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  1. I had an old Craftsman door opener that after a while displayed the same symptom. I go to work and come home and the door was open WTF. I replaced transmitter and remote with a Genie upgrade and lasted for some time but then the opener itself took a shit but still I can’t complain since the Craftsman lasted 30 + years. Take a look below and see if this works for you, I replaced my old Craftman with the Genie system and its been good. Had a problem with the unit itself and Tech support sent me a new mainboard so IMHO their tech support is top notch Genie GIRUD-1T Universal Dual Frequency Conversion Kit
  2. She is going places and would be perfect for a cabinet position with the Murphy administration
  3. @ revenger –At the risk of being optimistic there may be some arm twisting going on behind closed doors and they don’t want to disclose too much at this point otherwise the libs may try to torpedo the effort.
  4. Yes it does, it kind of makes that trip to the range with the handgun and no deviations a joke don’t it? So yes, we have to drive directly to the range and technically can’t stop for fuel or food but now everyone else will be getting off the NJTP looking for burger joints feeding their faces with their S&W 642's in their pants and I’ll still be the golden boy going to and from with no detours. Can’t make this stuff up LOL
  5. That’s true, didn’t look at it that way so if it does pass and it gives NJ lawmakers grief then it was worth it
  6. So in a nutshell if it passes your non-res permit nets you ccw for the other lower 48 but still no CCW for NJ residents. Looks like the NJ Libtards prevailed again this time without any effort on their part. NJ doesn't trust us but other states do, makes perfect sense.
  7. Upstate has a little different attitude then the city and the capitol folks. Plus some local LEO’s had the balls and come out and say they were not going to enforce it. If and how that played out is anyone’s guess...
  8. I’ve used that example myself a couple of times, so yes without question like you I have no doubt based on their past practices they will waste any and all new revenues. They just can’t help themselves.... The whole state budget process is a house of cards and the impending proposed new firearms regs is just smoke & mirrors for the real issues confronting this state.
  9. @ nuclearheli, Thanks for the overview.... Just like your sig suggest which of these bills actually target the bad guys? I'm just not seeing it. It just looks like more of the same NJ 2A infringement to me but what do I know.
  10. The Raleigh reference above reminds me when we scoped out Cary NC earlier this year. As you know Cary is only minutes away from Raleigh. The locals turned the name Cary into an acronym, Cary = Concentrated Area (of) Relocated Yankees so yes the cancer is spreading. Even the libtards know living in NJ is too expensive so they are flocking south. And now thanks to this election result its probably going to get worse…
  11. Here you go, I took this picture last year with my cell a few minutes away for Bolton Landing NY. its anti-NY State Safe Act sign just so yes a little different mindset than Albany & NYC. The picture quality isn't all that good but that's what it is....
  12. I don't see that happening, it will have to be treated like liquor or cigarettes otherwise how would the state cash in on it? The state is looking at it from the revenue aspect. I just hope the pot heads stay off the grid and continue to buy off the black market that way the state don't see any revenue. The only Federal angle I see is for CDL holders, yes sure you could light up but if you get drug tested for and piss dirty you could kiss your CDL goodbye since the Feds have jurisdiction there... .... so with the election results confirmed this is what we need, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act which was posted here as topic a few months back but did get much traction. I don’t want to do the doom & gloom thing either but if you have to kick the can down the road to the Supreme Court you already lost in my view. Ideally the Second Amendment Guarantee Act would preempt any of this proposed nonsense but it would require the US Reps to actually do something
  13. if the deal above don't work out take a look at Harbor Freight welders. I don’t know how good they are but HF must feel pretty good about them because they are comparing their products to Miller, Lincoln and Hobart which sets the bar pretty high. If my old Arc welder ever dies I think I'd roll the dice on the Harbor Freight mig outfit.
  14. For myself I opted for the Transfer Switch because I only need 8 circuits to be covered. The TS was easiest and quickest way for me to go, plus I got good deal on it right after Hurricane Irene, the storm that missed us but we were ready for Sandy the following year with our setup and the US Carb Tri-fuel Kit. If we had a bigger home & lager panel I would have went with the Interlock. I wanted the gauges to monitor the load which I mentioned this previously gen thread so that was the other selling point for me. You could also add gauges to an Interlock install but I went the Transfer Switch route which has worked out well for us… Good Luck!