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  1. Welcome Felicia, women with guns are always more than welcome.
  2. 3/4 plywood with T&G edges will prevent sagging between joists and also add structural capacity, especially if you add construction adhesive on top of the joists, then screw it down. If you can't use T&G there, the 3/4 is stronger anyway, and will be better in the long run. The other issue is that 2x6 at 16" o.c. is not all that great, so do not overload the attic. Place heavier stuff near support walls, etc.
  3. I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but for your ORI number, go look here: https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/omb/forms/pdf/municodes.pdf
  4. The 686 is a really nice revolver. If you are not a snob and want to save money, I just happened to handle an EAA Windicator last night in .357. It was heavy and seemed well made. The guy who had it said he picked it up for under $200. He was shooting .357 out of it and didn't seem to get hurt.
  5. I agree with this. Van Drew had cover and was pro 2A in his voting, but he could get away with it because the D's dominate NJ so heavily that his little vote never mattered. When he moves off to DC, they'll ride him like a rented mule and he'll either cave in or be a one term Congressman. I have known him slightly since before politics and he means well. He did a lot for the folks in his district, but he's moving on to a different theater of operations. I'm going to send a Republican to DC.
  6. I have been very disappointed in our inability to make any progress on the political end of things. The only recourse seems to be to go to the courts, try to power through and ride the small wave of positive gun rights rulings in the courts. I dropped $10 for me and $10 for the mizzez...for the cost of a couple of martinis I might get some of my rights back some day.
  7. Not right on the beach but a few blocks from Del Bay you can get small houses in Villas, NJ for 100-150K. Just have to watch which block you buy in. Plus, then you're right down there a few miles from Cape May.
  8. I've got one that's about 12 years old with about 9K rounds through it. Other guns may be prettier or a little more wieldy, but the thing shoots straight and shoots every time. It's one of the best buys out there, especially considering the price of other Sigs.
  9. You might want to look at the new Rugers. They're making SP101 and Redhawks in 6, 7, and even 8 round configurations.
  10. I took it out and put 30 rounds through it yesterday with no hiccups and some nice groups. It shoots well and is a lot of fun too. As far as the stock goes...I subscribe to the same philosophy as tony357. I didn't want a show piece, I'm after a story...the stock has history all over it, and that's fine by me. The fact that it's a good shooter is a bonus I think.
  11. So, I had a Service Grade M1 on order and they called me and said the service grade would be back ordered for 6 months. I thought about it and accepted a Field Grade piece. What I got was a mostly Springfield 1943, 44 barrel and ops rod, with an H&R trigger housing from the 50's. The stock is beat up but intact, and the innards are in great shape. Barrel is 3 and 3...not sure about exactly what the measurements indicate. But all in all I'm happy with it. I broke it all down and inspected the parts, measured some things, and was happy to see it was clean and greased. I'm going to try a few shots today.
  12. I'm so fortunate to get serious responses from such an august group, I trust all of your opinions.The line of thinking that.308 is plentiful, cheaper, and a newer gun will last longer is what has caused me to puzzle over this so hard. I was thinking that way all along and also had been thinking of picking something else up in .308. But...I think what has emerged in my little mind is that my interest is not so much in the platform as the Garand itself. A friend has a Socom in .308, it's very shootable and it's cool, but it's not a Garand. So it looks like history is more important to me. I'm also not looking to win competitions with it necessarily. I enjoy reloading, and I enjoy gun projects almost as much as shooting, so the more mature, service grade rifle in 30.06 will give me more to tinker with I think. I'm leaning that way.Thank you all for your sage and hopefully not so sober advice.
  13. I'm thinking about ordering a Garand from CMP. I have slowed down buying stuff but I've always wanted one so I'm thinking of doing it. I would probably just take it out and shoot a few-to-several times a year, show it to family and friends, maybe do a couple of casual competitions at my range...nothing too ambitious. I just love the platform though, and I want one.Having said that I'm confused about whether to get a service grade in 30.06 or a rebuilt in .308. As they are described, the service grade is 30.06 and wears all GI parts but maybe (probably) not original. Also they don't do well with today's 30.06 and need lighter rounds or a gas block mod. 30.06 is basically a buck a shot.(If I read it right) The .308 has an original receiver but is re-barreled, new stocks, etc. They say it is basically a new gun. The .308 is much more plentiful and cheaper, and from what I've read so far people who have both variations say they are more accurate with the .308.So I can't decide whether I want the cheaper-to-shoot newer gun or the more historic, duty worn piece that costs more to shoot. I just can't come up with which way to go on that. I'll probably start loading the caliber I get so that's not a huge issue. Also at CMP website pricing, the .308 is about $300 more at $1030 than the service grade 30.06.Any philosophical opinions?
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