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  1. Ray Ray yes that's the one I got for $130 from depot and its electric.
  2. I got mine for I think $130 at depot I went with the cheaper one to learn on and if I'm any good at it for what ill use it for its does the job ,
  3. Also check out LEM products for everything from making jerky to sausage
  4. Ray Ray I have the master built sportsman elite . Its electric and does and great job ive only used it for venison snack sticks and jerky so far one thing I did find out is carful on how much wood chips you put in a hand full is good 3 um not the best idea LOL I was tossed between the propane and electric and decided on electric since I don't have to worry if the tank will run out.
  5. Thanks all, looks like ill be switching for the hell of it I did a speed test early this morning just to see what I was actually getting and the download speed was 1.17 mbps and upload was 0.36 , I think I heard the website laugh at me LOL .
  6. Right now I only have tv tru Comcast , not sure how that would work buying my own modem and signing up for internet.
  7. Krdshrk I didn't know you can buy your own I thought you had to lease it from Comcast.
  8. my Comcast is $120 a month and Verizon phone and internet is $103 so the bundle makes more sense , I know its a 2 yr contract and just wanted to make sure I'm not signing up for even worse internet .
  9. Thanks for the reply's . Ive had 5 techs out here this year and everyone one of them said old lines , heavy rain or wind and internet is useless, constant having to reboot modem and constant drop outs It is really getting old.
  10. Honestly they all suck to deal with , every time I call I get someone I cannot understand , for what I pay Verizon for phone and internet and Comcast for my tv it would be cheaper to get the Comcast bundle , I just wanted to see how others like it since you have to sign a 2yr agreement.
  11. Hey all , I have Verizon DSL and its slow and drops out alllllll the time fios is not available were I live and was wondering who has cable internet and how's the speed and reliability Thanks John.
  12. I just got home from CJRPC turned out to be a nice day for the range after all , got to do a little pistol shooting in the morning and some rifle time later on.
  13. Just picked one of these up they seem pretty cool hope to be able to video some deer hunting this year. tried it with the gopro and it didn't work out that well.
  14. Thanks for the help Zeke.