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  1. OK, I heard back from the author and the article is a fiction. I also heard back from the AT Editor, who was 'chagrined' that he didn't know it was fiction when he posted it. The AT editor has now labeled the story as Satire. I however have no doubt that similar scenarios can and do occur on U.S. college campuses, and not just in the climate change arena. My main takeaway of the 'story' was that with the enormous number of unpredictable variables that interact and change independently over time, any model drawing conclusions demanding a wholesale restructuring of our energy production (and only OUR energy production) and economy are farcical at best, and rife with political motivation. If the current cadre of climate change alarmists followed the 10X suggestion of: I'd be a lot more inclined to take them seriously. That is not the methodology being followed today. Not to mention a media run by the likes of Chuck Todd: “We’re not going to give time to climate deniers. The science is settled even if political opinion is not. We’re not going to debate climate change, the existence of it. The Earth is getting hotter and human activity is a major cause. Period.” Meet The Press, 12/30/2018 And there in a nutshell is the progressive model. Don't annoy me with other facts. Sit down and shut up.
  2. Am I missing something or are three of the six redundant and repetitive?
  3. I have emailed the author and asked if he's telling us a parable, or whether this was his nephew's actual classroom experience. And yes, mathematics and modeling can't be politicized. But the conclusions drawn from models (correct or incorrect) certainly can. And have been. In the last week AOC's Chief Of Staff admitted that the whole Green New Deal was really just a ploy to gain control of the whole U.S. economy. I suppose I inherently thought 'which of all the possible variables listed could be eliminated from participation in the model', and the obvious logical answer is none of them. They're all part of planet earth. So then we leave mathematics and Boolean algebra behind and begin to make judgement calls about what counts and what doesn't, and for how much. Subject to human values, conduct and opinion. Then we build our model, run it, and draw our conclusions. Still just a theory.
  4. Over the lifespan of the earth we all know that earth's climate has changed. The current climate change theory (and it is a theory, not proven science) is driven entirely by computer modeling as it tries to hold human activity responsible for some of the change. Computer modeling depends on mathematics and Boolean algebra. But these two facts do not in and of themselves prove climate change modeling to be fact. It's still just a theory. To get some insight into this, read A Sophomoric Look At Climate Change. Here's a hint of what's to come: "All you need is the same number of equations as you have variables." to derive an answer. This article provides great insight into the current 'thinking' on this topic. Or lack of it.
  5. As I once said to my wife... "Nice rack!"
  6. And now we're up to a whopping 700 guns turned in. Looks like 'we're not going to comply'. Now what?
  7. As a registered member of the aforementioned choir, I can tell you that's one reason why we bought a house in PA. And now we have resident PA LTCFs to boot. But a note of caution: without eternal vigilance and effort it wouldn't take too much to make PA as bad or worse than NJ. And the same can probably be said for the whole country.
  8. That's all correct. I have done this several times. If by chance a handgun is replaced and a frame with a different serial number is shipped back, then you will need another P2P and acquire it through an FFL. That, as I understand it, is a rarity. Although it happened to me once.
  9. OK, enough nostalgia already. Here's one: Felony suspect farts away his hiding spot.
  10. Here's the latest on Jackboot Jacinda's compensated confiscation program. With threat of jail time, of course. Guess what? The NZ government won't pay what their worth.
  11. I've had three different police officers in three different forces tell me they won't use their qualifying ranges when certain other officers are present because they are too dangerous. I guess that's actually not funny.
  12. I had one of those. Now it's been replaced by an Erection Set.
  13. I broke our neighbors window with one of those.
  14. Well, for anyone interested, here's the latest on OAL measurement from the ATF. Courtesy of my PA law firm. Here's one paragraph: Based on the letter, ATF is taking the position that because a stabilizing brace is not an integral part of the firearm, it is not relevant to the overall length measurement. Why does this matter? A number of individuals have been building AR pistols or other similar pistols that have utilized a stabilizing brace. Some have opted to add a vertical foregrip. However, based on this interpretation, those people may find that they have manufactured an “AOW”, which is subject to the restrictions of the National Firearms Act (“NFA”).
  15. Gold Dot is good stuff, but I don't think their current prices represent a better price than normally. I'd have to research that a little to be sure. I really like this .38 Special round. But one thing I learned is that the 50-round box is much better pricing than the 20 round box labeled 'Personal Protection'. However, it's out of stock and doesn't surface that often.
  16. Well now that you point it out, that's correct. Their email did specify 50 round boxes. So I learned something. Never even looked at the 150 gr. ammo.
  17. Not sure what the issue might be. So to test it I: Refreshed my browser. Went to TSUSA site. (I have an account, but made sure I wasn't logged in.) Searched on P45HST1. Found it. $49.99/box on the product page. Selected box of 50, 1 for the quantity, added to the cart. Then went to the cart. It shows me list price on the one item of $25. That is the discounted price. A couple lines down the Sub Total is $49.99, and just below it says Line Item Discounts -$25. Now when I go to checkout it does want my account. But the point is it was showing me the discounted price in the cart and when I placed an order earlier that was the price on each box. Hope that helps. P.S. Note that several of the HST rounds have 'regular' and +P versions. Specifically, the .45 and 9mm rounds. They're quite effective.
  18. It almost fooled me. The line item price looks the same. But at checkout there's a deduction on the invoice so the checkout total is 50% off. Look down the page.
  19. TargetSportsUSA is selling all Federal HST ammo at 50% off their 'list' price. Now their list price may be a little exaggerated, but the final price per box is good. Example: P45HST1 is $25/box. Free shipping on a case, or on any amount if you're a Prime Ammo member.
  20. AOC would correct the bottom sequence to 2-4-6.
  21. Oh yes. And I still have this 1954 tome on my bookshelf: Still available on Amazon if you need it!
  22. Come on Shane, you know he meant the barrel bushing. Picky, picky, picky. You are funny though.
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