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  1. Is that even possible? LOL
  2. That might be OK for Intrastate but wonder how that’s going to fly out of state? I’d be a little on edge explaining to an out of state LEO, "yes officer my CDL/DL expired but don’t worry our Gov said it’s OK". Heard of radio this morning Murphy put the brakes on the DMV overnight camping excursions, . I guess the optics on that didn’t look good for the gov.
  3. just watched the news, people are camping out overnight waiting to get a good spot in line for the opening. What a joke, Murphy certainly fucked this one up but he'll get a pass on it by the local press. I'm just grateful all I need is an inspection sticker, that could wait
  4. we will have to wait and see...
  5. Good luck to the Gov enforcing that one I often wondered how that 6 point BS works with illegals but I suppose that’s another story for another thread. IMHO the problem with doing stuff online with the state and local govs is that they charge you a “convenience fee”. Take the Registration renewals for example, I did my vehicles by mail with no issues during the covid thing. If you do it online they ding you for a convenience fee. I have 3 vehicles that all come due within the first half the year, no problems for with regs and snail mail. FYI - that is not an option for CDL holders, you still have to go in https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/drivertopics/cdl.htm
  6. Funny you mention this, I drove by the NJMVC on RT1 in Trenton/Princeton yesterday glancing over and it appeared the lines were out the door wrapped around the building for the document center and the inspection lines weren’t any better. Then as luck would have it 101.5 (radio station) said the MVC in downtown Trenton (document only, no inspection) had fights break out and TPD had to be dispatched. They also mentioned another town up north if I recall correctly. The upside for us is our documents are still valid but my car is due for inspection. Fuck that I’m not waiting in any lines like that just for a stupid sticker.
  7. I loved CDB, I saw them at the Trenton Speedway & Fairgrounds back in 1980 IIRC before they leveled the race track and ripped it all down. I remember the CDB had pretty rigs with be beautiful murals painted on the sides, he was one of the good guys. RIP Charlie
  8. The state has a program but don’t think if your wall-shaker units qualify. I think it’s a joint venture between them and the utility company. Our refrigerator took a shit before the Covid thing and I had a date for them to pick it up but the virus lock-downs ended that. We would have received a refund from the recycle program. Also new Energy Star new appliances get rebates so this may not help now but could get you (or your parents) lunch money later. https://njcleanenergy.com/recycling I ended up calling our township for the refrigerator removal but the junk guy beat them to it so ended up calling the township back advising them not to come out. Your town or local gov may have something similar
  9. does it have a dip stick? if not measure and fill as per the instructions
  10. I’ll pass, after watching the news last night what a shit show. I hope they don’t torch Newark but it will be interesting to see how that one goes.
  11. Saturday, weather permitting
  12. Thanks, I see the Rock Auto commercial often but always thought it was sort of cheesy but I will give them a look. The last one I did was for my Ford and caught a sale or promo from Advanced Auto on OEM rotors. I have a feeling the imports may be a bit higher but I have some time to shop around so will probably do them in June or July since its very limited driving at this time. I think I fueled up once in all of May. I will take your advice and avoid the slotted type rotors, thanks!
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