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  1. See, this is why I don't post on here that often anymore. People have a tendency off taking someone's comments and twisting them to make them seem bigger than they are. I don't like when companies put out products for the SOLE purpose of tracking, period, that is my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Cell phones, GPS, geo tagging, etc... where not specifically designed for tracking, this product was.
  2. I don't want anything regulated; I just want companies to look at the unintended consequences of their actions. I know it will never happen. The only thing I can do is not buy from companies that put out products like this.
  3. Totally different scenario. Maybe it's just me, but I take privacy very seriously and I look at some things differently than others.
  4. It might not be apple doing it, but apple puts out technology that allows this to happen without considering the consequences. By now everyone should know that any time you put out technology that can track someone or something, it will be abused
  5. This is why I don't use ANYTHING apple
  6. i'm not brave enough to get in a tree stand at this time, I might fall and break a hip. Yes, i'm old and out of shape. I'll stick to ground blinds for now.
  7. So I just got my hunting license and am very confused on all the regulations and tags. I got the all around sportsman's license which came with a 6-day Firearm Buck Tag, a Fall Bow Buck Tag, and a Fall Bow Antlerless Tag. Reading thru what all the tags are for I am utterly confused. So just to start I want to hunt dear with my bow at the start of the fall season, which is October from what I understand. I don't care at this point whether it's a buck or not, i'll settle for anything my first time out. So do I need any additional Tags? Also, my plan was to hunt at my wife's cousin's property but there has been a family falling out so that plan is out the window. So where would be a good hunting spot in the Monmouth area? And are there any hunting clubs I can join? I don't really want to go out on my own the first time.
  8. The furnace was replaced as well
  9. They were permanent, I would have to break the baseplates and get new ones, that requires machining.
  10. Looks to me like JMonica came here looking for a fight. The only thing njJohniGuy said was that JMonica finally realized what everyone else already knew but JMonica went on a shit on all 2A rampage. Looks like JMonica needs to grow a little thicker skin.
  11. And no licensed professional would ever put their name on someone else's work. So i'm basically screwed and have to pay this ass $500 and deal with his whining
  12. That's what he told me, and I believed him, it was overheating and shutting off constantly, so idk. Like I said, I know nothing about the subject so he could have told me anything and I would believe him. Thats not the issue at hand, my issue now is how do I fix it? Is it to code? and how do I submit a permit application?
  13. No, it's my problem, because he wants "$500 more plus the permit fee to put up with all their bull crap", his exact words.
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