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  1. just seen that, pretty cool image of the kids. I guess no gender and CRT studies for Czech Republic kids.
  2. You might want to give Simply Green Simple Green a try, it won’t hurt it but might not have enough strength. maybe back it up with a power washer on low – medium depending on psi…
  3. TRUMP TAKES A CAR INSURANCE SCAM CALL! https://twitter.com/Shawn_Farash/status/1415375796944920578
  4. the license is MS and likely MS cloud based, the domain is still atf.gov. The Feds, states and local gov agencies contract these big tech for their I.T. requirements. Its not like they (the clients) could do it themselves
  5. response to CNN reporter… it’s the friends we meet along the way… https://twitter.com/donie/status/1409209535936466944
  6. yes I see "My father wrote the column for years" now figured as much but missed it at first.
  7. Not a whole lot but as a former long time subscriber to ShotGunNews I remembered Neil Knox. After a quick search apparently he took over for Neil, didn’t see enough info to tell if they are related. ShotGunNews is gone and renamed to FireArmsNews. I don’t get FireArmNews but saved a few old ShotgunNews mags and scanned this one from 2015 for you and the post Jeff’s profile ---> https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffknox
  8. Alexa, we need guns… https://t.co/UjN08HdYWe
  9. Remember the slogan "Florio FREE in 93", well maybe not. Anyway it was the mid-term election of after Florio they gained control of both houses with a veto proof majority which was an epic failure. then Whitman beat Florio in 93 so they had control of Gov's office as well as the Assembly and Senate. As you could see the Rinos did great work..
  10. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will sign newly passed legislation that would ban state law enforcement agencies from enforcing new federal gun laws following proposed rulemaking from the Biden administration to regulate firearms with stabilizing braces. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/missouri-governor-will-sign-bill-nullifying-federal-gun-laws-spokeswoman_3854846.html
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