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  1. Try hyve technologies.com they may have something that will work for you they carry diff types of mag base plates
  3. I stopped by there the other week to see if they were open there was a guy waiting also neighbor told him gene was in hospice , dont know what happen, haven't heard anything since.
  4. That's just plan nuts , but yet there's always a fool somewhere willing to pay it .
  5. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/898777698
  6. looking for large rifle and small pistol
  7. No access to a computer at work , i may see if i can out the discord on my phone and try that
  8. JohnnyB, yes i keep an eye on it ive only seen primers that someone posted once and was mid day while i was at work.by time i get home they been long gone
  9. i know if you can get lucky large rifle primers are about $47/1000 ang i dont mind paying up a little given the current times were dealing with but $250/1000 on GB is nuts that why i was wondering if the shows were that bad to , if not i was going to make a trip to the next one to pick up some .
  10. Well trying to catch primers in stock from midway or Natchez has not been successful at all , I was wondering has anyone been to any of the eagle arms gun shows lately and see what there getting for primers, just curious if there as bad as GB prices .
  11. I took a ride out to Salomon's in hopes they have open back up to maybe score some primers and or powder there was one guy already waiting there said he had a shotgun shipped there and someone signed for it but he told me that the neighbor came over to let him know that gene is in Hospice care.
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