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  1. better than a car load of innocent kids getting hit by them ,
  2. Trying out the tactacam you can see him drop in the upper part of video dam safety on the xbow is loud as hell as you'll here .Excuse the heavy breathing LOL
  4. Chris you plan on bow hunting or shotgun or both
  5. Were I hunt on the pine barrens deer live in the swamp or the retirement villages if you find thick swamps look for heavily used trails coming out , get a cheap trail cam and set it up to see if deer are using that trail at night or during shooting light . If you plan on baiting don't sit over your bait sit on trails about 80yrds leading to your bait most times deer will lurk a ways off your bait and circle to catch any scent if your there ,
  6. NJ woodsandwater forum has guys that get together
  7. always bring a compass to know which way the wind needs to be , sample if you hunt the edge of a swamp and trails coming out see which way the wind will blow from the swamp out not in and ONLY HUNT THAT WIND if not all you will do is educate the deer that your there.
  8. Most important thing is learn to put the wind in your advantage deer will smell you long before you ever see him ,
  9. What they need is to have a person like Colion Noir there so when asshats like him who don't know shit open his mouth about guns laws put them in there place.
  10. Sweet hot brass for those on either side of you at the range .
  11. Sooooooo you want to jump on the liberal yuppy we hate black guns wagon then they thank you for doin it but NOWWWW they don't shop there well guess what there DICKS
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