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  1. FishNHard

    Clausing Mill

  2. FishNHard

    Clausing Mill

    Shane45 where you located at?
  3. The season in some zones last until February we have large bag limits in most zones , The problem lies in some towns have a no discharge so even bows hunting is not aloud , Princeton is big and no hunting , Toms river just as big no hunting and so on so with nothing to keep the population in check heard get huge more car accidents Look what king murphy did put a cobosh on the bear hunting on state own property , But towns like Princeton bitch that the deer eat there 50k manicured yards then I hear a few years ago they hired that great white hunter guy to hunt deer at night with a silenced rife for $1000 per deer
  4. FishNHard

    Where do you buy your cr123's

    I get a box of 12 surefires off ebay
  5. FishNHard

    lookin for a mosin PU .

    Hey capt14k , if you wouldn't mined sending pics that would be great , would you know what the diff would be on forced matched . thanks
  6. FishNHard

    lookin for a mosin PU .

    Yea that's what's the problem with not being able to tell a real from fake there's a few on Gun broker hate to be paying good money for a fake.
  7. FishNHard

    lookin for a mosin PU .

    I know most folks are holding on to what they have but id figure no harm in asking if anyone is looking to sell or know of anyone . GB has some listed but I'm not keen on what's a real one or fake . plus looks like there getting some big bucks now.
  8. FishNHard

    Port Authority Commissioner vs Tenafly PD

    And this is why I would not make a good cop because I would have slammed the bitches face against the hood of the police car the she would have slipped and smashed her face against the pavement .
  9. FishNHard

    Picking a bullet for reloading with ????

    Thank you guys appreciate the help. John
  10. FishNHard

    Picking a bullet for reloading with ????

    Mine will be strictly for paper and steel ,
  11. I would like to start reloading for my 308 rifle have plenty of brass, primers and assort. powders . So with all the choices of bullets to choose from does one just pick style and weight they like and start from there .
  12. FishNHard

    Wts Jericho 941

    My town took 2months last time but if I get out of work early tomorrow ill run down and fill out for some guess it never hurts to have some on hand

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