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  1. Just a heads up for some who may have forgot and or don't know about it eagle arms is having a 650 table show this fri. sat. and Sunday in Morgantown pa . if your having trouble finding ammo and or reloading supplies this may be a good time to take a trip . I'm sure prices will be a bit high but if they have it buy it.
  2. DIY Case Annealer - Bing video DIY Brass Case Annealer - Bing video
  3. Guilty or not of what his intentions where for them , if it wasn't modified yet to make it a suppressor then its not one period. I have chuncks of aluminum for machining doesn't make it an 80% lower either . should have never been arrested.
  4. Tex. My heart goes out to you and the family , losing a furry member of the family is never an easy thing to go thru . I've done it many times as you can see all have crossed the bridge , but remember a short time of sorrow will never over shadow many years of love . and in time consider giving another dog a forever happy home. John
  5. USRifle30cal, How do you like the Hornady press i was thinking of getting one of those.
  6. There's the Oaks gun show the last weekend of this month you should find ammo there but I'm sure at a premium price , I would say at around $250 a case i would if i were you buy a lb of powder box of primers and cheap press even if its a single stage just to start with brass is still cheap and there's bayou bullets to get coated bullets and start learning reloading.
  8. With 100 of us hanging out on the main road waiting to the 10 guys to get done LOL
  9. most common are 115 and 124 grain 115 is just a little bullet then the 124.
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