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  1. big bulge in it. i think someone shot it when it had water in the barrel or something like that, not 100% sure. gotta ask my father
  2. the gun is my fathers and i want a good pheasant gun. he will give it to me if i can get barrel for it. plus he has wanted a barrel for it for a while. i found one for around $120 and i am willing to spend that much
  3. yes but can I put an 11-48 barrel on the mohawk 48.
  4. thanks, i found the barrel but not the H&R. i tried doing a parts search and it doesnt have the model. any other sites you have in mind that might work. got the H&R when i moved into my house a few years ago, found it in the closet with the entire trigger assemble in a bag tied to the gun, only has a broken spring.
  5. Hi everyone, im new to the site and this is my first post. cant seem to find some gun parts anywere else and decided to try it here. wat i need is a barrell for a Remington Mohawk 48 12ga. I think its interchangable with the 11-48(correct me if im wrong). and i need either an entire trigger assembly or a spring ffrom the trigger assembly for a H&R model 400 12 ga. let me know if you have wat im looking for or know someone that might have it. Thanks, Jesse
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