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  1. Same deal here, I waited for about two months for my night sights for the M&P
  2. forayzor

    Eyes and Ears

    Peltor electronic muffs and Oakley ballistic glasses here
  3. I drive them all the time at work, they're an absolute blast and we haven't seen any issues with them yet.
  4. Hence the rebar in my design, does not blow over.
  5. Here's mine, I put lengths of rebar in the short sections to keep it weighted, so I don't need to stake it to the ground. I put 1x1 strips of wood into the vertical tubes and staple my target to them.
  6. You aren't alone, I found it difficult to read without getting angry
  7. If you put a Smith & Wesson logo and name on it, I'll buy it.
  8. Here's a picture of my setup. You may need either a swing away mount or quick detach, or a riser to fit the Buis underneath. My Magpul Buis (highly recommended), is mounted as far back as it can go, so you can either move your optic forward, which may adversely affect sight picture due to distance to lense, or you can raise it up. I can measure the height of my Buis if you measure the room you have.
  9. If you have Netflix, there was a whole special Msnbc ( I believe) made about this issue. Numerous lawsuits, lots of problems. The designer of the gun pleaded his supervisors to change the design back in I think the 1950s, but the nominal price increase was their reason to turn him down. He's interviewed in the special. A few deaths were supposedly caused by this issue, and has been recorded by police departments and the military.
  10. Term means "back up iron sights." Not fixed. They can be either folding or fixed, the fact that he mentioned the Magpuls in his OP clearly shows he wanted opinions on folding sights as well.
  11. To be honest I don't use them that often, usually use my 512, but the picture is good for irons. I like the flip up for long and short range
  12. As long as you transport in accordance with law, ammo and guns separate, you're good to go.
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