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  1. Check these out. Just added to my build https://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=540 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Check out the Sig 522 mine eats everything. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I've noticed a few good deal on lower receivers online. Having them shipped to an FFL and then picked up adds on to the price. Everywhere I see is $25 -$30 and $15 for Transfer and NICS. Is this normal? can anyone recommend and good place to purchase lowers or and ffl that doesn't charge high fees? Thanx Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. http://www.griffinarmament.com/M4SD-5-56-Flash-Comp-1-2x28-p/xhp556fc.htm Quick question is this comp NJ legal? Thanx for the info. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. RTSP in Randolph Nj had some too a few weeks back. Gotta buy it when u see it. LR
  6. Here is ur NJ compliant 516 http://www.gunsamerica.com/957844408/Sig_Sauer_516_patrol_ar15_NJ_MA_legal_BLACK_FRIDAY_SALE_PRICE.htm. LR
  7. Lou's in Raritan has a NJ Sig 522 with Quad rail for $650. Looks nice but much for a .22.
  8. If you can find a Winchester 94-22. I've enjoy shooting mine.
  9. Has anyone recently seen a compliant Sig 522 at their lgs in NJ? They seem hard to go find. Thanx.
  10. Hitdog18

    Ambush Firearms

    Due to the fact that Daniel Defense does not manufacture a NJ compliant rifle. I have been looking at their hunting line Ambush Firearms. They have many of the same features as the DD minus the flash hider. Now to see if they will ship to a NJ FFL. The 300 Blackout would be a nice addition.
  11. Cheyenne mountain had 3 on Saturday $620 for new Swat version $600 for used Swat. They had the classic but couldn't see the price tag. They are overpriced in Nj. Wallyworld in PA sells the Nj compliant for around $475. I'll be looking for that after Xmas sale.
  12. Looking to trade in a S&W pistol for a rifle. Are any shops better than others on taking trades or trade in value ??? Thanx
  13. Thanx for all the helpful info. Now to find a FFL and gunsmith.
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