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  1. I see that it didn't take long to go after DeSantis on the Reddit NJ , what a disgrace..
  2. We were already in agreement there, anyone that has been a forum member here since the Murphy administration knows or should know the deal
  3. Nope, its likely some local network issue like a browser issue or add-on like a ad-blocker. Just logged in and no problems. but you're correct on the insurance, its only legal help for nj edit: just to be clear I only had a website issue with the initial sign up process. It went through the sign-up procedure but it never charged my credit card. Once I realized I didn’t get a credit card alert that’s when I called and had them do it..
  4. it was a % off and two months free IIRC. I don’t remember if that was a limited time offer or not. You’ll obviously need your ANRPC member # to get it whatever benefit is currently being offered. I also added the out-of-state coverage add-on.
  5. I tried to enroll in July and had some issues with the website. I called and had them do it over the phone and received the welcome letter about a week later. IMHO it’s worth it with the ANRPC membership. A few people were recently trashing it in another sub-forum but since there are two sides to every story I'll give US Law shied the benefit of the doubt
  6. it reminded me of one of those movies where the suspected killer had wrote a book about a fictional murder plot and then it happens… biden on the other hand isn’t smart enough to accomplish anything but his handlers are definitely on track to engage us in a nuclear war. then biden and his spawn will be sitting safely in a bunker while the rest of us get vaporized...
  7. not yet, the post in this thread likely was triggered due to an email blast from anjrpc https://www.anjrpc.org/page/NJToProtectCriminalsFROMCarryPermitHolders
  8. Again my point was towns & counties are doing their own thing. It’s a fairly simple overview and if people want to read more into then that then that's on them. Time limits mentioned in the statute are irrelevant if the towns are being proactive and punching out permits well in advance of timelines.
  9. Not that we needed it but that likely ends the consensus from earlier on (here on the forum) that permits must be granted in 60 calendar days. I’m lucky to get a P2P in our town within 60 calendar days so I knew going in I wouldn’t likely hear back until October. Take the map out of the equation and its obvious towns & counties are doing what they always do which is their own thing based on the wiggle room the state allows them. So your Cape May County Oct 7 date will be 84 calendar days for myself or 59 works days which is likely the actual 60 day time period in use (like it or not) by counties that are slow walking the process. They could probably even cite a grace period for themselves when it goes beyond 60 work days so buckle-up.
  10. The Mods should probably boot this into its own thread. That said everyone knew it was coming and my only question would be if/when enacted will there be a carve out for the elites that already have their cc permits, nuff said...
  11. then again there is always Sunday with Mr C's GFH podcast which seems to be the most reliable source. He mentioned Mercer and others counties on the 9/4 or 9/11 podcast but nothing last week so we'll see...
  12. At least your in Morris and looks like they are issuing permits. take a look at Mercer, tomorrow will be 70 calendar days or 49 work days for me. Looks like half the counties dragging their feet according the Krdshrk's map.
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