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  1. that was last week, its up running now at HTPD Mercer: http://www.hamiltonnj.com/content/228309/228325/228899/default.aspx Hamilton In May Landing (as of today) looks to be still doing it the old way with only the CHS online http://hamiltonpd.com/online-services/firearms-forms.aspx
    Excellent forum vendor and great guy. I’d purchased from Steve previously and posted positive feedback but evidently after the NJGF makeover the feedback for vendors was lost. Rest assured Steve at Monmouth Arms is one of the premier vendors on this forum.
  2. another question... Trying to follow along here. So in a nutshell the state acquired more time to build their case but this is still is on track for a SCOTUS review or decision by year end, correct? Looking at the link Spartiati posted above here’s the link for the 12 March entry which is the the states request for the additional 30 days. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/18/18-824/91786/20190312161052807_Ltr%20to%20Scott%20Harris%20re%20Rogers%20et%20al%203-12-19.pdf If someone could please expand on what the state means by "In addition, this case involves a constitutional challenge to a state statute". (copy & pasted from PDF above). Evidently that could be one direction the state is going in with their case but I'm sure with the additional 30 days the state will have additional fabrications to throw in before it comes down to go time..
  3. here's an old link if that does you any good https://www.nj.com/marijuana/2018/09/more_than_40_towns_have_now_banned_legal_weed_here.html
  4. take a look here, since you have applied before page down to "Subsequent Applications for Additional Permits to Purchase a Handgun or Duplicate Firearms Purchaser Cards" http://www.hamiltonnj.com/content/228309/228325/228899/default.aspx
  5. kind of OT but but what kind of response times are you guys & gals seeing for subsequent applications for handgun permits to purchase?
  6. The real state of emergency started the day murphy took office...
  7. This is worth repeating because of who said it. Talk about having skin in the game...
  8. Yep, a circle jerk for Libtards and Murphy is the pivot man
  9. for starters it’s their job. If they want to be activist let them get jobs in the murphy administration, the pay is good and no heavy lifting
  10. We’ll have to see. if they do their job all NJ 2A cases should be a slam dunk for reversal but if Roberts goes the way of an Obama appointee & activist then that could be a problem. But again, if they do their jobs its a good case and 2A should prevail. Either way I’m thankful for the efforts of ANJRPC and Mr C from GFH to come this far.
  11. yep and he's the one that had the disagreement with Trump when Trump made the "Obama judges" comment so he'd be the one to watch...
  12. ...text from ANJRPC email blast High Court Considers Taking ANJRPC Appeal February 19, 2019. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court required the State of New Jersey to file a brief in response to ANJRPC's petition asking the High Court to hear its challenge to NJ's carry laws. Under the Supreme Court's order, the State of New Jersey is required to file papers by March 21, arguing why the High Court should not agree to hear ANJRPC's appeal. NJ had previously ignored the appeal. While the move is not a guarantee that the Supreme Court will agree to hear the appeal, the fact that the court is requiring NJ to take a position on ANJRPC's request is significant, and signals that the court is not willing to take any action without first hearing from both sides. By late April or early May, it is likely we will know whether the High Court will agree to take the case, decline to take the case, or hold the case while awaiting the outcome of a pending challenge to NYC's firearm laws. SUPPORT THE LAWSUITS CLICK HERE TO DONATE!
  13. Scary, I have the same model so seeing that is a little disappointing and concerning if in fact the barrel is flawed. I have no idea what the cause was but after seeing that I’ll probably be looking at my 357 a little funny next time at the range. I had to send my rifle back to Wisconsin once for a minor issue because with the buckhorn site so rather than ruin it I opened a trouble ticket. I think the NJ Rep was busting my balls, she said the Wisconsin staff just sits around eating cheese all day so they’ll be slooow getting back to me LOL. I guess it was within 30 minutes after opening the RMA in jersey the Wisconsin folks emailed me the RMA info. The rifle was shipped and returned within 2.5 weeks so they’ll likely do the same for you. BTW I’m the guy that contacted you yesterday about the inbound SR-22. Good luck, I think Henry will take care of of it...
  14. Nice, love the target down range too
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