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  1. Ford Wants Its Cars Back From the NRA https://freebeacon.com/guns/ford-wants-its-cars-back-from-the-nra/
  2. here's a load all in one spot, no point re-posting. enjoy http://www.gopbriefingroom.com/index.php/topic,430203.0.html
  3. replaced video to keep everyone happy
  4. VW Beetles always make me smile but that one is something special. It's clean and don't look like a hack job so it is true sleeper.. he clearly did his homework and it looks like you could eat off the floor in his garage LOL
  5. I went on YT looking for a recipe and this came up as suggested video...a fast car, an attractive woman and excellent custom craftsmanship so not much to dislike
  6. you could do it with Arc (Stick) if careful and you have enough base metal otherwise you’ll blow right through it. Tig is better for light gauge metals because you have better control. Look for a mom & pop welding shop (if they still exist) or maybe one of the FFL folks here that do compliance work.
  7. Do you know anyone with a Tig welder?
  8. don't know what to say about this one ^
  9. Up for sale (no trades) Saiga 7.62x39 with 16 inch barrel & Ammo SAIGA/VEPR RIFLE AR STYLE ALUMINUM FOREARM - With M-LOK Slots & sling Extended Magazine Release for Saiga/VEPR SAIGA MOE MAGPUL GRIP ALG Trigger ORIGINAL STYLE STOCK TAPCO "BLACK" 7.62x39 Ammo - 500 rounds of Golden tiger & 200 rounds of WPA. both brands still in shrink wrap Four 10 round mags 922r complaint $1250 firm, all NJ laws apply to sale. Transfer fee is buyer’s responsible. I prefer to transfer in Mercer County but willing to travel to forum FFL(s) Monmouth Arms or JT Custom Guns & Collectibles if they could do it in a timely fashion. First to post I’ll take it gets the sale. Not responsible for typos
  10. Bannon Blasts 'Globalist Elite' McConnell and Ryan for Keeping Borders Open - War Room: Pandemic
  11. I see Epstein and joe... is the first Bill Cosby and I'm thinking the #2 slot guy is the perv from the Lincoln project?
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