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  1. Understood that you have the issues we experienced. For us I didn’t need a spectrum analyzer, all I had to do was look at the modem stats and my router’s log files to confirm the problems but the OOL techs said we were in spec. That combined with the ongoing TV issues made it time to say bye. The service was so bad last year Hamilton Twp. and Robbinsville NJ filed complaints so that kind of says it all. https://www.communitynews.org/towns/hamilton-post/hamilton-robbinsville-request-investigation-into-optimum-altice/article_ac71ab15-e2cc-5cae-9a4d-1c90a0bce28d.html Looking back you mentioned your friend with DishNet network also has issues. We have SlingTV which is a subsidiary of DishNet and no problem here. Good luck!
  2. With all due respect why won’t it be Optimum? We had the old CableVision service prior to Cablevison becoming an ISP and they were horrible then and no better the last time we tried OOL in 2018. We had nothing but TV pixelation and internet packet loss so we went back to Fios as cord cutters. I called OOL Tech support and of course they said everything looked good on their end. If you’re in an area where Optimum is upgrading to Fiber you may want to inquire about that, fiber service beats coax service all day long so that may be another option to look into it. Just a heads up watch any service changes on cable Wan, they are reducing internet upload speeds on change orders as if the uploads aren’t slow enough. I don’t watch Fox programing on a regular basis but it does works perfectly over Sling TV with Fios. I DVR Tucker and Gutfeld and the pic & sound quality is excellent. You could also post here to see what the regulars forum members have to say. Some of the members are pretty good https://www.dslreports.com/forum/ool you could post as Anon or join, your call. hope you get it resolved, good luck!
  3. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/tony-soprano-on-columbus-day/
  4. check out https://gunforhire.com/why-rent-guns/ Its a too far for me but if they were closer I'd definitely would want a membership there. I was there once for other business and its a first class operation. Call them and see if they are still doing rentals, I know over in PA Ready Aim Fire an indoor range that was doing rentals put a stop on the rentals due to covid. Don't know if they resumed rentals or not but GFH is the blue chip stock of gun ranges.
  5. Without seeing it, probably. The guy next door has a 120v Mig outfit and welds all kinds of stuff with it. He could does 1/8 and some 1/4 inch nicely. IMO Tig is best for what you're doing, you have better control and great for welding dis-similar metals plus not going to use burn it up with too much heat. If your guy is confident in his ability it should be fine and no or little grinding. I have an old 240Volt Arc (stick) AC welder which is brutal on finer stuff. DC mode is best for out of position welding like overhead and in-position or in position stuff like pipe welding (that can't be moved) where AC is limited to horizontal and flat only. I always wanted to get a Tig/Mig outfit but don't do enough to justify buying one. anyway if you guy is good it should be fine
  6. I don’t want to hijack the OP thread but there were 17 Republican senators who voted to advance that bill so keep that in mind, it was the usual useful idiots. This would be a great sub topic in the 1A forum
  7. jm1827 beat me to it. agree with 10x you must register the plate but I''ll add that technically you don’t even need the transponder because if the transponder fails they cross-reference the plate. Keep in mind if you get a bunch of transactions w/o the transponder you’ll probably get a nasty-gram in the mail
  8. just seen that, pretty cool image of the kids. I guess no gender and CRT studies for Czech Republic kids.
  9. You might want to give Simply Green Simple Green a try, it won’t hurt it but might not have enough strength. maybe back it up with a power washer on low – medium depending on psi…
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