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  1. Just to clarify: no porting for either pump or semi shorties (so a mossberg 500 SPX which comes factory ported is out?) http://snakeriverarms.com/wp-content/themes/shopperpress/thumbs/pro_10247_2_5.jpg
  2. Looks so good so far. Can't wait to see more progress photos.
  3. Forecast says 50% chance of snow, and snow earlier in the week. Anyone know how we find out if/when it is cancelled?
  4. Weather was huge turn off for me. Next time there's a match, with a little more notice I would love to give it a shot (pop that 3-gun cherry)
  5. Why is it so pretty and not so pretty at the same time. I want to have it, but I don't want it. BUT I WANT ONE. BUT I DON'T. AHHHHHHHH
  6. I use a Contour camera (the ContourROAM, older model that's waterproof) and a StrikeMark Picatinny rail mount (which when mounting the camera, scratches the finish in a certain spot consistently but doesn't affect anything).
  7. Don't forget, AR500 plates for body armor behave just like AR500 plates for shooting steel. There will be flecks of copper jacketing and other components of the bullet spraying everywhere after a shot (in particular... watch out for your face). You can't beat proper armor and you might as well go multi-hit Ceramic (for weight savings and durability) since you can get a pair for 250-300.
  8. I'm a fan if the MBUS and I use them. All of the ones mentioned in the thread are solid options and all can be prone to failure if dropped. Andrew of Vuurwapen Blog did a review of popular BUIS after a drop test directly onto the sight when mounted. http://kitup.military.com/2012/07/back-up-iron-sight-drop-test.html It all ends with what you prefer the look and price of when we are talking about first rate manufacturers.
  9. If you have a google account, you can just upload it to Google Drive and allow anyone with the link to view it... then copy+paste the link here to JUST your photo. Or click the More Options link where you are going to post a reply and select [bROWSE] under ATTACH FILES, navigate to your photo, click on ATTACH FILE and then ADD REPLY.
  10. Do not forget a WML does not have to directly illuminate a target and there are techniques to avoid pointing your weapon at a non-threat, ESPECIALLY in the confines of your home since that is what appears to be your main area of use. Any decent WML (either Streamlight TLR-1/2/3, SurefireX###, Inforce APL, etc.) will have sufficient illumination to cast ambient light. With both hands-on with your weapon + WML with light engaged, at a low ready or a position Sul you will cast a hotspot on the ground, enabling ambient light to illuminate the area, and keeping your weapon pointed in a safe direction yet quickly available immediate action. Just a suggestion! Otherwise if you are completely set against solely using a WML... I would suggest a handheld light AND WML so you can perform any number of firing techniques with handheld light OR drop it and engage.
  11. What do you plan on using it for? EDC/CCW? Or just a sturdy belt? For quality, nylon kit I would recommend going OSOE (Original S.O.E.) gear (soebelts.com). Many customizable options to choose from and great quality. Just pay close attention on sizing instructions. They have some amazing pieces of kit and tons of belt options. Other decent gear that don't look out of place would be some 5.11 web belts with the friction lock (either single or double webbed for rigidity).
  12. Let the guy breathe. Haha. I am not part of the order but was interested and impressed with his updates. He has been communicating since he placed the order.
  13. Just go Safariland ALS. The BlackHawk! Serpa is good for a budget retention holster but the issues listed above far outweigh the fact it's inexpensive. Also if you go ALS you can go light bearing and it will retain with OR without the light. Just be mindful that the offset of the opening for the light bearing models will have a gap for small fingers to still be able to pull a trigger at the right angle and if so inclined. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  14. Probably would have saved money by spending it on gas to drive farther for some quality work, to be honest.
  15. Friend of mine ordered a set of 15 rounder E-Lander's magazines from Botach last month. Came 15-round body just like the photo above, not a 20-round body with a limiter. Note: they have a sheen/reflectivity to them as if they looked oily and slick, but that's just the external coating.
  16. You might as well have a paperweight if you're not carrying Condition 0 or 1. Round in chamber or you just wasted valuable time you can't get back if you needed to draw.
  17. He is exactly adjacent to the Auto Repair Shop, utilizing the same building. Village Square, a few doors down from Golden Tan and JUST after the Lukoil (at the light coming out of Lowe's and Rt.18). Awesome guy, bought some ammo a little while back and had a friendly chat.
  18. Note: Only the ALS models will securely lock with/without the light attached. Since you have both the ALS and SLS retention, I wanted to point out that if you solely had the SLS your weapon (without a light) would be bouncing around.
  19. To be honest, as long as you're not leaving the optic loose when it's mounted it shouldn't lose zero if you put it back in the same spot. As for a FTS mount for an optic, I think the fact a little play is necessary for a hinge and the latching mechanism would give it an unreliable and inconsistent mounting platform. Just go with what people have said and use the BUIS through the optics; the co-witness is there for good reason!
  20. I was torn between a Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 for my first pump. Ended up getting the Mossberg 500 SPX because they didn't have a Remington 870 in the shop... either way though you can't go wrong.
  21. How flush do they fit? I've got 15 round stubbies cut down from MidwestPX and on occasion I'll pinch myself inserting with a whole hand on the bottom of the magazine... These look like I'll have to index, insert, and only palm them in from the baseplate?
  22. My Sig 1911 Traditional Tacops (external extractor with traditional slide profile), Surefire X300 and Chip McCormick Power Mag 10rd.
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