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  1. I have been inspected by a police Sgt and my magazine had a wooden block in it with a rivet on the baseplate thus being considered permanently modified.
  2. I beleive that all government officials should review their oath of office sine all this AWB crap is unconstitutional and clearly violates their oath of office. All military, police, and government officials swear by this oath and all whom break the oath have not only commited treason, but they are impersonating a person in their possition in office. I beleive all whom are pushing such legislation should be brought up on trason trials and put in prision for commiting a terrible crime punishable by federal law. I want to see them with the gangbanging serial murderers and rapeists to see how nice it is to infringe the right of the people whom they are elected to serve us not nanny us.
  3. So according to that definition we shouldn't be allowed to carry pens and pencils since they are deadly weapons. Just saying that the possibility of any tool to be used as a weapon is going to compile a very long list and I guess it just boils down to how you present yourself.
  4. The only lawful purpose clase is for the restricted knives such as switchblades, gravity knives, daggers, dirks,...ect. Other than that carry whatever you want there is no restrictions other than those if they ask as long as you don't have criminal intent there is nothing they can legally do.
  5. Why register a gun and without a serial number no reason to even bother there is nothing to register.
  6. I am so sorry but that is completely not true yes the know many of the thousands of laws but when it comes to knives or firearms many are mislead to beleive a make up law and think they are right why in the world would i say something like that because i am always around many leo and yes i have personally asked thirty to forty different cops from all over nj and they all know many laws but many are mislead to the idea oh if your knife is bigger than 4 inches its illegal so if you say they are aware of the law and they say that to me i laugh and say listen your wrong and will all due respect i think you should read this and i hand them the law and they read it and i explain it after they summarize it why would i challenge an leo because either he is wrong with what he said or to ensure the enforcement of the laws that exist not one that he or she made up. Nj is a horrible place for many things a great for others but when it comes to misinformed leos and politicians we rank high so i rather educate them than waste thousands of dollars for a defense lawyer and a lawyer to sue their department for an unlawful arrest. You may not like what i say but it is the honest truth people are misinformed daily and its not a joke if your rights are infringed well guess what you dont have them anymore so fight for them and use them to keep them. It seems to me the only arm we can bear in nj without many legal issues is a knife and i dont plan to give that up so the hero cop can watch a video of my dumba** get assaulted and murderes so he can tell my family dont worry we will catch them yea okay and i am dead so what.
  7. The majority of CCW forms have where you ever denied a permit to carry a gun nothing to do with ownership. The only form to my knowledge that asks to purchase was any NJ form. The FL CCW resident or non-resident do nto ask that I know I checked I plan to move to FL.
  8. Honestly I answered every question on the form truthfully, and I was not convicted since the charge was dismissed. The superior court judge said the charges were dismissed I have the form of dispossition and I was denied. The reason was the bs excuse of "not in the best interests of public welfare". Which I think it is unconstitutional. Even a person who has a mental illness can get ahold of a firearm legally in free america, but I am nothing of that and I was denied. It's NJ they love to play the lawyer game and make money off of the average joe since they think their 100k+ salary isn't enough. ....... Greedy Jersey Politicians.
  9. I was arrested for what would be a felony charge that was dismissed here in NJ and applied for my FID card and the CLEO refused to sign my card and denied me so I have three options either appeal or reapply or move out of NJ. By the letter of the law and the constitution what he did was unlawful, but who challenges NJ and wins?
  10. Yes, but they aren't, but the FFL dealers have to report to the ATF what was in their store and what was sold so that is somewhat of a loophole for this. They themselves do not have a registration database they have a SALE database. I am not sure if it is 100%, but from what I poked around online and talking to various people that is my understanding of the subject. Regardless of that any LEO agency has a stole gun check that runs the serial numbers and it gives the list of what dealer transfered the name to who IE if I bought a gun a XYZ gun shop the FFL transfers the gun to me and it is theoretically under my name so if the LEOs search the serial number it comes to me. So if I sell it to Bob and do not transfer it via FFL dealer it comes back to me again unless I prove I sold the gun or it was stolen. Since I want to move to free america a common practice is to make a bill of sale and a copy of the persons drivers license so it is kind of the NJ COE although in NJ it is required in lets say Florida it is optional. It all comes down to how do you and the LEO or FFL intepret the laws.
  11. I am not sure about being a dagger, but seems to kind of fall into the dirk area. Then again daggers and dirks are illegal without a lawful purpose whatever that means.
  12. That is the worst thing to experience ever. I learned somethign with NJ if it is questionable by anyone just walk away it is definately not worth the legal bill.
  13. Haha I never like letting anyone load my mags but me. I usually place a training round randomly and play (insert number of magazines) pick up and loose count of what is where then I place them in my pouches then use accordingly. I found that on a 15 round magazine its good to simulate the 5th round, the 9th round, or the 11th round as good failure to feed senarios. The number round would be a fresh magazine so the number will vary depending on the magazine used.
  14. Funny enough I have seen the guy in the picture before more than twice in the college area. I go to Newark college district everyday.
  15. Use to be four but i guess they changed it to 5 see bellow you even wrote it. 2C:39-9.1. Sale of knives to minors; crime of the fourth degree; exceptions A person who sells any hunting, fishing, combat or survival knife having a blade length of FIVE inches or more or an overall length of 10 inches or more to a person UNDER 18 years of age commits a crime of the fourth degree;
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