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  1. probably just another kid trying to text drive not that the adults are any better..
  2. or don't even bother wasting your time calling, just go online and open an account to see the online calculator. the SSA reps are going to supply the same numbers as to what's posted on the account page. You could have an account regardless if you are ready to collect or not https://www.ssa.gov/onlineservices/
  3. I don’t think there is a such thing as a "SS expert", why not just ping Maksim the forum’s proprietor? IIRC that is what he does, as a financial guy he could give you the big picture.
  4. Exactly, another way to view it is they (the gangbanders) will dime out their colleagues in a plea deal and get a reduced charge and something like a mag limit charge the DEMS prided themselves on while get tossed out in the plea deal. Compare that to a normal law abiding citizen that doesn’t know about the mag limit ban and he or she will be charged with the max charge as if state is actually accomplishing something. All done by design thanks to the state of NJ lawmakers
  5. that depends, take a look here Cops arrest Trenton man carrying a gun for second time in 6 months
  6. I seen this on a channel 4 NY news stream last night. I guess with recent events it looks like some are being tired of becoming soft targets. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/investigations/ny-synagogues-get-weapons-training-for-protection/2254570/
  7. I wasn’t referring to a DL but if the state, local gov or feds are going to be hard-ons with Joe vs Joseph thing then they should use the same standard for the gender ID. The only way “Non-Binary” should be accepted is if the applicant is packing the gear of both the male & female sex, AKA hermaphrodite. Maybe they could create a Civil Service title and pay them 150K a year to do gear check on this one, that would be a fun job
  8. Although that’s true more importantly if you go back and look at the video you’ll see at 3 - 4 more people come forward with weapons drawn which you certainly would have had it if they were actual LE. So if the bad guy managed to get off one more shot off against the good guy he would have been terminated by one of the other armed civilian church goers. So the point is even with the additional civilian weapons on full display cooler heads prevailed. After this one I believe die has been cast for FREE states and you’re looking at more armed church goers going forward. They aren’t going to dick in FREE states like blue NJ with pointless legislation that only impacts law abiding citizens when they could actually let the people have the ability to defend themselves.
  9. Yea, like how screwed up NJ is getting under the Murphy administration but since you took the time to respond to this post how about this... Here’s one problem with gender issue as I see it. The image below is from our township’s website. A NJ Firearms applicant is compelled answer the name question with “Joe” instead of “Joseph” or “Jen” instead of “Jenifer” and will likely be rejected for not answering correctly. Now compare that with the same authority now saying it perfectly OK not to check the M or F box. I see that as a inconsistency.
  10. must have taken their cue from jersey..
  11. Up for sale, Apex trigger upgrade & KYDEX IWB holster. Open box Apex Curved Trigger & Trigger Bar. Both Apex upgrades were removed my P320 before I traded it in. As per Apex these upgrades are ONLY for use in the "factory upgraded" models of the Sig P320. See links below for application and additional details. Normal cost for both as kit would be at $125, rest assured both trigger and bar are in excellent working and cosmic condition. Trigger --> https://store.apextactical.com/WebDirect/Products/Details/192762 Apex Trigger Bar --> https://store.apextactical.com/WebDirect/Products/Details/192579 All items being sold together for $82.50, if you want it shipped with USPS tracking $88 to your door provided payment is paid with paypal gift opinion or Amazon gift card otherwise meet in Mercer for cash deal only /not interested in trades
  12. might be a good one for Glock enthusiast, I do not use 40 cal so this one is not for me. just passing it along https://www.mississippiautoarms.com/glock-22-gen-4-le-trade-with-night-sights#product_tabs_description_tabbed
  13. No surprise there plus GFH radio called this one weeks before the election. The only thing that could possibly come out of this is an influx of more illegals & insurance rates rising for the law abiding..
  14. That’s a very good question, why not just ask for invoices going back to 1990? I like your DL idea, I wouldn’t be surprised when heading south on 95 seeing and uptick in jersey drivers getting pulled over.
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