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  1. never used it but take a look at https://www.openshot.org/ it is open-source (free) & cross-platform. here’s a YouTube Tutorial
  2. Radiation is nasty shit, let’s hope they got a handle on it whatever it is. A little off topic but I watched a PBS video on Netflix a few weeks back called “Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb”. They built the structure just far enough away (on site) so Radiation levels were lower then they slid the huge structure into place.
  3. I don't see myself be wasting 2 hours of my life watching that .. then to top it off they hijacked a great Marshall Tucker Band song for their POS trailer.
  4. this one is done, mods please close
  5. maybe I should have said many were spared. sorry about your damages and not to diminish your losses but for the most part it it was a miss and Irene didn't have the same footprint or impact to the state as Sandy. As you know Sandy created wide spread damages in several states but Seaside was ground zero. The state had to deploy the NJDOT truck fleet with the snow plows mounted just to clear route 35 from the wreckage. Then for the clean up you had police departments and utility companies come from all over the north east to help out. Governor CC also created a dedicated state agency for the Sandy recovery.
  6. During the summer I ask them every time I go in there. Then in the winter I flip it around ask where the grills & mowers are just to mess with them. You know the drill, the week the kids go back to school the stores put out the Halloween candy then they go right into Christmas mode, too much too fast. As far as the generators when (Irene) the storm that missed us before Sandy I was waiting in line at HD to buy one. They were taking them off the delivery trucks and calling numbers just like at the deli. Everyone was well behaved but it was funny to seeing the long line for people waiting to buy one. I bet half the people that purchased one returned it after the storm missed us. I kept my unit and converted it to Tri-Fuel, specifically NG and installed a Transfer Switch. It kept the lights on for us during Sandy. Anyway good chance the OP will be in for more of the same tomorrow. Suppose to hit 100 so I'm sure some folks will be running the A/C units non-stop tomorrow. If it does hit 100 I'll dial ours back to 79 or 80. if its 100 degrees out and people have their stats set on 70 best of luck to them, that's a 30 swing in temps so its likely their A/C units will never catch up to cycle off. Stay cool...
  7. I’d guess it be a good idea to continue to monitor it. Some appliances may be more tolerant to voltage swings while other are not like some of the high end TV’s and or anything else with a circuit board so It might be worth putting a call into them. We have PSE&G here and over the last couple years I observed much activity at two of the nearby substations and surrounding area with lineman upgrading poles & stringing new cable. On a side note was in HomeDepot the other day and asked them why they don’t have the snow blowers out yet? The rep said look over there in the center aisle, they had a shit load of A/C wall-shakers units, she said they expected to sell them out by this weekend... good luck
  8. Good here in Mercer, have 4 or 5 UPS units and not a chirp out of one unit (yet) but based on your post I metered out one outlet with my Amprobe with is usually precise and we are holding between 119.4 ~ 119.7
  9. being last there is a badge of honor for the murphy administration. evidently NH residents take their state motto seriously.. surprised Texas didn’t score higher
  10. I did take the forum’s recommendation on this one and went for the GSG. I ordered this back in May so after the extended permit wait time we finally were able to complete the transfer. I will likely do the guide rod upgrade before the first trip to the range. Good call guys!
  11. I love your statement about freedom vs free stuff and how true it is. I was at one of the hearing in Trenton a few years back when you told Greenwald pretty much the same. It was perfect and as expected Greenwald was clueless.
  12. I don’t know if they make them anymore but we have a Sterling Forge converted to NG. We use it year round and don’t even bother to cover it. Ours is probably closing in on 18 – 19 years old. It has 3 burners with side burner for pot or pan. No complaints, I'll be cooking fresh Sword fish less than an hour which is one of my favorites. Also love to do baked potatoes on it... good luck with yours
  13. I was talking a walk this morning and came across this. Not sure what the squirrel had it mind but it appears at least one of its paws were in contact with the Neutral (the unshielded cable) and it decided to take a bite out of one of the hot legs, circuit complete /game over. I’d passed it again about 6 hours later and it was still locked on there, what a way to go….
  14. it appears Bud’s doesn’t have any love for ban states. In my original post the 10 round Walther/Colt is more expensive than the standard 12 round. For those that recommend the GSG1911’s it looks like Bud’s had done it again of the CA model. They marked up the price on the CA model which I assume is a non-threaded barrel for California. My permit is in and have been doing a little reading on the GSG models based on the interest here on NJGF and best I could tell they look as good as the Walther/Colt so I guess the additional cost is for the Colt name. Now for the dumb question of the day ----> Can NJ have threaded barrel pistols and if not what model GSG should I be looking at? Thanks in advance
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