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  1. For myself I opted for the Transfer Switch because I only need 8 circuits to be covered. The TS was easiest and quickest way for me to go, plus I got good deal on it right after Hurricane Irene, the storm that missed us but we were ready for Sandy the following year with our setup and the US Carb Tri-fuel Kit. If we had a bigger home & lager panel I would have went with the Interlock. I wanted the gauges to monitor the load which I mentioned this previously gen thread so that was the other selling point for me. You could also add gauges to an Interlock install but I went the Transfer Switch route which has worked out well for us… Good Luck!
  2. That’s a mini block like the R66CB1-6 and unfortunately Hubble I suggested will only fit the full size 25 pair 66 block as in the picture I posted earlier. I probably should have showed the full-size but was focusing on the adapter itself. A this point if are going to stick with the mini block just get a standard RJ11 or RJ45 phone jack and mount near the block and run a jumper from the jack to the block and punch it down on your 66 block which kind of goes which your original plan. Then just run you line cord from the modem to the jack and run your jumpers. With all due respect there was really no point in running the CAT5 if they were just going to use Pair #1 (blue) and abandon pairs 2 thru 4 (Orange, Green & Brown) and just leave them hanging. You could have just used regular of P.O.T.S four conductor RED, Green, Black and Yellow, if you could still buy it You have 6 lines showing on the block and all appear to be four pair CAT5. If that’s the case and you went with the full size 25 pair block you could have started at the top and punched down ALL 6 cables @ 8 conductor each and used 48 out of the 50 pins and had two pins remaining on the full size 66 block. (actually the S66M1-50 is split block and it is 25 pair on each side but that’s another story depending on how its used). Not that you’re going to do it but if you wanted to add a second line you at one of the locations served by one of those 6 lines you are already out of space with the mini block if your intent is keeping those six lines in place. You would have to go back and uncoil the wires and find another place for or just get the 25 pair block. Regardless if you replace the mini block with a full size block and use the Hubble, or the RJ11 Jack you still with have to weave a jumper thru the either punch down block to active any of those 6 lines. EDIT: Here you go, I did a model for you. Note the blue pair running thru the six lines for the jumper. You will have to do something similar even if you keep the mini block, It connects all Line 1’s together. I terminated the jumper on last two pins so I could demonstrate how to connect and RJ11 or RJ45 jack in case I didn’t have a Hubble adapter and want to use a standard jack. I didn’t have an RJ11 so I used a dual port rj45 for the example. If you went with the Hubble on the full size 66 in theory you could place the Hubble anywhere on the block where the jumper is. Personally I would use the full 66 block but it’s your house and you could do it however you like. Either way you’re within striking distance of getting it to work.
  3. If Mayweather had any balls he’d be the one changing fighting venues. Mayweather would last about 10 seconds with an amateur MMA fighter in real MMA bout. Anyway the link below may be of some interest, time to fire up the vpn
  4. On the 66 block it should start with white/blue, blue, white orange, orange, white green, green, white brown and lastly brown. If you get the Hubble br866jc you just need to straddle the top white blue & blue with the top two slots with the br866jc then I guess make some jumpers for the additional jacks you want to activate. Typically the Blue is always Line 1, if you don’t use a second line you should be good to go. Line 2 is usually on green but there are two standards, T568B and T568A which simply reverses pairs 2 & 3. I always use the T568B standard but I could make one work with the other if needed. I only mention this if you have or decide to add a second line. Looking at the image this is a RJ45 8 pinout. the br866jc can accept the RJ11 four pin or the 8 pin RJ45. It’s all about the pinout configuration. Pins 4&5 (center) in the image are your Line 1 on the RJ11 male & female
  5. Depending on your house wiring that should do it, just put a standard line cord between the OV modem and that br866jc. Place the top two holes on the 66block phone line you want to activate. The line cord between the modem and adapter provide dial tone to the center pins also known as Pair #1. On my block I used jumper clips and ran a wire to all the locations I wanted connected. Punch down tools could either punch down & cut, or punch down and let you continue the line as a jumper. The better punch down tools have the reversible blade for this. Previously I had two lines so I had jumpers all over but just down to one line now Again you need to lift off the old Telco source such as a Verizon hand off. Also if you have a home alarm system as mentioned above you must take into account for the RJ31-X (alarm jack) if you don’t have Telco monitoring it should be a very easy cross-connect for you. Edit: As an alternative if you don’t have alarm monitoring and the Modem is near a phone jack (away from the 66 block) you could get a line 1 splitter and back feed the OV line into any jack and that will provide dial tone to all jacks on that line. So the male side of the Line1/Line1 splitter would go into the Telco jack and one of the two female ports would be for the modem and the other would be for the phone and that would back-feed the other jacks.
  6. Yes, Google Hubbell br866jc modular 66 Patch Panel block adapter. It sounds like all you are trying to do is back feed Optimum Voice into your existing house wiring. If that's the case you just need to disconnect the old Telco source and connect your OV modem. I added two images, the first could split off a second line, image #2 is probably all you need unless you have two lines. A little creative wiring and you're done
  7. No but NJ2AS sent out an email blast about it last weekend...
  8. He had a good run and helped out some people with his MD marathons. RIP Jerry
  9. in case you missed it there is a voluntary upgrade of the Sig P320. I received the following from Midway below. Note they did not call this a recall. I contacted both Apex and Sig. The Sig rep said there is a lot of misinformation about this out there. In short there were some concerns with a drop test. Anyway the Sig rep said the trigger doesn't have to be removed. When I spoke to the Apex rep he concurred and said the flat trigger is OK but the curved trigger may be impacted so if anyone has the curved you may want to follow up. I'm just going to go thru the process and let them do what they need to do, it wouldn't be the first gun I needed to return for recall or service. So the plan is to send my P320 back with the stock trigger for the "upgrade" and when I get it back I'll put the Apex back it, it might look funny but I love my Apex You are receiving this notice because you recently purchased an Apex Tactical trigger for the Sig P320 pistol (MidwayUSA product numbers 686935, 293153, 972729).Due to Sig Sauer’s recently-announced voluntary upgrade of the Sig P320 pistol, Apex Tactical has suspended sales of their Sig P320 aftermarket triggers. Apex Tactical asks Customers who have purchased an Apex Sig P320 Trigger to stop using the trigger and to please contact Apex Tactical Customer Service at (623) 322-0200 to return the trigger in exchange for credit towards any other Apex product. We apologize for the inconvenience, MidwayUSA Customer Service
  10. Steppenwolf founding member Goldy McJohn, whose distinctive keyboards stood out in hits such as “Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride,” died Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017, of a heart attack, according to The Canadian Press. He was 72.(from the obit)
  11. So to recap the facts are as you seen them you are now the new self-proclaimed NJGF Etiquette Posting monitor and of course all your postings would be exempt. And while preforming your new role you have carte blanche to trash 2A organizations and their supporters. And best of all have you justified avoiding the nominal NJGF $36 voluntary membership fee.. Nice gig you have going there with no heavy lifting, good luck with that....
  12. That’s your retaliation? You’re pathetic LOL. Again you have shown your true colors with your NRA and NJ2AS negative postings. Congratulations, you are doing a wonderful service for the other side.
  13. If BLF was offended I apologize to him but you know it’s not about that, you were trolling. And for someone that claims they don’t care you certainly have plenty to say and I am honored by your pointless rebuttal. So if your last and final point is “I'm not the only person here who has asked WTF they have done for us in this state” that’s code for I’ve already lost the disagreement but I’ll throw out some smoke & mirrors with a little misdirection and hope they buy it anyway. So why did the NRA bail on NJ, here’s a few buzz words that will give you a clue since you have none. Florio AWB in subsequent election Republicans take control of both houses with Veto Proof majorities NJ Senate President DiFrancesco kills the AWB Override bill. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the NRA bailed out of NJ. The Republicans had a Veto Proof majority in both house and they still fucked it up. Now back to you.. You had some interesting post when you first started here but then it became apparent it wasn’t about 2A rights or the hobby itself, it morphed into it being all about the self-promotion of Newtonian and unfortunately now you’re just stuck in carnival barker mode. Lastly since you already have the anti NJ2AS & NRA sig it should be a nice easy transition for you to migrate over to Team Murphy. Good luck with that, Bye
  14. You say you don’t care but you cared enough to reply to a post from that’s two weeks old. To what, to start some infighting between two members, is that your method of operation? Sorry I’m not perfect nor am I the professional writer like you so you’ll have to deal with my poorly written post, typos and off the wall humor. At least I don’t trash the NRA, NJ2AS and the people that people that thought it would be a good idea to have a peaceful demonstration in front of the NJ Speaker’s home. You on the other hand throw-in the lawn sprinkler dig in at every opportunity and only an A-hole would have and anti NRA and NJ2AS sig on a gun forum. Let’s look at your personal best, you have been banned from the forum and they let you come back and then you called out the NJ2AS President here on the forum and you know how that went. Then you wanted to be a political pundit and predicted Billary would win the election in a landslide. 0 for 3 but who is counting right… You have nearly 3700 post and probably 25 – 30% have some negative reference to the Sweeney demonstration but yet you will not spend the $36 a year to support NJGF and you tell us to go jump in a lake? Go forth and multiply, LOL
  15. do you have something to say?