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  1. I did take the forum’s recommendation on this one and went for the GSG. I ordered this back in May so after the extended permit wait time we finally were able to complete the transfer. I will likely do the guide rod upgrade before the first trip to the range. Good call guys!
  2. I love your statement about freedom vs free stuff and how true it is. I was at one of the hearing in Trenton a few years back when you told Greenwald pretty much the same. It was perfect and as expected Greenwald was clueless.
  3. I don’t know if they make them anymore but we have a Sterling Forge converted to NG. We use it year round and don’t even bother to cover it. Ours is probably closing in on 18 – 19 years old. It has 3 burners with side burner for pot or pan. No complaints, I'll be cooking fresh Sword fish less than an hour which is one of my favorites. Also love to do baked potatoes on it... good luck with yours
  4. I was talking a walk this morning and came across this. Not sure what the squirrel had it mind but it appears at least one of its paws were in contact with the Neutral (the unshielded cable) and it decided to take a bite out of one of the hot legs, circuit complete /game over. I’d passed it again about 6 hours later and it was still locked on there, what a way to go….
  5. it appears Bud’s doesn’t have any love for ban states. In my original post the 10 round Walther/Colt is more expensive than the standard 12 round. For those that recommend the GSG1911’s it looks like Bud’s had done it again of the CA model. They marked up the price on the CA model which I assume is a non-threaded barrel for California. My permit is in and have been doing a little reading on the GSG models based on the interest here on NJGF and best I could tell they look as good as the Walther/Colt so I guess the additional cost is for the Colt name. Now for the dumb question of the day ----> Can NJ have threaded barrel pistols and if not what model GSG should I be looking at? Thanks in advance
  6. That’s may be why they went that way and IIRC that was the case for Henry doing the tube feed but I’d prefer one or the other. I have the Henry in 357 & 44 mag so I won’t be running out anytime soon to get another
  7. At the risk of whining it’s a very nice looking rifle but I don’t care for both the tube & load gate on same rifle. IMHO they should have just did a straight load gate model
  8. surprised a 5.45x39 wasn't mentioned...
  9. I looked at a few reviews on the GSG and looks like they had some issues early on but judging from the comments here and other reviews those issues look like they were resolved so I'll give the GSG another look. The main reason I posted was to ask if anyone had knowledge on whether the 10 and 12 round WALTHER/ COLT 1911 were in fact the same gun minus the mag provided? Thanks for all the replies and I will explore the GSG further.
  10. Thanks, I guess that’s OK for Kimber folks that like conversion kits but I have Colt Officers Model 45ACP 1911 so that’s of no benefit to me. Plus for that money I’d rather have a complete new 22LR pistol vs flipping kit parts back and forth
  11. I’ve seen the GSG's mentioned here on the forum a few times so may give them another look but still liking the Walther/Colt at this point. One YT video on the Sig noted the finish on the Sigs wear quickly, may have to explore that further to see if that's a user error or legit claim...
  12. Looking to get a 1911-22LR. Currently looking at three candidates, the Walther/Colt , Sig, and AT GSG 1911-22 but leaning toward the Walther. Apparently they have a few different versions but the one standout being the big bad jersey banned 12 round vs the 10 round. I'll save the jersey rant for another thread. Does anyone know if it’s the same gun only shipping with different capacity mag? Looking at the model numbers the 10 & 12 round are the same but the 10 round has the -->10 added to model number. The screen shot below is from Bud’s, have the love the fact the 10 round is $100 more than standard 12rd. Anyone have this one and know if mags are interchangeable. Thanks in advance
  13. C:\>tracert smtp.verizon.net Tracing route to smtp.verizon.g03.yahoodns.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 3 ms 2 ms 2 ms smtp.vzn.mail.vip.bf1.yahoo.com [] Trace complete. C:\>nslookup smtp.verizon.net Server: raspberrypi Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: smtp.verizon.g03.yahoodns.net Address: Aliases: smtp.verizon.net
  14. another FWIW ---> Verizon purchased AOL a few years ago and migrated their email system over to AOL so VZ email is also under the AOL umbrella as well. I have VZ email and didn’t have any issues with the AOL servers blocking mail from <no-reply@njportal.com>. Also keep in mind for those of you renewing your NJDMV registrations online the NJ Portal use the same email addy to send the payment receipts
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