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  1. Selling a like-new Strike Eagle 1-6x with Aeroprecision Ultra Light mount:
  2. Dang, expected the link to send me to some big post with detail and pictures and everything...... nope. Just a 3-liner about how you "Sellin' the stuffs." Gotta be the laziest sale I've ever seen. GLWS
  3. Please stop being the Justin Bieber of NJGF.
  4. Wrong. Waste of time and money. http://blog.cheaperthandirt.com/m4-carbine-750-yards-beyond-simple/
  5. Boom. All the information you need to take from this entire thread. Take JR88USMC's quote, and walk away from this opinion shitshow.
  6. Damn... you bitches look cute. Do you always stop for selfies at the gun range, so you can twittle-tweet your friends? Was this taken before or after the reach-around? My under-$700 franken-AR could ring steel at 1000 yards. Congrats, bro. Video on a different topic, but right up your alley. Good section on selfies... Found once, I'm with stupid.
  7. I'm going to disagree with most folks here. Buy a factory built gun. You get a LIFETIME warranty (SIG, Ruger, Stag), in most cases transferavble to your next of kin. These days factory built guns are only slightly more money than building a franken-AR on your own. Also, beware the "Experts" on the internet. They will convince you the rifle will explode in your hands unless you get Hyper-Platinum-nitride-titanium coatings with the cold treatments and ceracoatings... all bullshit. Akin to getting your car tires filled with Nitrogen. There's one born every minute... "Build your Own" - for the ultra-low budget. Back when I bought my first AR, I took advice of people saying to build it on my own. Sure, it was the cheapest route... but also resulted in a sub-par AR I wasn't happy with, not to mention it was a multi-week pain in the ass and required spending more on tools, etc. Then there's always the chance you slip or make a mistake and scratch/ding the rifle in process. Buying factory means no headaches, and hitting the range right from the gun shop. "Buy complete Upper/Lower" My 2nd AR I bought a complete Upper and complete Lower from the same maker. No hammers, punches, or other crap necessary. Much nicer build than the franken-AR, but still missing the Warranty and fit/finish of a quality factory made rifle. #2 best option. Features to focus on: - Barrel Twist - Try to go for a 1:7 twist. Can handle heavier bullets for longer distances. - Barrel Chrome Lined - there are other more exotic coatings now. None of them are necessary. - "Features" - I'm a lefty, and I know the SIG M400 has Ambidextrous mag release, bolt safety, charging handle and upgraded/enhanced everything else on it. The lower receiver is also reinforced in key areas, and the Lower has a QD mount built-in. Personally, I like the Magpul furniture. Comfortable and very light weight. Most of the higher-end AR15 accessories are Mall-Ninja cool, and do nothing other than add weight, and typically serve little to no purpose outside of warfare. I laugh every time I see an idiot at the range with a $3000 AR15, with lights and grips and lasers hanging off of it, shooting match -grade ammunition at paper targets. Morons. By the way... there are Sig Sauer M400's on sale which come with a Romeo red-dot sight. Good quality sight for the money. I know of an FFL who has one. PM if interested.
  8. Hahaha okay buddy. Yeah... It's me....
  9. Bravo! Thank you for proving all my points about the stupidity of internet gun guru's quickly and efficiently. This went from a person looking for help, to watermelon meme's, pussy's, and my family dying as I watched on. As per usual, shining examples of pathetic, childish behavior by the known clowns of this forum. NJGF has sunken really really low in the past few years. ChrisS, try your luck somewhere else. There is no intelligence to be found here.
  10. Wow... you sir, are the internet. Signing off.
  11. Yup... Outside the door? It's prison time. Look it up.
  12. I thought mine felt, shot and looked like a cheap POS. To each his own. Do/Have owned SR22, Ruger Mark 4, Beretta 21A Bobcat, H&R 999. Shot many others. SR22 is at the very bottom of that short list. Sorry.
  13. Fixed it for you. ChrisS... see what I mean? Lots of stupid out there.
  14. It's obvious. Read OP's post. New to guns and shooting, with a cautious lady at home. The simplicity and approach-ability of a coach gun make it ideal. An Over/under would also work, but typically too long for home defense. ChrisS, unfortunately you are going to get a wild range of terrible advice on the internet , especially regarding firearms. Most internet gun people think the biggest caliber/gauge you can shoulder before bone begins to snap, is the "ideal" choice. They will also tell you it must hold as many rounds as possible, with extra detachable shell holders, red-dot sights, and folding/collapsing/telescoping/elevator accessories as an absolute must. I've seen some of the fastest cowboy action shooters use nothing but a "coach gun." the simplicity and exceptional handling of a Side-by-Side (SxS) shotgun make it very fast and effective with training. At self defense ranges, there's only a small difference between 20g and 12g buckshot, in terms of power and penetration. * MAKE SURE you use "00 Buckshot" for home defense. Birdshot is not sufficient, unless you want the first shot as a warning/semi-lethal. But, if you only have 2 shots... I'd keep "00" in there.
  15. I owned a Ruger SR22. Not the best starter. Comfortable to hold, but the short barrel makes it loud. All the pistols mentioned have short sight radius. Revolvers take a look at Harrington & Richardson Sportsman 999, or the Smith & Wesson. Semi-Auto look at the Ruger Mark 4, Browning buckmark, or S&W Victory. An old Colt Woodsmen would be #1 on my list, plus it's an investment for the kids.