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  1. I used to be neurotic. Now I just wipe my guns down and clean them around 500 rds. Be it a $500 PPQ or $6000 Supergrade. Ive always wanted to try Ballistol, but cant find the aerosol can size I want.
  2. ill keep an eye out, just blems
  3. $2500 plus shipping. Def worth the cost for what they put into it, minus the 3 MIM parts, but they arent cheap MIM. The custom shop doesnt make separate gun for civilian and FBI, we just get the extras that arent acquired which is pretty cool.
  4. I was lucky enough to get on a list for a couple incoming Springfield professionals PC9111. Definitely going to be much shorter than the 24 month wait. Any members have one in hand? If so, thoughts? I do not have any SA in my collection, so this will be my first..
  5. mag1


    Not the best day, but i shot after a killer upper body workout. 15 yards w .38 super.
  6. mag1

    Wilson Combat SG vs TE

    I talked with WC, and they do put more time into fitting the barrel on the TE. More smith time, more money. I get it. As for a SG vs FHC...The rep for WC says that a SG is their FHC. WC other 1911 are semi-custom. $4500 for a SG may be steep for many when you can get a bare CQB for $2800. If you customize the CQB like a SG, then the cost difference between the 2 is $1300-$1400. For that, you get what?? One definite is the extra smith time they put into the SG. I do not know what smiths get per hour, but I do know one of those SG smiths can build a SG for $2500 and still make a profit. Don't ask me to validate that, but I am going off a good memory Accuracy, I bet none of us can tell. Their accuracy is off a ransom rest. My friends who do own a TE do say the recoil is less than non-flanged barrels. That I bet you can tell the difference. For resale: I have never lost any money, except for shipping/FFL fees on my SGs that I have sold. I have lost a couple hundred on the CQBs that I have sold. I lost the most on my FHCs, and they were the toughest to sell. This isnt a thread of WC vs FHC..We all know the differences, wait times, prices, etc. I have compared SGs to my other 1911s. There are subtle differences, but nothing that stands out, especially on the exterior. So the good news is for me after starting this thread is....I may be having a TESG on order, just waiting for the approval from WC. They are not best known for making special orders happen, but on occasion, they do depending on how their day is going.
  7. That colt would be neat to own
  8. I left. Waited an hour and 15 min, and still 15 people in front of me until my number would be called. Then they guy said 1.5-2 hours for Nics check..F that. Ill order one and send to Tonys
  9. Got here 11:30. Bricks were gone 11:40. Been on line for a s&w ar since then. Still waiting
  10. Gun counter is taking numbers like shoprite deli line. I got 2 bricks of .22. They are all out now til tomorrow.
  11. So the 325 rds of .22 and the M&P 15/22 are gonna be out quick I bet. Anyone been there yet today? They opened at 9am
  12. Was wondering how you are doing up there!
  13. mag1

    1911 Fans

    That is a nice deal if true. Cabelas just had one for $2800 http://www.cabelas.com/product/Ed-Brown-Classic-Custom-ACP/1398688.uts
  14. mag1

    Wilson Combat SG vs TE

    A SG does not perform any better than a CQB from my experience with shooting out to about 35 yards. In a bench rest, supposedly it does at 50 yards. I have never tried to shoot this far with any of my 1911 .45s. A 230gr drops 2.5" at 50 yards, give or take. Not my choice at this distance with a .45 The price difference between a SG and other non-SG models is based on the the extra 10 hours or so the SG smith puts into the gun for the reasons you stated above. You have to be pretty experienced with a 1911 to tell the difference of the internals. Externally, identical in my experience. Maybe I have been fortunate to own one of the best CQBs made, lol, I doubt it. I had just heard a rumor that WC will not produce a TESG because the TE has the same amount of extra smith time that a SG has (Not cost effective for the consumer). So looks like the answer to my question is... WC will only put the Supergrade name on a 1911 that is built by a SG smith only. The TE is not built by a SG smith, hence there will be no TESG. Even though the extra amount of smith time put into a SG and a TE for extra "whatever" and fitting, the 2 pistols are much alike, but the TE is still not a SG. But what puzzles me is: There are a couple of TESG's floating out there that were made, but WC will no longer make any because it is not cost effective. If these tactical elites are so magical, and from the owners that I have talked with and read their posts they are, then I want one, but I can not stand the looks of the barrel. Any yes, for me, I would only want a supergrade for the pride of ownership. .
  15. This has been bothering me for over a year. Wilson Combat(WC) makes a Supergrade (SG), CQB, Tactical Elite (TE), and a bunch of other models. The Supergrade is their flagship 1911. The definition of a Supergrade is "a Wilson 1911 with higher quality requirements built by a Supergrade gunsmith with no definite time slot". From what i have been reading, there is an accuracy difference over 25 yards at 1" between a SG and other models at bench rest.. . I forget what the yardage is between the SG and say CQB model but there is a difference in accuracy per WC. Guys like me believe that a WC SG is a custom 1911, not semi production. Which I am more than happy to hear and pay for. But: Since the higher quality requirements can only be fulfilled by a SG gunsmith, there can be no other WC 1911 with higher quality requirements, right? On the WC website, there is no tactical elite (TE) SG. But I have seen at least 3 in the past 2 years that have been produced. Rumors are that the TE is not offered as a SG due to the fact that the tolerances and fitting is just about the same as a SG. So WC does not offer this model. Then, a 1911 not built by a SG gunsmith is not a SG. So if people start to argue that there is no difference between a TE and SG, the entire SG being the best of the best would completely collapse, right? Just seeing what you WC fans think. Please no EB is better than WC, or I would never spend $3-6K on a 1911. There is a difference, period
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