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  1. OMG...my 12 yr old cracked me up.... I asked him how he did on his history test... He say "I did exaclty like George Washington" so I asked what was that? He say "I went down in history"

  2. I love shooting my handgun, it went from protection/work to becoming a hobby... now I thought I would move onto shotgun, I have taken a look into the sport through the ATA website, and found a trap shooting place about 45 min away from me, I now want to purchase my shotgun accordingly, I was told I can buy used for a good price, so far all people have recommended I shoot 12 gauge over under, now its a matter of finding a nice shotgun that wont break the bank. how do i measure what the stock should be?
  3. No, never gone, gonna go to north jersey clay target club, get some lessons in the sport from bruce maxwell, and see how it goes from there... I shoot only handguns now...
  4. I am starting a new hobby.... Trap shooting... I have heard so many great things about the sport, Not only am I a newcomer to the sport but I am a female... and I am reluctant to purchase my new shotgun for this sport, because I do not know what would be the best choice, not only for the fact that I am a female, but for the fact that I am confused as to which model to purchase. I know it cannot be larger than a 12guage. What I do not know is which of the following is better, and which maker is best... over and under single barrel automatic pump action can anyone with any type of experience in this sport please enlighten me on the differences in these models with the sport of trap shooting, I want to purchase a shotgun that I can use for future competitions... when I get better. Thanks Christina
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