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  1. I always watch the contractors work to make sure I'm getting what we agreed to. Patrick I'll give Charlie a call, but Anyone have specific contractors that do paving?
  2. I need to replace my driveway and want to install some Belgian block borders and possibly in the apron. Anyone have any recommendations in the union county area that they have had positive experiences with? Seems like a basic job, but if anyone has specific suggestions on things to ensure the contractor is doing (like type/depth of base and thickness of asphalt, etc) would appreciate the input. Thanks in advance.
  3. When I ride my mountain bike I always wear gel padded, fingerless gloves. I couldn't imagine using the pair(s)I've owned for shooting as the padding is pretty thick and most of it on the flat of the palm and not the webbing. Been a while since I've looked at buying a new pair so maybe there's better/thinner stuff out now, but worth knowing to look at that aspect or try out a few pairs at a local shop first.
  4. Previous gouging practices of CTD. Won't give them a dime, don't care what sale they have.
  5. I was looking at one of the phantom 3 models as a good entry into a decent photo drone. When I happened on all the mavic reviews everything else seems like a huge step down. From portability to controls to stability, it seems like a great drone. The price is just the hurdle for me.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. When I said price is holding me back, should have qualified that with I'm a total newb with drones and the high likelihood of crashing/losing it would be a big hit. Any recommendations for a couple hundred to get my feet wet(ter)? Only have experience with the smaller lighter 'toy' drones.
  7. The mavic is one of the coolest drones out at the moment. Price is holding me back, but the stabilization, remote and compactness are tempting me. One criticism has been the camera for being 'soft' what's your experience there?
  8. If this is considered a hijack, please feel free to delete and apologies to the OP. Not the blue gun you're seeking, but any thoughts on one of the blade tech training barrels? Less obvious than the full blue, but neuters the gun and retains the trigger and slide functions. Guess it's less idiot proof, but curious on the thoughts.
  9. How's the sizing? All the reviews say it's on the snug side. I wear a 46 to 48 long suit, thinking I need the xxl vest.
  10. njplinker


    You forgot the eggs. How are you going to make French toast?
  11. I would like to get into setting up a small garden on the side of my house that happens to get decent sun, a water bib in the area and goes largely unused. I just don't know the best place to start. Assumed going with raised beds would be best (have read up on their setup) but know little about the optimum soil setup, how/when to start seedlings indoors, when to plant outdoors, and general monitoring and upkeep. I'm pretty strapped for time and would need to choose some hearty/forgiving plants that don't require a ton of effort and figure out the right size of bed(s) to start with. We also have the occasional deer and rabbits so will need to figure out some minimalist fencing. Looking for input.
  12. I have neither but when asking the same question I happened on the following video from the owner/inventor. It's lengthy and probably been posted before, but found it informative. Skip to around the 18 min mark for the answer to your specific question, but worth watching the whole thing. https://youtu.be/ypb5HXdDJhc
  13. https://store.speedsights.com
  14. This. NJ is a no fault insurance state. Deal with your insurance and they will recoup the money from the other guys insurance. No need to mess around with someone else's company.
  15. The latest version of the ruger (mk IV) has push button take down, worth looking at. Love my 22/45 with the volquartsen trigger and the removable grips, but would definitely welcome the improvements in the latest version. The McPhadden "ultimate clip loader" makes reloads almost enjoyable, but you can burn through a brick in no time. Im with you on suggesting a .22 conversion, specifically a 1911 or a SIG P226 with a .22 xchange kit. Only downside is the mags are usually expensive and/or the last round hold open may not work.
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