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  1. Can you shoot buck shot at this GFH range? It's ok at Bullet Hole but not ok at RTSP. Slug only!
  2. American Guns got cancelled?? That was my favorite gun show.
  3. Anyone watching tonight @ 9?
  4. Tmost

    Hi-Point Carbine

    The Hipoint is nice, it will shoot all day long with no problems. I used to own one but I sold it to get a a Thureon Defense 9mm carbine. I love the fact that the mags from my Glock 19 are the same mags I use in my TD.
  5. I know I had a similar experience there. Birdshot is loud enough but it's at least cheap! Slugs cost a pretty penny for a box of only 5 or 10!
  6. Nice range. But they make you shoot slugs only with shotguns. Bullet hole let's you shoot buck, bird and slugs. Lol
  7. Joe Biden has to put together a proposal by early January. The President intends to move quickly on this. So, sure come sometime in February the ban should be in effect. . He didn't "know" anything more than anyone else who has been watching the news... AR's are definitely on the list!
  8. Street violence committed with illegal guns should b the focus of this ban. Stop the gun trafficking and get illegal guns of the street and you will have made a real accomplishment in gun control. But that's just not going to happen! It will take too much effort.
  9. They could have non affiliates put out stories and blogs for them. But, that kind of thing probably never happens.
  10. Sounds like more NRA propaganda designed to scare up gun sales and people who will believe anything.
  11. I like this. My Thureon Defense 9mm carbine. Extended top rail, side rails, Magpul flip up sights and a halogen viewer. Excellent gun! I just wish I got to shoot it more.
  12. Check out the sure fire 3V LED Tac light forearm. Just under $300 stellar reviews.
  13. I just picked this up a week ago. 9 shot Mossberg 590 with heavy barrel. I have a sure shot tac light forearm and a receiver mount shot shell holder on the way!
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