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  1. You don't have to pin a stock on an SKS in NJ since it does not have a removable magazine. You cannot have a removable magazine on a SKS in NJ.
  2. I have a 10 round fixed Tapco magazine in black, brand new still in the packaging, if anyone is interested.
  3. The stock on the sport is removable, it's just the castle nut is staked and difficult to remove without a breaker bar on the armorers wrench....it is a non adjustable stock on a solid tube with no indents, so it isn't even pinned, it can't be moved no matter what, it only appears to be adjustable......It's basically a rifle length tube with a carbine buffer in it. I don't mind the work I put into the gun....I really like working on it.
  4. Good questions....I got the sport on Black Friday for 530 bucks...I knew I was going to tear into the thing as soon as I got it, but didn't know a lot about working on this platform as I've been wrenching on SKS rifles and surplus stuff. I wanted to strip it down take it apart and rebuild it the way I wanted it. Had a lot of fun doing it , learned a lot and was able to build a second AR for my wife out of the parts. left over.....just brought a stripped lower to build for her rifle....also built my friend an AR that came out great too.... Been able to keep the prices down by buying blem parts from Palmetto and other manufacturers when available.....the upper I bought for the SW sport was from Palmetto got it for 40 bucks because it was a blem...the blem is a tiny darker area below the ejection port, and it's even T marked......
  5. I'll have a full range report this weekend....
  6. Thanks! I'm a righty, but the momentary switch is on the back of the light, it is I'm perfect reach of my thumb where it's at.....haven't tried it on the other side yet, but I usually have my thumb wrapped around the top of the grip, so the light seems to be closer in that position.....any reason to change the mounting other than it's just weird?
  7. Finished some mods to my ban state sport......here's a pic, still waiting on a few parts, Palmetto State Armory forged upper, Primary Arms flip up 3x magnifier, Magpul BAD lever and Magpul fixed carbine stock.....I'll add more pics when the new parts arrive Current mod list: ESS 16" 1/7 twist SOCOM profile barrel Yankee Hill Machine - ghost muzzle brake Magpul ACS stock ( will be added to spare parts rifle) Magpul vertical grip Magpul MBUS front sight Troy Industries low profile gas block UTG Pro rifle length floating handgrip / rail BCM Gunfighter Mod II pistol grip BCM Gunfighter Mod III - large charging handle Spikes Tactical ST2 heavy buffer and spring BCM extension tube Primary Arms M4 red dot w/ 4 reticals Surefire G2 Nitrolon weapon light with 450 lumens LED mod <IMG SRC="http://s24.postimg.org/avqiyapp1/image.jpg">
  8. I believe the SKS stock swap is much easier than a Saiga conversion, but then again, I've never converted a Saiga.....the SKS platform is really simple and it is easy to swap stocks....one take down pin in the receiver cover, will allow you to remove the bolt and carrier....the detent behind the trigger housing will remove the trigger group and the magazine and the barrel and receiver pop right out...simple, heavy duty design....I've stripped it down so many times, I could probably do it with my eyes shut....Thanks for compliment on the build....I'll have more pics to post soon....I modified the feed lips on the mag to work smoothly with the stripper clips.....and added a front sight block
  9. I used the Tapco gas tube, piston, hand guard, stock, and magazine to get the imported parts count down to 10. The firing pin does not count toward 922r compliance since it is not a regulated part, but Ida very important safety feature when performing a build like this. You could use this check list for compliance confirmation: http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildSKSVerifyCompliance
  10. NJbanshee, that's a great find at Midway!.....I would suggest that you install the Murray's firing pin prior to installing the magazine, because the only way to empty the mag is to cycle the action, which can be quite dangerous with a stock SKS, due to the tendency of the floating firing pin to stick and possibly discharge a round.....the Murray's pin fixes this issue by adding the return spring that was part of the original Russian design. Also pick up a half round metal file, if you don't have one, and 220 grit sandpaper, you will need it for the new muzzle and the Tapco gas tube does not have the relief at the top to allow the lever to lock it down. You will need to file a bit, test fit it, file some more, test fit again.....it's a pain in the ass, but this method will assure a tight fit...my gas tube has no slop at all...when I chopped the barrel, I wrapped the barrel with green painters tape, since sometimes hacksaw blades like to skip, used a small hose clamp as the left side guide and the front sight block on the right side, slow even strokes, spraying WD40 or 4 in 1 oil on the blade as I sawed......I used this Midway Larry Potterfield video method to lap /crown the muzzle http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OorpZlG28fI Used a 1/4 inch brass screw and Permatex valve grinding compound, available at any auto parts store, and it turned out great. Another little tip, the front sight block for a Highpoint 995ts will fit the barrel after you cut it. The Highpont block attaches with set screws, I have one on order with them right now. They will send you one for free if you tell the yours is broken, but I did not want to take advantage of them, since they offer great customer service to owners of their firearms with no questions asked policies......it's only 12 bucks.....If you have any other questions, post em here and I'll try to help you out. Good luck!
  11. Yeah it does look removable, but it's not going anywhere unless the trigger group is removed and Tapco was nice enough to mark it FIXED 10 rd on the bottom of the mag. Regardless, I have copies of the receipts for all of the US parts in my rifle bag and the compliance parts list in case I'm ever hassled. Thanks for the comments guys....I'll have more pics after it gets dura coated.
  12. I searched for a loooong time for that mag, finally found a few for sale on gunbroker and snapped them up. Tapco, discontinued them a while ago and they rarely pop up for sale. Maybe Tapco still has some NOS, you might want to try contacting them. I do t know the legalities of this, but it is possible to take any Tapco Intrafuse duckbill mag for the SKS and make it fixed.....here is a link to a YouTube video of a guy who did just that: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6gnGZ4FlA20
  13. Installed the ScoutScope.com rail mount today. Still waiting the new front sight block..... screen shot pc
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