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  1. Looks like the unemployment is running on the same system as these do....
  2. So I thinking of adding another hobby to the to many I have already , looking at casting my own 9mm 45 and 357 bullets, for those of you who also do , do you buy your lead or do you try to get it from tire places I see some people sift the back stops at there local ranges and reclaim the lead anyone do any of these. John
  3. Heavyopp no I have not tried that process
  4. So would you guys suggest buying like a 100rds of each dia and see what shoots best?
  5. Hey all, hope everyone's doin well... I was looking at the poly coated bullets for 9mm and was wondering if anyone uses them and was wondering how they are for just general practice shooting . Thanks John
  6. probably the best show to go , good size lots to see , there are deals to be had just gotta look , any day outta jersey is a good day
  7. better than a car load of innocent kids getting hit by them ,
  8. Trying out the tactacam you can see him drop in the upper part of video dam safety on the xbow is loud as hell as you'll here .Excuse the heavy breathing LOL
  10. Chris you plan on bow hunting or shotgun or both
  11. Were I hunt on the pine barrens deer live in the swamp or the retirement villages if you find thick swamps look for heavily used trails coming out , get a cheap trail cam and set it up to see if deer are using that trail at night or during shooting light . If you plan on baiting don't sit over your bait sit on trails about 80yrds leading to your bait most times deer will lurk a ways off your bait and circle to catch any scent if your there ,
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