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  1. Thanks for the help Zeke.
  2. Mounting a vortex scope on my ba stealth , do you guys use any blue Loctite or do you just torque it , John
  3. I agree with ZEKE rescue if you can all of mine were rescues as well , my wife joined the rescue as a foster and we pretty much adopted all that we fostered LOL ,
  4. My Condolences as well, its never easy losing a pet, been thru it 11 times already , But don't let your sorrow keep you from giving another pet a loving home.John
  5. My best friend is a cop in Dallas TX and the story's he tells me sometimes I'm thinking no way, I went out there to visit and did a ride along, Let me tell you no frigin way can I be a cop , I give them a lot of credit, I work construction and dealing with home owners can be a pain in the ass, dealing with the general public and listening to the BS , ALOT OF RESTANT THESE OFFICRES HAVE. Because if the was me id give a whole new meaning of police brutality .
  6. Herb I havnt heard anything yet on blowfish here , could be that everyone is focused on the fluke, if the weather is good this weekend I may head out over by oyster creek and see if any are around yet. Will report if I do .
  7. The wife and I headed over to sedge island for a little bit of clamming ,
  8. Barnegat Bay gave up the bounty today 80 on the nose , only getting better now.
  9. Electrician.
  10. ">http://
  11. At this time of year when there aint much to do its a day outa jersey,
  12. would be more interesting if it took a 50 bmg round
  13. I agree, when I use to play paintball there was a company that tried to come out with an RPG and a mini gun they looked cool but didn't work for crap, for $4500 it better make one hell of an explosion every time LOL
  14. Was lookin around on GB and came across this video with the auction if you just happen to have an xtra $4500 just layin around LOL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8APVl__pYnc
  15. I have the national match in stainless, best gun I own , I myself prefer the longer barrel over the shorter one but that's just my preference, you wont be disappointed in any of them and there accurate as hell ,