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  1. Send me a text 6096187024

  2. I have 3 boxes of .44 I can get rid of.  $30 a box?

  3. both of mine were completely torn off the elbow, one was repaired. The one that i didnt get repaired has no decrease in strength, but it cramps when doing biceps. Since its WC, get it repaired. It will be better than new in a 5-6 months. Plus it wont look weird.. I hate my right upper arm.
  4. 15 first..I agree with the above posts. makes more sense here in NJ..then when you get the funds, get a 10.
  5. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/forum/90-njgf-list/ why not here
  6. and master your sharpening skills..very important for edge retention
  7. http://thestarboard.com/sites/default/files/2015%20Starboard%20Menu%20Cocktails.pdf orange crush is a must
  8. it is all diet at first..when weight slows, then add exercise. There are alot of drugs to raise metabolism, but they are not legal.
  9. I like it.. The viperskins would make it look hotter
  10. i have a midway one and wilson combat. The midway is much better and costs less
  11. Powder Valley has 8lbs in stock of titegroup now $127 http://powdervalleyinc.com/
  12. Finally got some range time. Ran a couple boxes of 230gr Remington UMC and PMC Bronze. All flawless rounds. I did lube her up pretty well with Ultima Universal. Stuck the target out to 15 yards and stayed there. I need to get some more practice, I am getting rusty. The WC mag I used was a breeze to load. Amazing feel. WC 1911s are a pleasure to shoot. I do like my EBs, but the WC does feel slightly better. You guys prob know what I mean. I am happy that this one ran perfect. I can not tell any difference in accuracy or feel between a CQB and SG. I def like the feel better of a .45 over a .38 super now. But still love my .38 sups. Here are some pics:
  13. congrats! Love the clean look Nice upgrades! How is the high grip mod?
  14. stainless would be easier to maintain. But since no holster used, go for blue.
  15. Ordered and got the email that it was being kitted in about 9 months. Arrived at Tonys 2.5 months after that. So total time just under a year.
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