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  2. Exactly . All surgeries have side effects, almost all can kill you, but people still choose to have surgeries. Yet for some reason there is a controversy about the vaccination. Of course you can go to medical journals and literature, but in this youtube video a world renown scientist explains in simple language why you need vaccination and why some people still think it's the worst thing that can happen to a child. Agree 100%.
  3. Get yourself educated about vaccination. This is a good place to start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dodsGp37M50 A very small number of kids have adverse reaction to vaccination and they should be exempt.
  4. Sorry if this was covered. I tried to search, but can't find anything. Are these legal? Thanks.
  5. Hi. I live in relatively small apartment and wanted to see if I can keep my ammo in my son's garage. He does not have FID card. Thanks.
  6. VIDEO-2019-04-21-11-29-43.mp4
  7. I have to say I was wrong to say prices are high. Looked at total amount and totaly forgot about ammo I bought. My bad. Sorry about it.
  8. Thanks guys! Went to RTSP on Saturday. Got myself M&P Bodyguard. The prices are high, but whatever....
  9. I think I am set for Sig P290 for 9mm, but still undeciided about .380.
  10. Please help me to choose the store where to go to buy handgun. Looking for pocket 9mm and .380. Would like to see some variety and customer service. Want to give business to local guys, but not to get overchaged too much. I am in Bergen county, so somewhere within an hour drive. I am not going to Bullethole. Thanks.
  11. I was wondering what websites you guys use if you buying handgun online? Thanks.
  12. I live in Bergen county. Can somebody tell me how can i buy handgun from the dealer in south jersey without having to drive for 2 hours. Thanks.
  13. I can't find any info about their rental inventory. Anybody knows what they have to rent? Thanks.
  14. I wonder why nobody mention Buck Mark? I am also looking for .22 for my wife and Browning Buck Mark felt better then Ruger MKiii. Also it seems field strip is less of a pain.
  15. Hey Guys! How often do you meet there. I'd like to join you if it's OK. Geno.
  16. Too bad for that resident thing. Will continue to look for a place near me. Thanks. Geno.
  17. I am in Cliffside Park. 5 min from there. I did stop by and there is number lock on the door and nobody there.
  18. Anybody know anything about this place? Tried calling nobody picks up and no answering machine. Ridgefield Pistol Range 10 Bell Dr, Ridgefield, NJ 201-945-3752 Private Range
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