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  1. I get a box of 12 surefires off ebay
  2. Hey capt14k , if you wouldn't mined sending pics that would be great , would you know what the diff would be on forced matched . thanks
  3. Yea that's what's the problem with not being able to tell a real from fake there's a few on Gun broker hate to be paying good money for a fake.
  4. I know most folks are holding on to what they have but id figure no harm in asking if anyone is looking to sell or know of anyone . GB has some listed but I'm not keen on what's a real one or fake . plus looks like there getting some big bucks now.
  5. And this is why I would not make a good cop because I would have slammed the bitches face against the hood of the police car the she would have slipped and smashed her face against the pavement .
  6. Thank you guys appreciate the help. John
  7. Mine will be strictly for paper and steel ,
  8. I would like to start reloading for my 308 rifle have plenty of brass, primers and assort. powders . So with all the choices of bullets to choose from does one just pick style and weight they like and start from there .
  9. Thank god cuz that M1 was awfully tempting .
  10. The stock feels very comfortable , I like how the grip is slightly canted and places your finger right on the trigger
  11. Went ahead and ordered a GRS stock for my Tikka t3.
  12. Buy something walk out . walk back in return it get money back you've been cleansed LOL LOL
  13. I use to go there for fishing stuff all the time . now I got down to tackle direct yes its a bit of a drive and a little pricey but I feel better about it .
  14. Ill take it and relieve you of this god forsaken Burdon. LOL LOL