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  1. Henry, I never met your dad but your dad but he must have been a great guy because he raised you right. May you and your family find peace. Stay strong buddy.
  2. CProducts 20 round ar mags now in stock. There is only 78 left. 24.99ea with free shipping. Lets see how long this lasts...
  3. Always considered picking up the model 30. They are super accurate for a sub compact gun. Maybe i'll get one now...
  4. I spoke with them today on another matter. Keep calling and you will get through. After you get through wait on hold for about 10min before talking to someone.
  5. Lock up all of your guns and jewelry. Addicts have a reputation of stealing jewelry and selling it to one of the cash for gold places. I have seen it a bunch of times.
  6. Check out the stainless steel guide rods by Steve Bedair guiderod.com I have two and they work great.
  7. My CZ 75 BD wears VZ Diamond Back grips. Great grips. Sign up for their newsletter email and they send you 25% off every now and then.
  8. Would you buy a POS $500.00 car to drive you and your family around in just because you might get into a car accident? (more likely than a shooting) I think not..
  9. Sweet rifle good luck with it .. Looking forward to the range report.
  10. Hey I just picked up a Howa 1500 in .243 win from CDNN. It has a tan Hogue stock and a 22 inch blued barrel. You cant beat the price $329.00 !!! Worth a look its a sweet gun.
  11. Buckshot195

    Cz 75B

    Love my CZ 75 BD its a great gun. You will not be disappointed when you pick yours up.
  12. The Smith is almost the same size and weight as the Glock 26 with less capacity and the added liability of a safety.. Not for me...
  13. Great guy trade went smoothly
  14. Good choices .. I would recommend going down to a range like Sure Shot in Lakewood. They rent guns and try em both out you might like one more than other or find something you like even better. Good luck and welcome to the shooting community.
  15. 3A soft kevlar vests will only stop most pistol threats. A Ceramic or Poly plate alone or in conjunction with soft armor will stop up to 30-06 AP rounds.
  16. +1 for NJM they also can bundle your vehicle and homeowners insurance and you get a deeper discount
  17. My Pro Tech poly plates ride in a Blackhawk plate carrier with MOLLE attachments best quality I have found
  18. For my Glock 27 I carry it in a DeSantis leather style 044 ankle while on duty. Off duty I either carry a DeSantis thumb break scabbard pancake or a Serpa. The only dislike of the Serpa is that it prints more than the pancake. Cross Breed is my IWB preference for summer carry.
  19. I have the black diamondbacks on my CZ 75 they are great grips but they are really aggressive. I hit them with a little 600 grit sandpaper and cleaned them up with some gun oil. This took down the sharpness of the grip that would otherwise tear up your hand. If you don't want it as aggressive pick up the frags. I also picked up a set of black 320's for my Smith J frame 340PD. The 320's are the most comfortable grips I have had on a snubby. If you are going to pick some up join their mailing list and they will send you 20% to 25% off deals every now and then. Good luck.
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