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  1. This morning i was checking prices just went to go order a few things and offline right now , time to jack up the prices
  2. 15636215 Would that be linseed oil and what does it do for the stock ?
  3. What is the way to determine the year of mine Garand.
  4. When i went to tanners to get a standard M1A they only had a national match with a Garand next to it, I was happy the credit card no so much LOL
  5. Finally got mine mailed out last week check hasn't been cashed yet.
  6. Anyone else not receive their invoices yet , if I don't get mine this week anyone know who the contact is to find out,
  7. Heard on another forum that shooters in egg harbor is or was being sold, also heard possible closing anyone else hear of this.
  8. I'm mostly looking at used since new is just out of my price range, looking to spend around 15-20 grand only needs are has to have a/c seat 4 people and pull the boat loaded with fuel and gear around 3500-4000lbs ,
  9. 1973 K10 $35,500 God I'm screwed with trying to find a good used truck LOL LOL
  10. Gleninhersey ,Yea I'm kind of leaning more and more towards an older truck , such as a K5 , or an 86-87 k20 love the old square body designs , even a 2003 Silverado would be good since it doesn't have all the ridiculous amount of emission crap and its something i can work on ,.
  11. I had to repair my 97 Tacoma frame my 98 Tacoma it completely snaped in half my 98 4runner the perch that secures the link bar to the rear rusted off had that rewelded , i thought the newer Tacoma's had that issue solved a friend who has a 2013 Tacoma on the drivers side forward of the mid frame you can almost put your fist in 2 spots hes still waiting to here back from the dealer if there going to replace the frame or what there going to do if anything , On the Toyota forums there's guys who have issues with the 2016 frames so not sure who there using for there frames but there seems to still be an issue. Hell ill even take an 86 K5 blazer
  12. sgammo has a bunch of 7.62x39 in stock, before the craziness i got 3 crates of 5.45x39 paid $369 for 2160 rds per crate on GB its goin for $1000 per crate , i should have bought 50 crates LOL
  13. Someone told me to stay clear of the dodge rams as to rear main seal leaks anyone else here of that, also I use to see ALOT of ram 1500 for sale on used car lots more than any other trucks, , i
  14. I was looking at this , Its a 2011 with 125k miles there asking 29k
  15. So i bought myself a 20ft boat and my 4 runner frame is rotted and am looking to buy a used truck , I know all brands have there issues but trying to what has the least , I'm looking towards either a silverado 1500 , nissan titan or a dodge ram just wondering if anyone have one of the three and what do you like or dislike about your truck . Thanks John
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