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  1. I carried the ITI M3X for years on my P220ST with no problems at all. Last year my department standardized the weapon mounted lights. We went with the Streamlight TLR1S. The LED Streamlight TLR1S is much brighter and will not break a filament like an incandescent. The only drawback to the TLR1S is that when it is mounted on a steel or alloy framed gun after repeated use it will mar the finish on the guns rails. Whatever light you buy go to the range and practice with it. Oh and buy the batteries online don't get ripped off buying them at a local store.
  2. I carry either a Pro Tech TR-1.2 auto or a Kershaw Blur black serrated 1670BLKST.
  3. Another option you might want to look into is the Defense Vault by AMSEC. It mounts under your bed and can be bolted to the floor or bed.
  4. Nice rig Vlad ...you sell or would you sell the tri rail? .. How solid is the gas tube? do you get any movement? I just don't wanna put an optic on it if its gong to be all over the place.
  5. Hi guys I was kicking around picking up a set for my AK. Anyone have one and what do you think of them? I have one on my Mini 14 and I like it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I use Militec on my duty weapons. Militec doesn't attract all the dirt and fuzz like other oils. I picked up a 16oz bottle and it lasts forever.
  7. Hey I heard about this page from newjerseyhunter.com. The thing that prompted me to join is there is a few open spots in my safe!! Great site guys!
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