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  1. I own over an acre of land in the Glenwood section of Vernon N.J. Sussex Cty. I was wondering if I could do some soda can plinking on my property? Thank you in advance. gh
  2. congrats on your first. Hopefully you and your dad can get one or two together. That would be special. Best of luck. gh
  3. Funny until one hoof hits you in the face................... gh
  4. Nice Buck Paul........wish I could've been there. gh
  5. Does a Blaze Orange camo jacket count as my 200 sq.inches along with my hat? I'm using my vest to throw over the top of my ground blind. Thanks. gh
  6. To TheWombat......... congrats on your success here and with your FID for both you and your spouse. Enjoy it and enjoy all this great country has to offer. I'll be looking for you at Cherry Ridge in the near future. regards Steve
  7. I'll be out Wed, Thur, and Sat. up in zone 2. Good luck and be safe. gh
  8. I own a handgun bought legally in Florida many years ago. Since then I moved back to N.J. and recently started firing the handgun at my range. What would be the process for getting a conceled carry permit. I already possess a FID card and am a hunter. Thanks in advance. gh
  9. I too live in Vernon but had to wait 2 months for my FID card. Still I felt I was treated fairly and that the process moved along at a reasonable pace. I was happy with the way things worked out. gh
  10. Looking to get a scope for my Mossberg (which I just purchased) rifled barrel and would like some input into your favorites and one that isn't too pricey. Thanks in advance. gh
  11. Wow, Glen, nice write up. I'm fairly new to shotgunning and hunting and this information will be invaluable to myself. Thank you so much for making it an easy read and soemthing everyone can and should do. Kudos. gh
  12. Thanks and I just bought the Mossberg 535 combo pump 12 ga. camo. Just switched barrels to the rifled one for my deer hunting season soon to be here. Thanks to all who answered here. Much appreciated gh
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