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  1. Vonage would work, but there are much better VOIP providers out there. I am a bit biased as I own a company that is a VOIP provider, but we service healthcare clients. For a single user, I would look into OnSip and a Polycom or Yealink handset. There are many options for a softphone that you can use on your desktop as well as apps on your smartphone. Let me know if you want any more info or need some guidance with this and I would be happy to help. Alex
  2. Hello all, if any FFL in NJ on the forum would be willing to answer some questions and go over the process of getting an FFL in NJ I would appreciate it. I already own and run one business and I'm the course of acquiring office space for my existing business I am renting out an old bank, vault and all. I am looking at monetizing this vault as it is currently empty space. I have experience running a business and the property is zoned commercial and professional offices. I looked over the townships zoning ordinance and town ordinances and nothing prohibits the sale of fire arms. They only prohibit the storage and sale ammunition. I can work around that. If anyone would be willing to answer some questions via PM that would be great. Thank you , Alex
  3. I mailed mine on Wednesday 3/22. Will update when check is cashed.
  4. Got it. That worked and we came up with a price. Thank you.
  5. Everything is new on both of those. Have been looking for the past week or so. Guess I will keep checking every few days.
  6. Hey all, I am helping a friend try and price a used Kimber Stainless Pro Carry 2 in 45. It has night sights and also a 22lr conversion kit. What is the best way to go about pricing this or looking this up? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am new to reloading and have been looking at purchasing supplies and the HazMat shipping has been what has held me back and someone on www.reddit.com/r/reloading mentioned trying to do a group by. I am new to the forums here and thought this might be a place to look. I am interested in purchasing as well. I am located in Cedar Grove so not to far from Bergen county. Let me know if this is still available as I would like to get on board and split the fees out. I will PM my cell. Thank you, Alex
  8. Good afternoon all, I have a question regarding my FID. I got my FID back in December 07 when I was living at home with my mother. At that point I was still commuting back and forth to Rutgers in New Brunswick and everything was good to go. Fast forward to June 08 and I moved into an apartment in New Brunswick and changed my NJ DL over to my New Brunswick address where it has been since then. I never got around to updating my FID card as I had been to busy to even think about getting in range time let alone buying a new firearm. Now lease is up in January and I plan on moving back to the address on my FID card and getting my license changed back to that address. Now do I need to get a new FID card or is my card still valid once I move back in there and change my license back over? Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Alex
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