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  1. Any updates on how many classifiers there will be for certain?
  2. Haven't heard about any of this, are you sure? I ask because its next week, not this week. There's also no mention of it on the CJ Members section of the Website.
  3. Great rifles, 100% American made right in Bayonne NJ. Got a Golden boy in .22 and a big biy in .44 mag. Should have bought the standard, the Brass is almost to nice to scratch.
  4. I wasn't sure if they will eventually end up there. Much nicer buildings and fast access to RT.9. Beside for what i pay in taxes here im supprised it took that long to move. The engineering building should be condemned. If im not mistaken her name is Josaphene.
  5. Howell is fast and friendly. There is only one woman that does the paperwork on a regular basis. I have never had an issue with questions, illegal questions, illegall additional information or any issues ither than the standard more than 30 days wait. 10 years, zero problems. Did he go to the old station by the library? I know they are moving a lot of the town offices to the huge complex on Rt.9 North across from where K mart .
  6. Renenber its a Florida " Non Resident" CCW. That makes a difference in certain states.
  7. Check the Forums Vendor list for NRA Training. ShootNJ has classes every weekend and a bunch of classes stacked in May. Located in Middletown NJ as well as classes at Fort Dix Range 14. Offer discounts on instructor packages, BIT plus discipline and RSO. The NRA Instructor program is a pass fail. Just taking a class does not guarantee anything. Public speaking is also a big part of the course. Gun4hire also offers courses. There are some coming up at Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol also. They are not free. Also read up on it and talk to Instructors that teach vs just have the credentials. The NRA has made changes to ensure people dont recieve instructor ratings just to sign off on their friends certifications. Find out alk you can, like how much insurance is per year to cover yourself and posessions in case "something" happens. BIT will open your eyes. Good luck, it is a lengthy process.
  8. Actully all I have learned, is that many of you seem to have a need to group together to discourage my inquiry. So be it you have gotten your way, you win. I took the other nasty post down as I said I would, and started a second as I said I would. I put a second post up, yes, and it was malice free. Much like our Govt, you seek to silence me since I do not agree with your answer to how I must run my life and my inquiry and training choices. This was witnessed yesterday in Trenton. A group of elected peple that are , willing to pass laws that will force you to do what they want, their way, only their way or be punished. Solving exactly what? The fact that a gang of people can bully and attempt to intimidate a single seemingly weaker opponent? Thats not new, its not news, and its most likely why many of you decided to join martial arts, the Military or shooting clubs or groups. So I Put it out to you. How can you think its a mark against me? This second post had , till the first reply, no malice or ill will twards anyone. If you still harbor resentment from the other post, thats on you if you cant let go. I reposted this because I am willing to face your anger and am not afraid to speak freely here. Like I said before, if you got your feeling hurt, sorry. It was not myself, that took the time to search this post out and bring hate here. So enjoy yourselves and your victory. 1 can stand against many....right?
  9. LOL, you two are too funny. I said I was starting another and I did. The nasty unproductive one is closing at 5 P.M. today unless the Admins choose to close it sooner. I posted this because it intrests me. A whole brand new post to start over fresh and clean with no ill feelings. What every your reasons are for your negative / attack comments directed at me, are known only to you. If your not interested, why bother posting here?
  10. Posted Yesterday, 10:26 PM Wait I have the answer....and I am a simpleton with an edged weapon. Let's do this.....why don't you head on up to north jersey one day...and meet up and I can show you a few reasons why in order to be proficient with a knife.....a few simple sessions won't help you.... I would probably be saving your life...Or keeping you out of jail. This I take as a gentle threat. I'd love to have an experienced person give a lesson or two, or just share their person experiences,and I clearly asked for that. You are a quite respected person on the forums so props to you. Also for shits and giggles....take a razor blade...cut yourself with it...now imagine that ten fold..because no matter how adept you are with a knife in counters...or open hand defense of same ...you are going to be cut and cut a lot.... Again, these are your words, typed in English,not my words yours. The deterioration of this thread is sickening. I will be closing it today at 5 P.M., if the Admins dont first, and I would not blame them in any way if they did. Thius type of interaction is useless and frightens away good people who do not wish to be part of it, So to all that still have anger twards this thread, get it out of youre system and have a better day, if you like.
  11. With the horrific demise of the first thread on this subject, I am opeing another that will hopefully turn out better. With all due respect to the years of training and devotion people put into their crafts, everyone knows practice is the way to become proficient. However training and information comes in many forms in todays world. DVD's, magazines on a chosen subject, books, e-books, one and multi day seminars. To fit the needs, time constraints as well as financial concerns of the individual. I am lookng for like minded people that are interested in Defensive Knife Training w/ EDC (every day carry) folders and fixed blades. Young or not so young, male or female just regular people with an intrest in this subject. Heres a quick sample of what I am trying to convey found on YouTube We see so many people in our daily routen with the knife or razor knife clip hanging out of a pants pocket (a dead give away that you are armed,) but how many actually know what to do when a situation arises? I am not a teacher or a knowledgeable person in techniques, however since I am very interested in being alive, this is a new avenue for me. Though I hold a CCW permit, it is useless in NY and NJ where I spend most of my time. So with that in mind what can a person do to better their chances in their every day enviroment. This began for me while watching the Outdoor Channel Show "The Best Defence". I started watchin it with my gorlfrined because Michael Seeklander is on it and it seemed appropriate since she travels freequently. I kind of "what do yo do show", if this happens. Mainly it coners situational awareness, to stay safe and out of harms way IF you can see it coming. In most instances, someone else starts trouble, and we become unwillingly involved, can you dafely leave the situation or do you have to make the choice to fight or resist. Ther are 2 other hosts also, The show also has one of the many Knife Trainers you read about, Michael Janich, I thought his techniques were simple and effective, do the search started locally (Near Jackson NJ) for someone like him. With my time constraints, joinig a Gym or Dojo is not going to happen for me, nor is devoting hours to the art. So far the response I have recieved from the very few "Instructors , teachers or Sifu's is "join our Gym or Do JO, its only X # of dollars, a small invesment in your safety. That's great but exactly the opposite of what I am looking for. If you are in the same boat, or interested feel fee to post or PM me if your moving from the other failed thread. If you are not interested, thats fine too, however I will ask nicely once, PLEASE do not post negative ot threatening replies here. Sometimes its better to say nothing, or start your own thread and vent there. Thanks for reading this.
  12. @ Nickjc only. I have no idea why you feel your opinion is so important. The parameters of my question were verry clear, but have become ugly and worthless, to the point you feel you need ME to come to you, so you can effectively kick my ass to make your point....why is that? What I asked for was very clear, and to me seemed very clear. I understand you for some reason must continue to tell me that your way is the best. Having already recognised you as a Titanium Junkie I dont know what you want other than to continue posting what I have nicely asked you not to. I am NOT coming to North Jersey and we are NOT going spar, I am not joining a Gym or Dojo, is that clear? I can not make that any clearer. What ever your need to be right is, I cannot help you. There is no grey area here, even if YOU want one. I have a DVD or two, I have a Spyderco Trainer, I have a "trainig dummy", built to life size. This and only this is what there is to work with as of now. @ hd2000, respectfully, people for the most part are helpfull by nature, that is why I bothered to post my original question here, with reservations. For myself, when someone becomes beligerant to the point that no matter what I reply, their reply escalates the conversation to unfriendly, I ask them to not reply any more, and it waas done nicely. I did this, I own no one anything. If someone has nothing to add, thats fine, even better sometimes. An answer that steers the converstion away from the point looses the focus of the topic, this happens all the time, eapecially when out with frineds. Conversatioins change from work, to the game to taxes and so on. However if a person is not finished, they may try to steer the converstion back to what they were / are interested in. This is what I have been trying to do, and its not working. Im going to start a NEW thread on the topic again and delete this one friday. Please feel free to stop by the new thread and see how its going or not going. I absolutely speak to people in the real world like this, not because I am a tough guy or know better. For myself that is the whole point of starting the thread. I asked, because I was looking for a specific topic. I recieved great info that will help, in a PM because this thread is unfriendly, and unrepairable. I also have a few people in the real world that are interested, they do not post here or choose not to. You do know me, you have met me and we get along just fine in the real world. If you ask me a question that I cannot answer or the answer is not usefell, just tell me. If I continue to give you information you are not interested in, I would never be upset, if you wished to end the conversation. Normally a simple thanks, and walk away ends most conversations with friendly people. If I still after that continue to follow you around the Out Door Range at OB or CJ, I would expect you to be even more annoyed and possiably uncomfortable, that even after you request I let it go, I have the need to continue to push my point that you have clearly asked me not to. Disrespecting your personal space in the real world is different that the virtual forums. however disrespect comes in many forms. No one here absolutely has to post, its choice as you said. Old Glock, you were very clear and I still offer my thanks.
  13. <p style="margin-left: 40px;">To all that took the time to reply, thanks. HOWEVER, I asked for a simple request. Like minded individuals that this post intrests. Since posting it I have recieved None. If you take the time to look, from the beginning, you will see what I simply asked for. It clearly states not interested in joining a gym, dojo or training facility. </p> <p style="margin-left: 40px;"> As far as disrespecting your friends, you are entitled to your opinion. I see your point however, I never once solicited opinions on what someone else thinks I should do. this is the #1 problem with the internet. I asked a question, and got answers I specifically asked NOT to get. I have recieved the complete opposite of what I asked for. Simply put, if no one was interested, there would be 0 replies. I was hoping for something, but this is assinine. I am 43, not 14. While your opinions are valid to you, they in no way helpfull to the request. Respect works in many ways, not responding to what I asked is a form of disrespect. By changing the subject of someone elses post, destroys its reason to exist. If the question is .45 or .9mm, why do so many feel .357 sig is an acceptable answer? .357 sig has nothing to do with the 2 possible answers? .45 or .9mm......</p> <p style="margin-left: 40px;"> I just 4 hours ago, got out of surgery , I AM NOT ABLE, to for many months to year, take any kind of Heavy lifting, excessive exertion and certainlly not fighting an a MMA match. I am putting this info out there, even though its no ones business. </p> <p style="margin-left: 40px;"> </p> <p style="margin-left: 40px;"> I asked a simple question and was not looking for a lecture on what others know, that I already know. I was trained in 2 Chineese Martial arts in my youth, that was 21years ago. If you asked me to jump start your truck, would you want me to jump start it OR would you perfer a lecture on my experience as a Certified Auto Technician about how proper battery maintenance is the only true way to avoid a dead battery. its nice to have the info, but your battery is still dead. Good luck to you all, I know Anthony C. I have had classes there among many others. GFH is more than an hour away.</p> <p style="margin-left: 40px;"> </p>
  14. Thanks Nikos for the input. Again I am interested in what I posted, nothing more.
  15. I guess Ill delete this thread in a day or two. If you are interested, or know a reliable instructor, or have something to offer to help. A place to train a few times a month, or are a business that teaches such things, contact me or just PM me. If some are interested we can see how to procede. Even an instructor willing to do specific work, without a gym membership, or monthly fees would be of intrest.
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