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  1. Maybe someone should have told Macro Rubio this before he folded It doesn’t fit their narrative plus the libtards seem to be hell-bent on all-out ban.
  2. @ The_Matrix I was going to post sort of the same thing but you beat me to it and I’m certain your post is more civil than what I would have said. Murphy and his cronies are paving the way for the complete destruction of NJ. Yesterday’s setback was only one item in NJ's house of cards. Russia may not like us but given enough time a few more progressive leaders like Murphy the entire system will collapse on its own without Russia or China lifting a finger. In the grand scheme of things China is the bigger threat than Russia IMHO.
  3. At the risk of preaching to the choir this is ALL the Dems know how to do. They don’t know how to stop the state’s wasteful spending nor do they give a flying f**k about real crime and the demise of the state & middle class. This is the same method of operation Florio used, they will or try and jam this shit thru then hold on to your wallets because that will be next... Greenwald is a POS and has no accomplishments whatsoever other than nice hair and suits. As far as Murphy goes I’m more pissed at the voters than him. The voters gave us Murphy so you could thank them and the public employee unions for that. I still can't believe this state essentially voted for higher taxes and gave the green light to becoming a sanctuary state, disgusting.. Put your seat-belts on, its going to be an interesting ride.
  4. I’m about inspired with the self-driven cars as much as I like the smart gun idea, you could have both. That said it might be a good idea for these people that like to feed their face, text, or talk on their cell while driving. What’s amazing to me is the number of people I see in these high-end vehicles driving & talking while on their cells so they must be too lazy to configure the Bluetooth. Then you have the people that climb into their vehicles, new or old, in front of their homes or in a store parking lot that fire up their cell phones then turn-key and go. It’s mind boggling to me why they can’t make the call before they start their drive. So yea probably a good idea to stick those A-holes in one of these self-driven deals just to get their dumb azzes off the road. In any case I’ve been driving a few winters myself and as a CLD holder with the motorcycle endorsement it’s fair to say I enjoy driving too. I do think the Tesla is a very good looking vehicle but I’m priced out that market plus we keep our vehicles until they can’t go anymore. I have an 18 year old car in my driveway with a little left in the tank so until that expires won’t be buying anything soon.
  5. also posted yesterday, maybe the mods could combined the post. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89543-here-is-what-is-in-store-for-all-us-gun-owners/ BTW CC signed a bill on the way out the door outlawing bump stocks which is strange because I always thought they were outlawed in NJ anyway because its a non-fixed stock on a semi.I guess he wants to make sure they don't use them on over & under shotguns, I feel much safer knowing that they are outlawed twice in NJ and possibly a third time at the Federal level. Anyway I get it, MAC was all over this weeks ago with a list of turncoat republicans that don't realize what they are doing, Glad to see MAC is still on it.... Sure glad Trump said "the assault on 2A is over", I guess the NJ lawmakers didn't get that memo. carry on...
  6. I see, then it could be the one near Broad St & Park Ave which is two blocks from the HHS West. If it is Mercer they will probably bury it like they do with everything else.
  7. could it be in Hamilton in Atlantic County?
  8. yes the most commonly used contact is N/C (normally closed) but just to be clear they do make a N/O (normally open) contacts as well for different applications. Why you would need a N/O for a perimeter zone is beyond me but they do make them. The more common N/O devices would be a Smoke Detectors which are also paired with EOLRs. In that case then yes, take the extra time and put the resistor at the EOL. For a homeowner you could argue the use of EOLR’s both ways. Personally I don’t see a problem just sticking them in the panel or not using them at all, again for fire zones I would recommend the resistors at the EOL. For the Commercial installs like a Jewelry store then sure the resistors should be installed at the EOL for all zones. As home owners we are just looking to keep the crackheads out of our underwear drawers and aren’t too concern with professional thieves. If the OP is going to use the Vista 20P and has less than 8 wired zones he don’t need them and the 20P will allow the EOLR’s to be programmed-out during setup which is common for residential regardless if we like it or not. However if he plans on using more than 8 wired zones with the 20P he will be actually be using two different value resistors for zone doubling which gives the panel the ability to increase the amount of wired zones with the same number of mainboard terminals which is a nice feature. NOTE: Zone 1 is Fire and can’t be doubled so that’s why there is no 1/9 listed,
  9. Yes I have the 20P. Not really a fan of Honeywell Lynx systems either, they are kind of a Simply Safe type design system. You mount them on a wall or place them on a desk which I don’t like because if someone knows your layout and they break in through your entry zone (delay zone) and not a perimeter zone (which trips instantly) they could trash the Lynx or Simply Safe system in a NY minute. That’s especially true if you have a 30 second delay or greater and if the unit is in plain view. It just makes it that much easier to deactivate the unit. Just to review if they break in though and entry zone your motions revert to delay zone as well unless you have programmed them otherwise. In your case if you already have a hardwired system and if the contacts are in good shape for the wired zones you could be a good candidate for the Vista. The only thing that would need looking into is if you have end of line resistors (EOLR). If you have EOLR and as long as the value is 2K ohms you are good, if they are absent that’s OK too because you could program them out via the Vista system programming setup. I’m a DIY so don’t know all the ins & outs but generally the EOLR are required in Commercial UL setups. In a home it’s really not needed and half the panels that require EOLR’s the installer just sticks them in the panel which defeats the whole purpose anyway. I have the BAT with is a Cellular Broadband Alarm Transceiver and it uses the Verizon Network for Cellular. The BAT is managed by kind of a joint venture between your Central Station and alarmdealer.com. Generally I have 3 out of 4 bars for signal strength and occasionally it will bounce to the forth bar so signal is good here. You could also plug it in to your home network but then IP becomes the primary and the Cellular becomes the failover. I had my BAT connected to Fios and never had a problem for a few years but then I switched to Optimum it started sending erroneous codes to the CS so I removed the LAN connection and just went with Cellular only which is fine but just another black eye for Optimum LOL. The alarmdealer.com folks provide online the access via the app and provides the alarm reporting. Below is a BAT youtube overview video, not really that good but you’ll get the general idea. The BAT connects to the Keypad bus on the panel and the Telco Tip & Ring for communication. So that’s six connections. I did one for myself and neighbor and we placed our BATS about 25 feet away from our panels for better cell reception. For my neighbor who's I did first I ran two four conductor cables (plain old red/green/yellow/black phone wire) and NO Lan connection. For myself I wanted the Lan connection initially then I realized I would be running three cables so for the communication between the BAT and 20P so I opted to run some old CAT3 cable I had laying around for the connection between the BAT and the panel that way I didn’t need to run three cables. As it stands now with the Lan connection disconnected I could have done my BAT install with the one segment of CAT3 cable. If you want the Lan port enabled you would have to run the additional CAT5 (or higher) cable in additional to the cabling for the BAT itself. CAT5 for data is normally good up to something like 300 feet but for the BAT itself I would probably try and stay under 125 foot cable run or less that way you are sure not to see any voltage drops. if you have cell reception problems you could install the BAT on your upper floor if that would help with cell reception. I think a lot of people thing the BAT has to be right next to the panel, it does not...but then again you don't want it out in the open either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrbL3bYQt0w
  10. Well since no one else responded I'll take a shot... You can't go wrong with a Honeywell Vista series, they are a favorite of alarm installers everywhere for commercial and residential installs and could be monitored by ANY UL Listed Central station. Correct me if I'm wrong but with that system in your video you are likely locked-in with single monitoring provider which means if monitoring cost spike you’re stuck with them. Honeywell is an "industry standard system" and I like to ability to switch monitoring companies so if you are thinking about the one if the vid you may want to ask the seller if you are locked-in with their monitoring? Also I want as much noise as possible when my panel goes into alarm mode. I added a Moose JDS 100 Siren Driver which remains from my original install that powers-up two 35watt speakers for the outdoors and I have the original siren driver for one smaller wattage indoor speaker. I used to be able to hear this one dog two blocks away barking when I would test my system, I assume it pissed him off and hurts his ears. Those sirens in your video looked like toys so you would be lucky to hear those just outside your home. I too had my original system also just over 25 years and it worked perfectly but I wanted to convert from Telco monitoring to cellular and my old system was not upgradeable to cellular monitoring. I pulled the panel back in 2014 and swapped it out with the Honeywell Vista 20P. I have the ability to arm and disarm my system with the phone app or web portal but I don’t want that, I could also do key-fob arming/disarming & panic mode. I programmed my key-fob arming only this way no one sits on it to disarm or sends it into panic mode. .The key-fob is in my car and rarely used. I want last person out to manually arm via the keypad and same with first person in. I don't need all the smart home bells & whistles and online stuff, I only need Fire & Burglary monitoring. If my panel does go into alarm mode I want a quick response from my UL Listed Central Station. Good luck
  11. as stated above Blue Loctite is removable and red is allegedly permanent. If you plan on removing it again use blue, if not go with red. You could still crack red loose if you needed to but IMHO I’d stay away from the red with smaller threads especially if your thinking of removal at some point down the road. Blue is fine for my needs and has never loosened on its own for me. Whatever product you use just clean the threads of any oil before applying
  12. I think Fishnut summed it up nicely, its an arbitrary law for the ordinary citizen and a blatant exception for the ruling class
  13. After they pulled the C-dilla nonsense I was done with them. One of the upsides of the TaxCut transition was I was able to import the previous year’s TT file into Taxcut. That in itself wouldn’t have been a deal breaker but it sure saved me from typing the same stuff over and over…. It’s a shame really because TT & Quicken were both under the Intuit family and if you were a Q user you could export out your tax data into TT. Quicken recently went off on their own and are now going to do “subscription based upgrades” going forward which means instead of forcing us to upgrade every three years with something even more bloated than the prior version it looks like we will be paying every 2 years for patches and an occasional upgrade. I wish Quicken had some competition..I've been using Q since their software was on floppies. Microsoft had MS Money and it looked decent but never took off. I seem to remember that Microsoft wanted to buy Quicken but that never happened. Oh well, as long as the math is right and get something back and don't receive an IRS audit letter that's the endgame right..
  14. Another vote for Taxcut. I doubt if anyone here even remembers but TurboTax got in trouble back in 2003 with that C-dilla copy protection debacle, and many people then switched to TaxCut as a result of that mess. see link here I use to buy TT every year than after that I said screw them and have been using TaxCut ever since. once in a while you could get a deal on the downloadable version from the hrblock.com website with a coupon or from Amazon downloads. If I was offered a FREE legit copy of TT I still wouldn't take it.
  15. it appears there's another Shaneen Allen type case on the horizon. Woman arrested after cops find loaded handgun in her purse