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  1. Three boxes of 308 Win WPA Polyformance -145gr FMJ for $60. NJ FID & matching DL required. You know the drill, the first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. Mercer County for pickup.
  2. Biden ATF pick Chipman made false claims about shot-down choppers at Waco massacre https://nypost.com/2021/04/09/biden-atf-pick-chipman-made-false-claims-about-shot-down-choppers-at-waco/
  3. been waiting long to drop that line? and yes the state sales tax was temporary too and you use be able to shoot 22 caliber rifles on the jersey shore boardwalk shooting galleries
  4. it says original paper cards are still valid and will not expire. link from the OP https://www.nj2as.org/another-nj2as-victory-nj-state-police-digitize-firearm-id-card/
  5. they have a better union I guess.. I’d be interested to see how it goes, I assume there will be some blow-back but will there be enough to stop it? Let me know when you them bootleg vaccine cards. I’m just kidding of course
  6. FXDX

    What are NICS

    a nearby FFL had a revolver I was interested in. I placed order on 3/4/2021 a Thursday and took possession on Monday 3/8, not great but better than it was...
  7. good call, just did the same after seeing your post. my payment is also pending for Wednesday
  8. I have no idea but you could call NJ Department of Higher Education. maybe you'll get lucky and someone there could provide some guidance. good luck https://www.state.nj.us/highereducation/
  9. Ford Wants Its Cars Back From the NRA https://freebeacon.com/guns/ford-wants-its-cars-back-from-the-nra/
  10. here's a load all in one spot, no point re-posting. enjoy http://www.gopbriefingroom.com/index.php/topic,430203.0.html
  11. replaced video to keep everyone happy
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