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  1. Thanks guys for the info , time to order some,
  2. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone uses those rifle rods in there safe and if so how did they work out for you , Thanks John
  3. Just walked in from getting paper work for some pistol permits and was telling them about what might be coming the 3 cops I was talikn to didn't know about it either . They said don't care what you have its all BS . nice to know they get it.
  4. Picked up my tikka tonight , Such a great guy to do business with . Thanks again Jack.
  5. I just had that problem last week . the valve in the bowl was clogged with build up as zeke said if you got water coming out the wall valve then change out the bowl assembly .
  6. Its funny how at one time you can pick up the auto shopper and find chevelles ,Camaros, box novas for sale for like 5g hell if I had 3 of the cars I owned when I was 17 id be doin alright LOL
  7. Ray Ray yes that's the one I got for $130 from depot and its electric.
  8. I got mine for I think $130 at depot I went with the cheaper one to learn on and if I'm any good at it for what ill use it for its does the job ,
  9. Also check out LEM products for everything from making jerky to sausage
  10. Ray Ray I have the master built sportsman elite . Its electric and does and great job ive only used it for venison snack sticks and jerky so far one thing I did find out is carful on how much wood chips you put in a hand full is good 3 um not the best idea LOL I was tossed between the propane and electric and decided on electric since I don't have to worry if the tank will run out.
  11. Thanks all, looks like ill be switching for the hell of it I did a speed test early this morning just to see what I was actually getting and the download speed was 1.17 mbps and upload was 0.36 , I think I heard the website laugh at me LOL .
  12. Right now I only have tv tru Comcast , not sure how that would work buying my own modem and signing up for internet.
  13. Krdshrk I didn't know you can buy your own I thought you had to lease it from Comcast.