if that still takes place? the thread itself is kind of dead...
  5. Thanks. perfect time, gives me time to go home\get my stuff and fly over to the range is it a busy place?
  6. I think this is the closest range near essex county.is it any good for a first timer? Do you know the hours and the pricing?
  7. thats exactly where i got it, i read irishpetes forum, and went to the old link(from the last time they had them), and today saw that they had them again(3 avail when i was buying) and jumped on it. got a safe.googles and plugs last night from amazon and all i'm missing is ammo and a cleaning kit. btw, really like this community attitude very helpful people.
  8. when i went to the store and the range p226 fit me like a glove, but there is also almost 500$ difference between px4 and that. but there is a good cahnce that once get used to this, p226 will be my next purchase, probably used. Btw, i have a question, when buying online from sites like gunbroker, how do you know what youre getting? how do you know if the gun works correctly and hasnt been abused?
  9. Thank you all very much for your input. I found a px4g 9mm(NIB) on gunbroker for 369 and it was just hard to pass up , this one does have a decocker but not a sefety, Is there a way to add safety to it in a gun shop or I shouldn't bother?
  10. I held both and shot a 92, which want that bad, but something in a px just feels right , if I would find a place to shoot it, it would make my choice a lot easier, but I couldn't find a place within one and a half hours drive that had them...either easy I'll get one of them this weekend then go to bayone range to try it out that's the closest place to livingston that I can find
  11. That's the thing, everyone says 92 is the gun you must own in you "arsenal", but I'm not planning to have multiples(and yeas i know everyone says that at first ) and actually i do have a second permit awaiting me in PD, they said i can only get it after 30days of getting the first one. any opinions of getting in in state vs out of state? the best price i got so far was around 550-575(including taxes\nics) out the door locally.
  12. Hi, just got my permit(and license) last week and almost done doing all my homework. After hours of reading and hours of watching youtube vids I Went to a store and held a few guns in hand, then went to Sunset range in PA to shot a few and have finally have narrowed it down to Beretta family of either px4(wasn't able to shoot this one) or 92fs. My whole reason for getting a permit was to learn to shoot at a range, and perhaps with time compete in some low low level completions . Both guns are very appealing to me based on all the info i collected so now just trying to narrow down which is better as the first gun, since price is only about 50-75 apart. looking for a full size 9mm any pro's and cons would be appreciated so far leaning towards px4 Thanks
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