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  1. The Empire must expand or die. Welcome!
  2. OK, it's Saturday night and my wife and I are eating dinner watching Steve McQueen's first starring role in The Blob. Along with the future 'Helen Crump' from the Andy Griffith Show. Just aired on TCM. And we get to the very end where they discover a meat locker, and CO2 fire extinguishers = COLD, and the Blob doesn't like it. So somehow we jack it into a Globemaster cargo plane and drop it into the arctic. And 'we're safe, as long as the arctic stays cold'. And Holy Crap... the light bulb goes on! AOC and Greta were trying to warn us! It could be... the Return Of The Blob if we don't submit to Global Warming!!! BTW, it was a good bottle of Bordeaux. And a good Saturday night date with a laugh. If I saw this in the drive-in in 1958, I was probably making out.
  3. Typically less than 15 minutes depending on the transaction. However I haven't had a PA transaction since April, so I'm not sure what the delay might be now.
  4. Well then you came to the right place, even if in the wrong state.
  5. Hi Ian. How's your brother John doing? OK, just had to say it. Welcome to the gun world and the forum.
  6. WOW! You're right! I knew they'd gone over, but not completely down the bank and underwater. Not a word!
  7. TSUSA has had Blazer 9mm 124 gr. in stock this morning. At .60/round. 55 cases. All gone now.
  8. Yes there are wide variances between barracks, and agree; your mileage may vary! And Sgt. Hollar at Augusta is excellent. No delay in that pipe. Sorry for your degraded experience. And last but not least, aren't exemptions wonderful?
  9. OK, I agree partially. Yes, both signatures are printed in Trenton and not signed at the barracks. And yes, the pony express system is historically terrible. But I'm not sure it ever accounted for 'weeks' of delay. And yes, my interactions with the FIU have always been courteous and helpful. But since COVID the printing process went into the toilet. Right now permits are being delivered that were authorized at the end of JUNE.
  10. None taken. I don't know the specifics of the home based process. Only that it caused HUGE delays in permit delivery. As one would expect.
  11. Yes, before 10/1 all the permits were still paper. And the people at the firearms unit responsible for printing were deemed 'non-essential workers' and were working from home. The paper printing jam was monstrous, resulting in the enormous delays. I assume that is all still true for all applications in the pipe before 10/1.
  12. My DL didn't work, so your SSN might not either. Go get your Voter ID number and use it.
  13. I have new and totally reliable information as of this morning. The intention with the FARS e-permits, at least those obtained through the NJSP, was to have them initially authorized for 180 days. That is apparently not yet happening, but it's being looked into. That's why there's no procedure for online extension. The e-permits I've seen were definitely issued for 90 days. It is not clear whether that same intention holds true for e-permits issued by local PDs. That is also being checked out. I will post up again when I get the clarifications. Two other interesting tidbits. The FARS system 'melted down' for the first five days of operation, and many users couldn't access it at all. Quelle surprise! Second, for all of last year a particular NJSP barracks processed around 500 applications. As of right now for this year the number is over 1,700. No wonder there's a gun shortage! More later.
  14. That may be right. The first time I tried to login it bounced me, then let me in the second time. The confirmation email arrived a minute or two later. So everybody be aware there may be a lag time in account creation. Did you acquire your Voter ID number?
  15. I am putting this in the public view so everyone sees it. If you don't already know, this is how you track your mail-in ballot history in NJ. Please don't get into a politics discussion. Just register yourself and make sure your ballot was counted. Set up your voting record account. I recommend you use the linked tool to 'Checkout helpful hints' and get your voter ID number. Don't use your SSN or NJDL to create your Voter Record Account. The NJDL did not identify me as a registered voter. I did not try my SSN. The Voter ID got me right in. Once I created and logged into the account, i could see that my ballot had been mailed (and I did get it). After I turn it in I should be able to confirm it was received and counted. Let's just deal with any questions here, and not politics.
  16. Yes it can be shipped directly to your home. Some online retailers will required you to upload an image of your FID card and possibly your driver's license. You can conveniently search online here. Notice the shipping costs when ordering to recognize the true price. But be forewarned; inventories are low and prices are high. Same as in the gun shops. Good luck.
  17. I am putting the following link in the Daily Humor thread because there's nothing really serious in the article. But the videos ARE hysterical! In both meanings of the word. And it's too much to put in a post. So, here, witness: More Evidence Of Hysterical Democrats Be sure to watch the montage.
  18. Now in this market THAT was reasonable. And thus, it's gone.
  19. Here's my hint. Find the manufacturer's MPN number for the specific firearm(s) you want and search on that. There's lot's of FFLs in the country that post their inventory for sale online. For example: UG1750201MOS That's a Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS and there's lots of search hits on it. Of course some hits will show "out of stock'. But all you need is one that doesn't.
  20. Online auction house. Historically many listings also have 'buy now' pricing as well, although now that may be less common if the vendors want to see the selling price run up. https://www.gunbroker.com/ Many have purchased through them. Including me. Of course you can search online vendors for what you want as well, and buy from them if the price suits you. You'll pay shipping and a transfer fee in NJ, but if you find what you want you know you'll get it. Money vs. certainty. https://grabagun.com/ https://www.budsgunshop.com/ https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/
  21. Remember to bring your FID card to RTSP. They won't accept just the pistol permit. Also, if you have a specific handgun in mind I'd go to Gun Broker and see what's available. If you find what you're looking for and the price is not completely outrageous I'd think seriously about going that rout. You're in New Jermany and have all kinds of time constraints both inbound and outbound. There's also no guarantee what you order will arrive at all, in time.
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