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  1. never used these types but it makes sense at long distances will save a lot of squinting thanks
  2. I hope that global warming turns out to be true. I invested in future "beach front" property in the Adirondacks.
  3. emailed a friend in he ordered 9 for a few people including one more for me $17.50 included the shipping
  4. got one thanks should replace my small shooting bag
  5. You should talk to my son and his friends. They get stopped and most of the time the cops ask to search the car. I know someone who's daughter was stopped a few years ago with her younger brother. They brought her to tears but she held her ground. Good thing she had the presence of mind to ask for a female police officer. My son was stopped and declined to be searched, they held him and a friend in sub freezing weather for 30 minutes with no jacket on. They tired to bully him into consenting to a search. He held his ground, so they gave him a ticked for speeding and of course for not wearing a seat belt. The seat belt they always throw in so when you appear before the prosecutor he can be a nice guy and dismiss something that never happened. Good thing it was a new car. If you have a clunker they will throw the book at you when you don't consent to a search. Not saying this is in every town but there is one town in North Bergen county that is notorious for this.
  6. The one in Paramus is pretty good, they had some issues with staffing ages ago. You would get there and they would not have anyone at the counter because the guy did not show up. Now they are pretty good. Bought a shotgun a while ago and it was pretty quick. 90% percent they have a decent stock of the advertised items.
  7. Got an online coupon for 5.56 150 pack $49.98 and what is most interesting is 22 LR Remington 525 pack for $24.98 those golden bullets stink but I think it's the firs time they sold them at a discount for a while maybe there will be bullet glut? something like the oil glut
  8. I had a 5 gallon empty plastic container out of the newer types that are not vented. I left it empty when it was around 60 degrees in the garage came back a month later when it was about 20 degrees and the damn thing got scrunched up and I can't get it back into shape the negative pressure caused by the temperature drop caused the sides to get sucked in Does not happen with the full cans but you have to watch I had some gas in a car for about a week in a 1 gallon metal container that was not made for gas and you could see the flexing when it got hot and when it cooled off another few weeks it would have been a disaster
  9. I have the MKIII also and it eats everything. Damn golden bullets really stink but it eats them. Fouls the gun something awful.
  10. mp123

    PPQ M2 vs Glock 19

    One of my friends has a few Glocks. He shot a PPQ a while ago and was really impressed. He's a really good shooter and was able to shot really really tight groups on the first try I bought the PPQ a few months ago and had it at the range twice and I don't know what it is but I shoot it a heck of a lot better than my PX4
  11. I use the Ramsey Outdoors on route 17 They have the PPQ in 22LR so there goes the other permit :-) A year ago I needed a Stag Arms model 8 piston type and I was shocked that he had three in stock. They also seem to be able be able to get hard to get items. A few years ago I was looking for a Sig 522 22LR and he was able to get that pretty quickly. At that time it was pretty hard to find in a NJ compliant version. Probably still is.
  12. I bought a place in the northern part of the Adirondacks and was thinking of living there after I retired. NY Safe Act took care of that.
  13. I'm lucky with Ramsey Outdoors. They always seem to have what I want. They always seem to have a decent inventory. If not they will order. The only thing I had to wait for was for a rifle a Sig 522 22LR which was a few years ago. Going to test them today to see if they have a PPQ 22LR pistol. Just bought the 9mm from them not long ago.
  14. I bought the 9mm. Took it to the range this weekend and it's a nice gun just have to toughen up my trigger finger those split type glock triggers are rough Does anybody have the 22LR model? I have a Ruger MK III and am a little spoiled. That thing eats everything. The only thing I won't feed through it is the Remington golden bullets. They foul the gun up something fierce. If the PPQ 22LR is "ammo sensitive" I'm not interested. thanks
  15. At the prices they charge I thought they were made by master craftsmen one at at time
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