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  1. I've used Stabil and the B&S products for fuel treatment...seem to work fine. I try to rotate between 6 and 12 months. I've used untreated gas that was well over 6 months old and had no problems...not that I would recommend it. EPA should be going after the makers of these so-called eco-friendly nozzles/spouts! I've spilled more fuel using these in the past two years then I have in the previous decade with the old style 'evil' nozzles/spouts.
  2. Plinker


    Something else to keep in mind, since there always seems to be construction going on, routinely check any planned routes to confirm they are indeed passible. A lot of bridge reconstruction is going on that can totally disrupt traffic flow, if not stop it all together. Better to know in advance. WRT storing gas, while it is better to use Stabil or other fuel storage treatment, I have used 10 gallons of gas that was 6 months plus old that didn't have any treatments and didn't have any issues. It was mixed in with the existing fuel in the tank which no doubt helped. Mae sure to rotate your fuel so that it is somewhat fresh....and use a stabilizer.
  3. Nice to hear Kleins is still there. I remember going to them bck in the seventies (or was it eighties?).
  4. Nice guns! But I'm a bit partial to the Mk-III to begin with :-)
  5. Is a 20 good for deer hunting or should one use a 12 instead?
  6. You can also try Heritage Guild in Easton. What's nice if you like the gun there, you can have them do an in-store inventory transfer to one of their Jersey branches without FFL fees (or so the salesman told me). They have a pretty nice showroom, though they seem a bit sparse in the ammo department (compared to Cabelas for example).
  7. LOL, even had that and the place acted like I was invisable. So, I looked thru the glass and after about 20 minutes of nobody asking if I needed help, I walked out. 5 guns and quite a bit of ammo later - they've seen none of my money. And they won't.
  8. I've been having a blast with my 15-22! No problems with it at all. Frustrating that it has the 10 round mags though...you just go thru a full load too quick. Been using Federal 525 bulk from Cabelas. @ j0n - where did you see the 15rd mags at? I've seen the short 10rd, but not 15.....
  9. Check with your township or county clerk. Here in Warren county I got my card thru the county clerks office. JohnP - I think the card you're talking about is if you retire from the armed forces or are in the reserves. Once discharged I don't believe you can use te PX unless you are active, retired or reserve, but I could be wrong about that. And yea that 10% can come in handy!
  10. I'm 5 minutes from Hot Dog Johnny's. mmmmmm
  11. My favorite right now is Nicolosi's in Phillipsburg, NJ. In the Hillcrest Mall on 22. Mmmm.
  12. Last September I bought a 6500/8500w Briggs Storm Protector (or something like that) generator and transfer switch....exactly like mentioned above. I've also been looking at the tri-fuel kits for it...run about $190. I have nat gas and would like to have that option available to me, especially the way gas prices are going. I try to keep 30 gl. on hand for all the power stuff...gen, mower, etc. Fortunately during the freak snow last October the gen worked fine for the 8 days we were down. I only ran it till 10 at night though....started about 10am. Noise is my big concern with the portables...shouldn't be as much of a problem with permanent install type. After my research my recommendation would be Kohler 1st if you could afford it, Genrad or GE depending on the deal and maintenance plan you can get with it. Suprisingly I didn't find too much info on the Briggs and Stratton permanent ones. Beore deciding I would look at those too.
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