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  1. as you know you have the push in Trenton to give illegals DL’s so that’s going to spike auto rates sure as shit thru a seagull. Bill Spadea of 101.5 radio was talking about giving the illegals DL’s and FREE college the other day and pointed out the way the DL law is drafted the illegals won’t have to pay a dime more for coverage than the law-abiding citizens...
  2. .... and then there is this for NJ: https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2017/title-40/section-40-48-1.7/
  3. IMHO the Sears downward spiral started after Sears & K-Mart merger. So now instead of two decent companies it’s now just one big bad one. Purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator a few years back and I noticed it was not sealing correctly due to the frame being racked or out of square. Called Sears and asked for a replacement. Before they took #2 off the truck I took a carpenter square out to the replacement and checked and it too was out of square so told the delivery guys not even to take it off the truck. #3 arrives and I check for square and its OK. Refrigerator get installed and overnight the compressor takes a shit and temp rises and all food is lost by morning. I call Sears up and they said they would send a tech out in a week. I go into the store and talk to one of the sales guys and he was useless. By this time I’m furious and ask for a manager. The manager offers a GE replacement the next day and IIRC he gave us a $100 for our food lost. So like any place else, some employees are great and will go the extra mile while other employees are like tits on a bull
  4. if you need more info I suggest listening from start to finish.
  5. and a littler closer to home... NJ AR fans should listen to GFH radio episode 441 https://gunforhire.com/blog/2019/11/03/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-441/ Don’t want to listen to the entire broadcast and truly short on time then go to the 51 minute mark
  6. could probably meet in the middle somewhere... in the meantime still 4sale unless noted otherwise
  7. Thank you sir! The model choice came down to a game time decision. Going in I was leaning toward the 30 but wasn’t 100% sure until I kicked the tires. I asked and the store owner and he said the 30S out sells the 30 model 2:1, who knew? For myself I like the heavier slide & larger mag release. I think its going be a fun one.
  8. First Glock. I knew going in the factory sights weren't good so ordered the AmeriGlo I-dots in advance while waiting for the G30 went through the purchase channels. Picked up the 30 yesterday and right out of the box did the sight upgrade. I gently drifted out the old sights with a steel punch and installed the new sights by lightly drifting then into place. I used vinyl in the vice jaws and lots of painter’s tape on the slide. I ground down an old 3/16 nut driver for the front sight. Haven’t even shot it yet but already thinking about buying another Glock. I’ll be interested to shoot it side by side with my M&P45 M2.0 Compact. Edit: added pic of upgrade to the Extended Slide Lock Lever & US Flag back plate
  9. I’ve seen similar post as well but this being NJ and my past transactions were are "inbound" only that's why I'd asked for the clarification which PK90 answered. To your point if a seller is offering to pay the transfer fee then obviously they already have the fee baked into the final price. I have a Saiga S223 NIB that I’m on the fence about off-loading so I could purchase a 1911. Considering what used & new sagias are going for on GunBroker $50 either way isn’t going to make anyone blink if/when I decide to sell it.
  10. Thinking about selling a long gun so can someone provide a quick overview of impact of new law? I assume the buyer is treated like buying new at retail store but I don’t know how it plays out for the seller? if I want to sell a long gun would it be two transfer fees (one in and one out) to an FFL or just one fee? In other words would both seller & buyer pay transfer fees or is it just the buyer only that gets dinged for the fee? Thanks in advance.
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