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  1. Send me a text 6096187024

  2. I have 3 boxes of .44 I can get rid of.  $30 a box?

  3. both of mine were completely torn off the elbow, one was repaired. The one that i didnt get repaired has no decrease in strength, but it cramps when doing biceps. Since its WC, get it repaired. It will be better than new in a 5-6 months. Plus it wont look weird.. I hate my right upper arm.
  4. 15 first..I agree with the above posts. makes more sense here in NJ..then when you get the funds, get a 10.
  5. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/forum/90-njgf-list/ why not here
  6. and master your sharpening skills..very important for edge retention
  7. http://thestarboard.com/sites/default/files/2015%20Starboard%20Menu%20Cocktails.pdf orange crush is a must
  8. it is all diet at first..when weight slows, then add exercise. There are alot of drugs to raise metabolism, but they are not legal.
  9. I like it.. The viperskins would make it look hotter
  10. i have a midway one and wilson combat. The midway is much better and costs less
  11. Powder Valley has 8lbs in stock of titegroup now $127 http://powdervalleyinc.com/
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