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  1. could probably meet in the middle somewhere... in the meantime still 4sale unless noted otherwise
  2. Thank you sir! The model choice came down to a game time decision. Going in I was leaning toward the 30 but wasn’t 100% sure until I kicked the tires. I asked and the store owner and he said the 30S out sells the 30 model 2:1, who knew? For myself I like the heavier slide & larger mag release. I think its going be a fun one.
  3. First Glock. I knew going in the factory sights weren't good so ordered the AmeriGlo I-dots in advance while waiting for the G30 went through the purchase channels. Picked up the 30 yesterday and right out of the box did the sight upgrade. I gently drifted out the old sights with a steel punch and installed the new sights by lightly drifting then into place. I used vinyl in the vice jaws and lots of painter’s tape on the slide. I ground down an old 3/16 nut driver for the front sight. Haven’t even shot it yet but already thinking about buying another Glock. I’ll be interested to shoot it side by side with my M&P45 M2.0 Compact.
  4. I’ve seen similar post as well but this being NJ and my past transactions were are "inbound" only that's why I'd asked for the clarification which PK90 answered. To your point if a seller is offering to pay the transfer fee then obviously they already have the fee baked into the final price. I have a Saiga S223 NIB that I’m on the fence about off-loading so I could purchase a 1911. Considering what used & new sagias are going for on GunBroker $50 either way isn’t going to make anyone blink if/when I decide to sell it.
  5. Thinking about selling a long gun so can someone provide a quick overview of impact of new law? I assume the buyer is treated like buying new at retail store but I don’t know how it plays out for the seller? if I want to sell a long gun would it be two transfer fees (one in and one out) to an FFL or just one fee? In other words would both seller & buyer pay transfer fees or is it just the buyer only that gets dinged for the fee? Thanks in advance.
  6. Probably comes down to which ever you could do quicker. most times I’m only interested in the obits where the second nag screen lets you pass a little easier. I’d never trust nj.com or channel 12 for that matter as real news source its a good one, some of the other members here had a thread on it.
  7. I select "disable ad blocker" a couple times and then the option to continue without disabling I becomes available which is what you are referring too, so same result There are several of the open source firmwares like dd-wrt, OpenWRT and pfsense have the ability to block ads. I use an add-on package called pfBlockerNG which does is very good but you need pfsense router to run it, more about that package here https://www.linuxincluded.com/block-ads-malvertising-on-pfsense-using-pfblockerng-dnsbl/ If you don’t want to move to an opensoruce router for about $40 and you could buy a Raspberry Pi and install PiHole on it and add it to your existing home network. I used PiHole for a while but after I moved to pfsense it didn’t make much sense to keep the extra device. Look on youtube for Pihole installs, it’s pretty straight forward
  8. Nj.com is libtard central. Yesterday they had gunsitters.com video about the mag ban & storage service posted up there, not sure what that was about. Their stories suck and so do their writers because they are completely in the tank with murphy. Sadly I only go nj.com to link to the obits. Now I get the nag screens to disable my ad blocker which I can’t and won't do because I have it running at the router level. I even get a second instance of the ad block nag screen on the obit page so fuck nj.com
  9. 880 rounds 7.62x54R Russian Mid-70s Production Surplus Ammo in the Wood Crate. Crate is unopened. Buyer will need NJ FID card and matching Driver’s license. $325 cash
  10. never used it but take a look at https://www.openshot.org/ it is open-source (free) & cross-platform. here’s a YouTube Tutorial
  11. Radiation is nasty shit, let’s hope they got a handle on it whatever it is. A little off topic but I watched a PBS video on Netflix a few weeks back called “Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb”. They built the structure just far enough away (on site) so Radiation levels were lower then they slid the huge structure into place.
  12. I don't see myself be wasting 2 hours of my life watching that .. then to top it off they hijacked a great Marshall Tucker Band song for their POS trailer.
  13. this one is done, mods please close
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