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  1. it looks like the nose in the Woody Allen movie Sleeper
  2. FYI - and now for something completely different. the CNJFO need less than $300 to reach their matching funds goal so if the eagle shit for you today maybe throw some their way... be nice to see them reach their goal
  3. checking the reviews is always a good start... https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2413145,00.asp
  4. here you go...
  5. This is a little off topic to say the least but sort of all ties together with last weeks events. I have not heard of Mrs. Inacker so I googled some and stumbled across what appeared to be some of her previously posted images. This one is priceless since it is now budget season and this demonstrates why state spending is out of control. @Smokin .50 , thanks for the post and doing what you do
  6. ... I'm not seeing a drop down box on the anjrpc.org site (click here link) for credit card info to donate ? EDIT Disregard, condition corrected / donation sent
  7. sent... Sure hope more people are emailing than just the replies here
  8. sent round #2 but probably like everyone else is seeing only received a handful of automated replies from round 1....
  9. Sent it with delivery receipt option but bounce back message said: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Then went on and listed all the recipients. I'm thinking something went wrong with the with email addy formatting so you may want to check your formatting.. I re-sent it after tweaking the format and looks like it went...
  10. when I seen this topic post I thought of this blast from the past (12/05/11), we have a lot of talent here in NJ . TRENTON-- Mayor Tony Mack will host a Pearl Harbor remembrance at City Hall on Wednesday, according to a release issued by his office.Mack hosted a similar event last year, where news reporters showed up in droves, not to ask about his event, but about charges levied against his brother Stanley "Muscles" Davis, in relation to a scandal at the Trenton Water Works.The mayor, hounded by reporters and camera crews, wandered about the Pearl Harbor displays and ignored questions about his brother, before infamously sputtering out a statement of "Happy Pearl Harbor Day," instead.
  11. Thanks for the reply back, definitely liking the Henry line and big fun to shoot
  12. @Purple Patrick - Not interested in the Tactical line up but just noticed TokenEntry comment about the new lever. Will those be available at some point as an upgrade? I think I may have talked to you when I called for the rear sight issue on my 357 AW a few weeks ago (and if it was you) we were talking about Trenton Pork Roll?? Then I’d asked what the difference was between the NJ made rifles and the Wisconsin models…. In addition to the 357 I have the 44 in Blue and really like the wood finish so not looking to hack off that beautiful wood furniture anytime soon. These are nice right out of the box and I too would have liked the load gate as kman mentioned but I could live with the tube mag. When my the 44 arrived at the FFL he and his colleague said “that’s really nice” but it wasn’t just talk, on my subsequent visit he showed me that he’d purchased the 357 so he really did like it enough to buy one for himself. So any info on those new levers would be greatly appreciated as to availability and finish types if this were to go forward as upgrades. Thanks in advance .
  13. fyi http://www.lamorteelectric.com/cloth-wire.html
  14. I’m just a DIY guy so take this FWIW. In a nutshell if you have the grounded old cloth type you may be OK but if you have the one without the ground which predates the grounded type that may be a candidate for replacement. We have the old grounded cloth-type cabling all throughout the home and it fine and I have no intention of replacing it When I took possession of my home 30 some years ago all I did was upgrade the service from the old 60amp fuse box to a 100 amp service and relocated all the exiting cloth grounded branch circuits back in the new box. I pulled a permit with the township and had it inspected upon completion and NO problems.Our house is just over 60 years old...
  15. I would say right on time...