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  1. Thanks but already been there. Safelite put the old damaged sticker back exactly how the dealership did so there was no further damage. Took receipt with me as per Sota but the inspector said I have to go inside for a new sticker. I advised him I wasn’t happy and he said I just need the insert (#6) to make it look acceptable. He removed the old mangled insert and inserted a new one. It’s hanging on but still peeling off from 2.5 sides. once we get a warm day I’ll cut a few strips of postal packing tape and go around the sticker’s perimeter.
  2. Breaking — FBI arrests left-wing Anarchist leader John Sullivan for inciting riot in Capitol siege…
  3. don't know if this helps but found this https://www.ubifi.net/ @ $99 a month. I never heard of them but looks sort of OK on the surface. Unless I read it wrong the disadvantages seem to be you have to buy their 4G LTE Gateway @ $315 and they don’t publish their upload speeds which may be a problem. Looks like they offer a trail but the could jam you with a 15% restock fee on returned equipment. BTW do you monitor your own data usage or are you depending on Xfinity to provide the results?
  4. Biden’s Call To “Defeat The NRA” A Warning For All Gun Owners https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2021/01/11/biden-call-defeat-nra-warning-gun-owners/
  5. a little off topic but figure I'd ask here.... My windshield was replaced around August and they did a shit job salvaging the inspection sticker. As luck would have it my windshield got cracked again today due to flying projectile. I’m scheduled for replacement next week and no doubt going to need a new inspection sticker. The question is has anyone ever done just the inspection sticker only at NJ DMV? The vehicle isn’t due until 5/22 so just wondering if this is going to be another NJ cluster fuck or will they pass you though the lines without an inspection? TIA
  6. here's a decent interactive map https://www.unitedvanlines.com/newsroom/movers-study-2020
  7. I "think" last time around some people were delayed because they didn't get a refund and had to make a IRS payment. There was an IRS website to manually enter their info with was basically their name, SS# and 2018 AGI. My payment was automatic the first time and this time because I had IRS refunds in 2019 & 2018 which were directly deposited so they had my routing & account #
  8. maybe or maybe not. yes covid is a problem but so are the fudged numbers like this one. https://notthebee.com/article/minnesota-man-thrown-from-an-automobile-listed-as-a-covid-death-and-other-shenanigans-uncovered-in-minnesota
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