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  1. You may add as many long guns as you want when your approval comes back. You can add a handgun. If you have a nics in for a handgun you may add a shotgun. This was told from someone at nics. There's no law states on how it's done or should be done so I wouldn't waste your time.
  2. By the way there is a gun smith on site and have a workshop in the back. also have 2 welders and other tools such as vice in a room that nonone needs to know. We do most gun smithing but not all bc we don't have all machining equipment.
  3. It's bs that the state can change there lines that quick. We should be like other states where it's free bc it only takes 30 second to have them check our whole life.
  4. I have a 17s and now looking to buy a 16
  5. I'm waiting for calls back everything went threw. They told me can be up to 48 hrs before I get a call
  6. Still at the shop 40 times threw the fax still no answer. Gonna be a long night I have 40 to do
  7. nino

    -1 nino

    Plus this is for mag you wanted to do a purchase at exit 123 at the rest area? Don't you think that's totally against the law? You should come by me and do it a legit facility!! So I'm not gonna go give you -5 on your page. I have the texts I never said for you to wait. I said I get out of work at 8. Doesn't mean I leave exactly at 8. My phone died got home and put it on by the time I got your message it was too late for me to call!!!
  8. nino

    -1 nino

    Sorry for everything guys!! My phone died last night! I got home late from work. You know where I work idk why it's a big deal that I'm busy
  9. I wouldn't make no one search my trunk if there's no probable cause!! Plus I would fight for rights bc there here for a reason and for things to change we need to speaking. If not nothing will ever change but for he worst!
  10. We've been swamp. But I'll call you Tom but there's no Daniel defense rifles in stock. Sorry about the customer satisfaction
  11. Utas is so much better than keltec
  12. Stock running low and distributors can't keep nothing in stock. Grab whatever you can ASAP. Also nics closed there lines bc they were so far behind and by 5pm 450 guns were sold n still had 35 more to do
  13. I use to work at a shop repairing them and also do it at my shop in clifton. Use 0w30 oil and it's one quart usually. Check the oil while using it bc brigs and stranton n generacs have issues of blowing. Any questions or repairs pm me
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