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  1. The base was doing there own control burn , the state has to stop burning by april 1st the control burn got away from the guys on the base and the state was not notified until it got about 500 acres on state propertity, 4 of my coworkers are firefighter and was the all last night , as of now there saying only 10% is contained,
  2. Displaced Texan there is a group called THE SUB COMMITTEE everything rc subs
  3. Yes way bigger then the little Aerotech i used LOL those guys are on a whole nuther leval
  4. Have been out of the hobby for a while , hopefully be back into it next year but heres a video of what goes on ships with co2 bb cannons. at 0:50 you can see a foward dual mount shot in the water.
  5. I've been to it several times and never seen anyone checking or asking, i don't recall metal detectors either, plus i aways have a pocketknife on me and never an issue, with that being said if you never been youll enjoy it , you can grasp the size of the ship and rifles from pics or tv, the turrets are as big as my house and this is 1940's technology enjoy your trip,
  6. Thats because there's no money to be made on an honest citizen.
  7. This morning i was checking prices just went to go order a few things and offline right now , time to jack up the prices
  8. 15636215 Would that be linseed oil and what does it do for the stock ?
  9. What is the way to determine the year of mine Garand.
  10. When i went to tanners to get a standard M1A they only had a national match with a Garand next to it, I was happy the credit card no so much LOL
  11. Finally got mine mailed out last week check hasn't been cashed yet.
  12. Anyone else not receive their invoices yet , if I don't get mine this week anyone know who the contact is to find out,
  13. Heard on another forum that shooters in egg harbor is or was being sold, also heard possible closing anyone else hear of this.
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