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  1. Hmm...Calling one's Congress elected person is a way to have NCIC accessed for stolen firearms ... Thanks Griz for the lead to read up aboit NCIC
  2. Tis is a close fact ... 22LR - 0.09 - 0.11 per round 9mm - 0.111 per round But I had to buy a 9mm handgun - Dillon 550B dies and in my example ... 1000 9mm cases, free from a friend! But ... I reload black powder 22LR for 0.064 a round that are accurate out to 100yds
  3. What would be a conclusive method to have the serial number of a longarm traced to insure it is not stolen ? A person wants to sell a "family owned" longarm, it is a nice modern rifle and he doesn't have a FID Thanks for looking
  4. Someone better inform this legislator that gun locks or lockable are "supposed" to provided with the purchase of ever handgun in New Jersey! It is a Federal & State LAW! http://smartgunlaws.org/safe-storage-gun-locks-policy-summary/ https://njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/web0/legis/c233.pdf
  5. http://www.possibleshop.com/s-s-nipples.html
  6. Marmora Family Dentist, Marmora ... Dr Harris
  7. Interesting words, "the military'. With no details, a veteran could provide a copy of his/her DD Form 214 that idenfies all firearms badges that they possess for training on different firearms when in the military service
  8. This is how they check your firearms at Manchester Airport in Great Britian
  9. Not a chance for repeal until Loretta Weinberg is voted out of office - retires or "otherwise" Let's count the dollars for NJ Institute of Technology to develop the personalized handgun: Original appropriation = $500,000, next Lautenberg kicked in an additional $1,500,000 and Weinberg's Office will not disclose the total funding to date - I've inquired several times. And you'd have to pry my mouth open with a crow bar, but S&W had a after market add-on to their revolvers that made it 'personalized' in about the late '80's. My buddy has it on his revolver now and it is not intrusive or was not hard to install ... new grips were needed though
  10. Bob, you make a point ... Though when I moved and the FID required a change of address - 9 months turnaround. It took my neighbor 11 months for his FID Change of Address. Then with a reminder that 'within 30 days', the next handgun permit turn around went to 5 days for both me and my neighbor. If it can be done in 5 days, that was my benchmark. And agree with you, 12 days, including a 2 day holiday at Trenton, is reasonable and would have had the handgun in the safe now ... if the dispatcher had put the notification & my paperwork in the correct file. So ... from now on, face to face and fingers to fingers to preclude the next possible screwup by a dispatcher
  11. Here's the comparison: In August using the 212A, the total time from the electronic transmission to the time I was called to pick up my permit was 5 days! Trenton approval > municipal PD > they preparing the permit > to telephone call that was ready ... and it was delivered to my house by the officer that does the permits! And to boot, my neighbor also had his August permit turn around in 5 days too OK, I'll concede 2 holiday days at Trenton, Election Day & Veterans Day for Investigations to be off from work. So down to 12 days which is double the previous time period. But with the 212A approved on November 24th, I'm still waiting for this permit because the dispatcher put my paperwork in the wrong filing cabinet including my paperwork! Was called tonight and the permit will be on the Chief's desk in the morning. Next application will be face to face with the paperwork transfered from hand to hand to the Officer that is responsible for the FID & firearm requests!
  12. Yep ... 212A ... This form must be accompanied by a check or money order for $18.00 made payable to "Division of State Police - SBI." Never did a manual 212A!
  13. Anyone else finding that the State Police Investigations Unit is dragging their feet? * NJ212A electronic Criminal History Record Information Form received by Investigation Unit on November 10,2014 * Approval from State Police Investigation Unit received by Municipal Police Department on November 24, 2014 14 days turn around for an electronic 212A and 20 bucks! If this trend continues - I'll do the Criminal History Record request ... manually and save $20.00!
  14. The NJ Waterfowlers Association Clay Bird Shoot is Sunday, November 23rd, 9:00AM at Redwings Sporting Clays $50, 100 Birds, Prizes, Lunch 317 Sooys Landing Rd Port Republic, New Jersey 8241 609-748-1948 Directions ... http://www.freeguninfo.com/38L1CVN3F-38L1CVN3J.htm
  15. In August, 2014 - I paid $20.00 and completed the on-line, the Criminal History Record Information Request that was electronically sent to the NJSP and my Municipal Police Department - for 2 PP Permits I now found a nice 9mm Luger that I want to purchase ... Do I have to complete the Form212A again or could I just mail the August Form 212A confirmation to the NJSP and also give a copy to my local Police Department ?
  16. Downtown ... believe you posted a link to the wrong Shooters ... http://www.shootersonline.com/directions-hours.html Here's Tom Gormley's Shooters ... http://www.shootersnj.com/about/our-history-pg207.htm And here's the Safety Form one must sign ... http://www.shootersnj.com/merchant/2274/files/RangeSafetyForm-FillableVersion.pdf
  17. 10X - I have a 26" SKB 800 Trap O/U if you might have an interest in this 1965 near new vintage gun for $1000.00 With case, $1150. Legal transfer FTF central Jersey Trigger pulls are 3# 1oz and 3# 7oz PM me if interested
  18. Go to the garden center at Lowes or Home Depot. Ask the sales folks for a Shepard's Hook http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=garden+shepherd+hook&tag=mh0b-20&index=aps&hvadid=3527197260&ref=pd_sl_4248ldm5v6_e
  19. What's your concern? At their price, I'd buy a 1000 rnds if I didn't reload! My cost to reload ... Cost / 50 = $8.16
  20. For the rust, use a 50:50 mix of ATF & Acetone. Soak the bore - let it work for about 15 - 20 minutes - brush it with a spiral stainless brush - repeat ... Good Good that there are no pits
  21. Put a spent brass case on both ends the dowel
  22. http://www.gunsinternational.com/SKB-Model-500-12-GA.cfm?gun_id=100464416&CFID=576121&CFTOKEN=2de066adcc47804c-2537BE36-90B1-1C33-461390D23781F9D4 Put chokes in if you want to My go to 20ga for skeet - like pointing my finger. Have the Model 800 Trap also plus Win 101's & 1100's for all 3 sports
  23. Lavallette Boro, 1,878 population has finally turned the corner. A P2P was issued to me in 5 days. And was told by the firearms officer, he has issued 60 handgun permits in the last 6 months - average age of residents is 61 years old
  24. Interesting - no pawnbrokers dealing in firearms and didn't know there were any ammunition manufacturers in NJ
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