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  2. With 100 of us hanging out on the main road waiting to the 10 guys to get done LOL
  3. most common are 115 and 124 grain 115 is just a little bullet then the 124.
  4. I belong to CJRPC even on nice days there not a lot of people there , was at shoprite today and a sign on the door we are limiting capacity to 1179 people WHATTTT but I can shoot outside were the next guy in the pits are like 15ft away .
  5. ok range day at the pits whos got pits by them LOL
  6. No because he likes playing golf
  7. Adding to the fact there are how many new gun owners with what's going on so I wonder how much that's biting into the available supply
  8. Thank you Pizza Bob , I was getting a bit confused if I fill those forms out then bring them to the PD or do everything online .
  9. So I want to get 2 more pistol permits and called my PD and said I can do it online so I went to https://www.strpd.us/firearms/ and scrolled down to handgun permits , I have not done this process before always picked up and dropped of forms before , have any of you done the online permit thing and if so can you give an idea of what all I need to do Thanks John
  10. I hired some professional help to teach me how to clean my pistols the right way. https://www.facebook.com/RickFerranTheTank/videos/194179018444226/UzpfSTEwMDU0ODQzNjE6MTAzNjgwODU1MzM4NDA2OQ/
  11. In my personal opinion Census don't mean shit , they already know who there going to a large portion on monies to . Plus if the Census is to help schools why do my taxes go up every year and when I call the township to see what was the increase its always the same answer schools .
  12. Maybe if he wasn't so bust sucking Murphy's left nut he can get a bunch processed , Looks like a little weasel bitch , probably be the first to run and hide if the bullets start flying.
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