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  1. On the Optimum lineup out of Sparta ( formerly SECTV) which serves Sussex County the Food Network is 59/559HD. Thanks for that. I just DVR'd it.
  2. @quikz Thanks very much for the exposition. If (and when) I get my permit in Sussex County I'll report back with my outcome.
  3. @quikz Thanks for relating your experience. If you don't mind telling us, was your license restricted as to when and/or where you could carry, what you could carry, or both? Thanks in advance.
  4. No it isn't. Shopping carts have been a favorite conveyance for the 'homeless' for decades. And not for groceries. That's why the quarter chain locks on the carts were originally installed.
  5. The notary is not certifying your references. The notary is certifying that you are the one signing the application (your signature is in the 'notary' block) and your assertion that everything you answered on page one is true. Read the statement. I did read somewhere that a stamp is not necessary, and in fact may not be wanted/required in this case. But I haven't confirmed that yet. I will be submitting three originals.
  6. I knew it was the most popular rifle. But not being a hunter, I didn't know this. AR-15 Most Popular Hunting Rifle In America | ZeroHedge
  7. I had you pegged for a killer from the get-go.
  8. Me too. The whole ban thing seemed stupid to us. Of course we don't throw them out the car window or something when we're done with them. They don't wind up 'drifting around the environment or ocean'. They get loaded with trash, garbage or cat litter and end up in the dump. And the dumps only accept bagged garbage when you drop it off, so what's the difference from their point of view? None.
  9. It's a little known fact that in New Jersey no one is ever killed by the first ten shots. It's the eleventh round that's deadly. Hence the ten round limit.
  10. I was in Weis a few weeks ago, went to the self-checkout and realized I had no bag. There was a carousel of 'designer' bags from maybe $1 to 4$. I was standing there deciding what to do and a Weis lady came over to me and pointed out the plain $0.50 bags further down the aisle. So I congratulated her for being alert and bought one. Actually that bag was pretty sturdy, and was assembled with a large FLAT bottom, so you could fit a fair amount of goods in it. So next trip I just bought a couple to leave them in the vehicles for the next time either of us make a surprise stop. We have egg crate type carriers that we use when we go to BJs which has never had bags. So for large supermarket purchases we just put the stuff back in the cart, roll it out to the car and put it into the crates. Might have one bag for really small things.
  11. Regarding those four photos... I took a picture of myself, brought it onto a Windows 10 PC. Using Photo to edit the picture I indicated I wanted a square image, and resized/moved and cropped the image to put my face and shoulder portion in the manner specified for a U.S. passport photo. Copied that image into Paint four times and placed the four into a two x two image block. Uploaded that image to Walmart photo, specified a 4x4 inch print, matte finish, and zoomed the image to fit the 4x4 space. The end result was a single 4x4 print with four identical images on it that I can cut into four photos. I ordered three of those from Walmart for store pickup. So I'll have 12 photos for $0.58. In case I'm clumsy. If you want to test an image, upload it to Walmart and use their editor to show you how the image should be placed. Doing that costs nothing. Specify you want a passport photo. I didn't have them print a 'passport photo' because they print them two at a time for about $17, and the appear to arrive on some kind of card with 'biometric' information on it, none of which I need. Walgreens does the same thing for about the same cost.
  12. And Jeffrey Epstein killed himself!
  13. I'm with you. That ban was the biggest complaint I had. Wasn't there an opportunity to repeal that law but one RINO in the legislature scuttled the deal at the last minute? Or was that at the federal level. I don't remember clearly.
  14. I suspect most on this forum are careful with their vehicles. But we can all expect our car insurance rates to rise. Car theft rings are recruiting kids as number of stolen vehicles skyrockets in N.J., authorities say, vowing crackdown - nj.com
  15. This did occur to me one day in Shoprite shortly after the ban started and I forgot to bring in a bag. Although my thought only went as far as getting the goods into the crates in the back of the SUV. But this wasn't hard to forecast. Customers are stealing shopping baskets instead of buying bags, N.J. supermarkets say - nj.com
  16. I remember buying an HK-91A3 (with a Single Point Red Dot sight!) in the early 80's and telling Mrs. 45Doll I was doing it specifically because 'they're going to get around to banning these some day'. It's still funny that Florio got bounced the next election. But IMO the invented 'assault weapon' ban wasn't the biggest reason, or even a significant reason. A big reason was the tax he imposed on toilet paper. Not everyone had an 'assault weapon', but everybody had an...
  17. LOL! So the government will claw back 66% of your 'winnings' either on the front end or the back end of your life! That's a good enough reason to stop playing the lottery. We should deprive the governments of 100% of their winnings. And by the way, I'm REALLY enjoying my reduced property taxes that originally establishing the lottery gave me.
  18. My understanding is if you take the annuity payments (typically 30 years) you wind up with the most money. More total payout and less taxable income every year. Of course you have to live that long to collect it. So your age may factor in. With the annuity, I'm wondering if your outstanding payments become part of your estate if you die. If yes and you're not greedy in this life, you could pass on the balance to your heir(s). If you did that, just watch your six.
  19. I don't play lotteries. To me that's like betting I'll be struck by lightening a number of times. But I saw all the hoopla about the 'billion dollar prize' last week, which was won by a single ticket. "Billion dollar prize"? LOL Maybe for the governments. Mega Millions $1.337B Jackpot Winner May Only Earn $453M After Tax (breitbart.com)
  20. So Putin drops his 'price hike' maybe 50 cents and the Whitewash House claims credit? Not so fast. A Desperate Regime’s Hollow Claims at the Gas Pump - American Thinker
  21. @Mr.Stu Good catch. You and I would think types = pistol or revolver. I wonder if that's actually what the courts implemented. Hard to see what else it could mean. But... it's New Jersey, where the 'law' means what they want it to mean! @Tunaman Now that rings a bell. I seem to remember threads from a few years ago where that was exactly the case. Security guards could carry to and from work, and at work, but no where else. Back in the days when justifiable need ruled out anywhere else! Thank you both. I'll wait to see if we get concrete examples of both your points.
  22. Now that's what I consider a legitimate reference. Thanks. So the next questions are: what does a 'restricted' carry permit look like, and how does it differ (physically please) from an unrestricted one? What are the possible specific 'restrictions'? Anyone have a concrete example of each? As to the part I underlined, if a court tries to specify where and why handguns may be carried, that will go right back to the SCOTUS. That's just 'justifiable need' by a different name. While I'd never put anything past a NJ court, I'll be surprised if any of them issue 'restricted' permits. If anyone does wind up with a 'restricted' permit, please document it here.
  23. Can anyone point to an official release as a document (on letterhead, signed, dated etc.) or a post on the state websites from either the NJSP or the AG that countermands the statute 2C:58-4? No? Then the statute stands until someone officially says otherwise. Hearsay and unattributed letters, memos and rumors don't count. 2C:58-4 Permits to carry handguns. 2C:58-4. a. Scope and duration of authority. Any person who holds a valid permit to carry a handgun issued pursuant to this section shall be authorized to carry a handgun in all parts of this State, except as prohibited by subsection e. of N.J.S.2C:39-5. One permit shall be sufficient for all handguns owned by the holder thereof, but the permit shall apply only to a handgun carried by the actual and legal holder of the permit.
  24. AR vs. Shotgun. Shotgun wins, although the AR was not fired. You'll have to endure a short commercial. Caught on camera: 80-year-old Norco store owner shoots attempted robbery suspect - CBS Los Angeles (cbsnews.com) "HE SHOT MY ARM OFF!!!"
  25. And we need to remember the complete history of the ATF. Including this from August 30 years ago: Lessons from Ruby Ridge - American Thinker
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