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  1. I finally got my permits after 2 months. I emailed the Chief of Kearny he replied to me the next day saying the Det. in charge was out but he would forward my email to a Det. he put in charge. I got a email the next week from the Chief that said he signed my permits that weekend and I should be getting a call. My friend put in his paperwork with me as a reference. So I gave him the lowdown on what Kearny expected. (2 copies of App and Mental health, 2 References to be notarized plus Employer form). Got a call last Thursday from PD to check his reference plus Det. told me to come pickup my permits. I asked Det. about all the forms and he said the Chief eliminated them after someone informed Chief they were unnecessary under state law. I was going to talk to the Chief after I got my permits but somebody beat me to it. So now in Kearny you can get you permit/ID card the old way. They don't even send out the references they call them. No more notarized references, no employer form. Thanks To Chief John Dowie of the Kearny Police Dept for correcting the situation. Note: If you live in Kearny and have any problems getting your permits email the Chief and he will respond.
  2. Just put in my paper work with the Kearny PD. Haven't applied for a permit in a couple of years and to my surprise my 2 references need to be notarized and my employer needs to fill out a form. Since when? Last time I applied my references didn't need a notary and my employer didn't need to fill out a form. I don't need my employer knowing my business outside of work. Is this the new standard that everyone is doing? Kearny PD has always been good and timely with my permits and the Chief is a good guy who always answered my emails quickly when I had questions. And the Detective gave me the forms to give to my friends instead of him mailing them out. While I don't mind doing that because at least I know they won't get lost the employer form is really bothering me. Is this the new way Jersey is treating us law biding citizens?
  3. Great job today Patriots. It's not over and these so called elected officials were definitely talking about the turnout after it was over. Going to Trenton takes a lot of planing and time and we have to go out of our way to get there. But it is time to take it to another level. Time to take it to the streets. And by streets I mean taking it to these officials front steps. Everyone of these officials have offices in their districts. By protesting their offices it is a lot easier getting there in your town or the next town over. In Trenton these officials hide behind the State Police and the metal detectors and only have to be in Trenton a few times a month. But they are in their offices the rest of the time. That's where we have to take it to them. The time for being polite and courteous is over. Was Mainor kind and courteous to everyone in attendance today? "This is my meeting" he declared. Now I am not saying we revert to violence because that never works. But it is time we let the people of these officials district's know whom they elected. They only know the man or women who shows up at election time seeking their votes. It's time to let them know what these peoples salaries are, what other jobs they have, what pension's their getting and how many. Because we all know these officials are going to collect 2 or 3 pensions when their done. We do to them what they do to anybody who dares to run against them. Everyone one of them have offices in highly visible area's. Let's expose them for who they are. Going by today's session they could care less what we had to say. So let's bring their records to their voters. Our neighbors. The time for being nice is over. We are under siege. Our Liberty is at stake. Our children's liberty is at stake. We can talk about moving but that just leaves the problem to somebody else. The time to act now. Even if it's 10 people outside exposing them they will take notice. We can't let them hide in Trenton anymore and pass these bills then head up the Turnpike back home and hide behind their desks without their constitutes knowing what their passing in Trenton. Our founding Fathers rose up in the face of tyranny to give us this beautiful country we live in. Let's not let them down. The time to act is now. And don't forget to record everything.
  4. I went to the show today with a friend. It was nice to see all these gun owners in one place just going about their business. Guy at the front door was asking if anybody was carrying a firearm. My friend and I started looking around like what? Yeah you can carry to a gun show in PA. It's funny you cross over that state line into PA and the whole attitude changes. In Jersey your made to feel like a criminal but in PA it's the complete opposite. Inside the place was packed. Men,women,children of all races walking around buying guns,ammo, accessories. People there were very friendly not giving dirty looks like we get here. I even got to hold some rifles I would never see here. Overall we had a great time and looking forward to going to another show.
  5. Got mine in 3 weeks to the day. They cashed my checked 3 days after I sent it. Pretty fast.
  6. Signed over 6700 now also posted the link on Twitter
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