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  1. Thanks for the reply back. I’d like to move forward with a RD for at least one handgun and see if it helps with my old eyes for better consistency. I was leaning towards battlewerx because it looked like they were a one stop shopping experience but they are out of stock on the cowitness sights. Jagerwerks looks like they may come in cheaper and had good reviews so kind of at an impasse for the moment do to the sights. Since you mentioned in an earlier posing would you go with the lower 1/4 cowitness or the 1/3? Of course I re-opened an older thread and added a twist so would you still get the lowest sights even with the rear sight dovetail in front of the RD? Either way I think green dot would do the trick for me, I have the SIG SAUER ROMEO5 Green dot on a long gun and its a huge difference from the standard red dot. Hope to decide before the Fourth because both have holiday pricing in effect. Thank you in advance and have a great holiday.
  2. Thinking about doing a Holosun 508T on my G30 and having the slide milled from battlewerx. Since this would be my maiden voyage on this type venture (and actually the first RD on a handgun) based on what HE posted anyone see an issue with having the Iron Sight Dovetail milled in Front of Optic with the 1/4 or 1/3 Co-witness? Or is the preferred method here the rear sight dovetail in behind?
  3. none yet, the twiiter post said: if anyone listened to GFH radio over the weekend they spoke about this being possible
  4. all around great show as usual. I like your observation at the 51 minute mark and right on cue the online left-wing publication nj.com chimes in. Sadly nj.com and channel 12 nj are in the tank with Murphy. https://www.nj.com/politics/2022/06/will-the-us-supreme-court-ruling-mean-more-guns-in-the-garden-state.html thanks for doing what you do
  5. Thank you, I kind of figured it be limited plus NJ loves paperwork. It’s kind of ironic right isn’t it? I have 5 or 6 non-resident permits and never seen any restrictions as long as it’s within reason of course. I guess as long as someone doesn’t stuff a M11/9 down their pants they’re good to go. I know people are hell bent on getting their nj ccw but I’ll wait and see how it develops on the forum and listen to people like Mr C of GFH since they were the ones driving it. I’ll be interested to hear GFH's next podcast.
  6. probably could have been its own thread but figured I drop it here... GOV. MURPHY TASKS ALL NJ AGENCIES WITH FINDING WAYS TO THWART BRUEN https://www.anjrpc.org/page/MurphyAnnouncesPlansToThwartBruen
  7. My nephew and wife have carry permits and live in upstate NY. Clearly upstate and NYC have different outlooks on this. I’ll ask him about that point. OT but I do know shortly after they got their NY permits they went to PA and obtained their non resident PA permits with no issues
  8. in other states where some NJ residents have obtained non-resident permits you could carry a revolver one day and semi the next. so in NJ is it safe to assume whatever you qualify with is only what you are only permitted to carry? In other words in NJ you qualified with a Glock G26 or similar and you needed to send it back for repairs or a recall so then you’d be prevented from carrying a revolver in the meantime correct?
  9. if it wasn't for you and your efforts we wouldn't even be permitted to own water pistols. thank you for doing what you do!
  10. https://twitter.com/killklassy/status/1538731909685161985
  11. So currently the topic has 6 replies & 171 views so that begs the question how many of the forum warriors acted in accordance with the simple ANJRPC request to send the email?
  12. think your job sucks? Vladimir Putin's bodyguards 'collect his excrement on foreign trips and take it back with them to Moscow in dedicated briefcase to stop Western spies collecting intelligence about his health' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10906867/Russian-leaders-bodyguards-collect-excrement-foreign-trips-Moscow.html
  13. $55.25 on Wednesday at a Wawa in Hamilton (Mercer) to fill up a Toyota puddle hopper at 4.98 a gallon. Then to add insult to injury after pulling out of the station back on to the road I ended up in back of another Toyota with a Biden bumper sticker
  14. an Exxon station in Hamilton (near Trenton) was 5.29 for cash/regular and 5.39 for CC yesterday...
  15. I know the winter mix has always sucked for lower mileage but we’re passed that now. Speedway sounds like one of those generic no frills stations which I personally use to stay away from but there’s a Liberty by us that just came online. When gas was $3 a gallon they still had very little business but after it hit $4.00 they are busy nonstop including me. If you suspect your station is watering it down I think the State Dept of Office of Weights and Measures is the place to contact. Its probably a PIA but might be worth it for you. https://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/OWM/Pages/default.aspx FWIW I recently did brakes & oil change on wife’s 4 cylinder car and installed a K&S Air filter on her car and threw some Lucas Fuel injector cleaner in. I have the K&S Air Filter on all my vehicles and have been using them for years. We took a 200 mile round trip to shore and back in her car and we broke 40.2 MPG with Liberty fuel. Put it this way like the Sammy Hagar song i don’t drive 55 , nuff said. The wife has an Excel spread sheet and prior to that the best she ever did was 38 MPG. So for the time being the no frills fuel has been OK, Wawa has been my go-to fuel and occasionally Costco which is now done for us as per the post above.
  16. Can’t speak for their programming choices. However given the fact living cost are spiking with no end in sight while baby formula two weeks ago was like finding hen’s teeth unless you were an illegal maybe Tucker's staff thought it be a good idea to mention this with the looming fertilizer shortage being the next shit to hit the fan... “There are no conspiracies but there are also no coincidences.” – Stephen K. Bannon
  17. Did I say he was making it a conspiracy theory? He was just pointing out the strange trend. if you like paying more for fuel, food, building materials, the border invasion topped off by sending $40 Billion to Ukraine then carry on.
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