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  1. ... Pine Land Gun Shop, 1 mile from Central Jersey R&P. Cyrus Servell, the owner now has one black matte and is always ordering more. He sells many to law enforcement for back ups so he keeps the nickel & blued ones in inventory. Bought the Thunder 380 Plus satin nickel yesterday from Cyrus ... $375 cash. Kept seeing the 15 rd magazine ones for $300+ online but by the time one has to wait for it to be shipped - pay $35 shipping + FFL Transfer - NICS and NJ Sales Tax, your way over $400. Total cost with NICS and NJ Tax at Pine Land was $417 ... and I walked out the door with it 15 minutes later. Next stop was CJ indoor range and rapid fired 50 Speer rounds. Not one chambering - extraction issues or hiccups ... I'm pleased with the features, comfortable feel in the hand, double action, PPK style, the POA accuracy, it's single stage set trigger and the 4# 7oz trigger pull Then on the way home, stopped in at Guns & Roses on Rte 37 in Toms River. Joe Hawk, the owner found me three 380 MTM 50rd Flip Top ammo boxes from David the gunsmith in Lakehurst. He sold them to me for his cost at 2 bucks each and plans to stock ammo boxes for various calibers after convincing him that Midway's cost plus shipping plus the wait is getting to be a PIA Needless to say, it was a good day & I came home a Happy Camper So being new to 380's - 300 once fired - Lee Dies - Dillon shell plate & powder funnel and an Accurate mold for the clone of the obsolete 100gr Lyman 356632 TC bullet have been ordered too!
  2. Though I use ceramic media instead of pins: * Burnishing solution - Strat-O-Sheen concentrated powder, mixed 3oz to 1 gallon water http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Strat-O-Sheen-Powder-Burnishing-Compound-5-lbs/3390175 * Squirt of Dawn Ultra dish washing liquid Black powder cases are usually in the rotary to be cleaned for 1-2 hours only. Smokeless cases only usually for an hour. Then rinse in hot water Then I dry the brand new looking brass in under 2 minutes: http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/index.php?topic=7653.msg56565 (see picture of cleaned brass in the post)
  3. Lavallette PD: NJ151500 ... created online Form 212A on August, 4, 2014 (9:00PM) and submitted required forms for one P2P that same evening. Was called today, August 9th (4:30PM) to come and pick up my P2P approved permit ... 5 days turn around But I had to speak to our Public Safety Council Liaison who spoke directly to the PD Chief. Told Council person I was not going to wait 9 months as I did in 2012 for FID address change & 2 P2P's So don't let the Muni PD BS you - it can be done in under 30 days
  4. Bob ... Thanks Kindly for the reply! I would have never guessed it's one's FPID
  5. ORI 7 digit numbers in NJCJD ... https://www.njportal.com/njsp/criminalrecords/ for online Form 212A preparation of Request for a Criminal History Record Information for a Noncriminal Justice Purposes are incorrect. The Criminal History Record Information database ... https://www.njportal.com/njsp/criminalrecords/ wants a 9 chararacter code NJCID ... http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/icpsrweb/NACJD/ORIs/NJoris.html Example: data base of NJ ORI's lists NJ01510 for Lavallette but when one keys this ORI into the online Form 212A, box it wants this code ... NJ0151000 NOTE: Many municipal police departments are currently not accepting online requests when you key in their ORI. Example: One may want to contact your PD if they are not accepting online requests should you want to expedite the Criminal History look up process SBI Question: What Is the correct NJ State Police SBI code? Because
  6. The post was a test balloon to other gun owners to determine the pros & cons. What really brought it to my mind was all the firearms I collected over the years before I moved to NJ that have no paperwork because non was required. As a teenager in NY, I bought project guns. Numrich was my source for parts. Those that I didn't sell, I still have, pre and post 1898. Of course the pre 1898 require no paperwork Then when my father died in PA, as the sole survivor of his estate, I inherited all of his firearms including handguns. This got me thinking - would there be less hassle with source paperwork if I was ever stopped during transport with any of these handguns
  7. http://www.njsp.org/info/pdf/firearms/sp-650.pdf Part 1 Question Has anyone voluntarily registered firearms acquired through a will? And the receiver of the firearms meets the requirements of N.J.A.C. 13:54-1.5 and 1.6. http://www.nj.gov/njsp/info/pdf/firearms/njac-title13-ch54.pdf I so, was there any issues from the State Police and/or Municipal Chief of Police? Part 2 Question Is it required or prudent to voluntarily register firearms under these examples: Not a resident of NJ when you acquired this firearm? Was the firearm acquired in N.J. and not in New Jersey? Example, I started collecting non antique long arms as a kid going back to the late 1950's when I lived in New York. Plus I purchased a revolver in 1962 from a retail dealer in Toms River, NJ when I moved from NY to NJ
  8. Is a $18 money order payable to SBI required every time one just applies to purchase additional handguns?
  9. We are having the same long extended delay timetable in Lavallette. So at the next Council Meeting I intend to ask this during the Public Discussion Period: * Councilwoman Fillapone, I am requesting all of your future reports to Council, as Liaison for Public Safety, that part of your report include the following ... ** Number of FID & handgun permit applications received during the month - the number of unapproved permit applications not processed with dates greater than 30 days - the date of the oldest unprocessed initial request(s) - number of permits processed during the month. Also please include the the requests by: new, change of address and lost or duplicate Then I intend to provide her with a copy of ... http://www.njguns.com/permit.htm
  10. With 78% of the poll votes as Yes ... why isn't that 78% of NJ gun owners don't go to the voting poll locations and vote against NJ politicians that are NOT 2nd Amendment friendly ?
  11. http://www.rocktumblers.com/rock-tumblers/rotary-rock-tumblers/lortoneqt66rotaryrocktumbler12lbcapacity.cfm Lortone QT - 66 (two 6 lb drums). Means you can clean 2 different calibers. Thumler's 2 barrel is only 2 three pounders * Strat-O-Sheen Burnishing Concentrate (3 oz to a gallon of water) * 3 mm plastic ceramic media Black powder cases look like this in 1.5 to 2 hours ...
  12. http://www.ridgwayrifleclub.com/photos%20club/Club%20Photos%202008.htm http://www.ridgwayrifleclub.com/ And ... Homer, a 1000yd Buffalo Silhouette!
  13. This is my 1st weekly trip to Ridgway PA R&PC for 2014. The club has 4 ranges that interest me plus Homer, a buffalo at 1000yds * Small bore 22RF silhouette range behind the club house * A 200yd silhouette range * The 200m to 500m silhouette range * And the 700yd to 1000yd silhouette range So I decided to shoot all the ranges this trip plus 1000yds Homer with a '74 Sharps 45-70 black powder reloads The other variety of rifles to be used: * JM Marlin Ballard 22LR with black powder reloads * Henry Yellow Boy 22LR for the black powder & smokeless rounds * Remington 1 1/2 Rolling Block in 32-20 for the 200yd range * Scoped CPA 25-21 for the 200yd range * Scoped CPA 38-72 for the 200m - 500m range * Scoped CPA 40-65 for the 200m-500m range, the 700yd-1000yd range and Homer * Winchester '94 (30-30) using the Ideal 311413 'Squibb' for the 200m to 500m range. Last October I put 5 rounds in a 7" group with this 'Squib' bullet on the 500m swinger * Swiss K31 with the 'Squibb' for the 200m-500m range and 190gr Berger VLD's for the 700-1000yd range Yes, it's going to be a fun week, all for the price of $35 for membership
  14. The forum has been very quite about BPCR's, the calibers and corresponding reloads. Anybody shooting them?
  15. CUMBERLAND RIFLEMEN 2014 BPTR RIFLE MID-RANGE MATCHES (3-Position & Prone) DATES: March 30, May 25, June 28/29 (Eastern Regional & NJ State Championship Match), September 13 & October 26, 2014. ALL matches are ‘registered’ (national records can be set). SPONSORED BY: Cumberland Riflemen, 4030 East Main Street, Millville, New Jersey 08332 COMPETITION: NRA membership is not required to participate. However, NRA membership is required to set national records and ANJRPC membership and state residency is required to be the NJ state champion. ENTRY FEES: $30.00 for 1-day matches and $65 for the 2-day Championship match - Make checks payable to Carl Leisinger or Cumberland Riflemen. ENTRIES: Advance entries are preferred. Entries must be received by 8:30 A.M. the day of the match. Send advance entries to: Glenn Davis, 1035 McGeary Place, Mays Landing, NJ 08330 FIRING STARTS: The first relay (Match #1, 200yd) will commence fire at 9:00 A.M. Squadding tickets will be available at the Range Office (600 yard line) at 8:00 A.M. Competitors must pick up squadding tickets by 8:30 A.M. There is a manditory competitors safety meeting at 8:40 at the 600yd line. Target operation (pit) relays report to the pit at 8:45 A.M. and the firing & scoring relays report to the firing line at 8:50 A.M. All competitors will score and operate targets (unless hiring a paid target puller). Carts are not needed as parking is available directly behind each firing line (200, 300 & 600yd) and adjacent to the pit. TARGET PULLERS: All competitors must pull targets in the pits on one of their off-relays. If possible, we will run three (3), or more, relays to allow scoring on the line. There are a limited number of paid (by the competitor) target pullers available for each match. Any competitor who wishes to hire the services of a paid target puller must contact Glenn Davis a minimum of 10-days prior to the match to make arrangements for same. The competitor is responsible for paying the target puller. If you request a target puller and do not attend the match you are still responsible for paying the target puller if no one else uses that puller at the match. RULES: All competitors must wear eye & ear protection on the firing line when firing or scoring and in the pits. Muzzle loaders are welcome and will be squadded together, if possible. All current NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Rules apply: http://competitions.nra.org/documents/p .... p-book.pdf MATCH SCHEDULE MATCH DISTANCEs – 3-POSITION & PRONE (w/cross-sticks) Match #1 – 200 yards. Standing or Prone (prone w/cross-sticks). Maximum of 4-sighter shots & 10 shots for record on the SR target in 30-minutes. Match #2 – 300 yards. Sitting/Kneeling or Prone (all w/cross-sticks). Maximum of 4-sighter shots & 10 shots for record on the SR-3 target in 30-minutes. Match #3 – 600 yards. Any position (all with cross-sticks). Maximum of 4-sighter shots and 10 shots for record on the MR-1 target in 30 minutes. Match #4 – Aggregate of Matches #1, #2 & #3. The June 28/29 Eastern Regional & NJ State Championship match will have the above course-of-fire each day, plus Match #9, which will be the Aggregate of Match #4 on each of the 2-days. CLASSIFICATION: NRA classifications will be used. If there are five or more unclassified competitors, there will be an Unclassified class. Otherwise, unclassified shooters will compete in the Master class. There will be awards in each class unless there are two or fewer shooters in a class, in which case those competitors will be combined into the next higher class. If only two entries are in the highest class represented, they will be eligible for Open Awards only. AWARDS: Awards will be given for each match winner (Matches #1, #2, #3, & #4) and for first (1st) in each class in which there are two, or more, competitors. No shooter may win more than one award in each match. GENERAL INFO: Non-potable water and lavatory facilities are available at the range. No over-night camping facilities are available at the range. However, there are a number of local camping facilities and state/county parks. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the Cumberland Riflemen club property! DIRECTIONS: Philadelphia area: Take the Walt Whitman Bridge to New Jersey and follow Rt 42 to Rt 55 south. Continue past the Vineland exit to the Rt 49 exit. Make a left (east) at the bottom of the exit ramp and go ~3 miles on Rt 49. Entrance to the range is on the left across from the Atlantic City Electric power plant. From the North: Take Interstate 295 south to Rt 42 then continue the directions above. From the Southeast: Take the Delaware Memorial Bridge take Rt 40 east to Rt 55 then the directions above. Contact Info: Glenn Davis, [email protected] or Carl Leisinger, [email protected] Cumberland Riflemen: http://www.cumberlandriflemen.com/index.php
  16. When I applied for a FID Change of Address - the Lavallette PD never contacted my references!
  17. Shotgun News ... the only change in the past 40+ years are the prices of the firearms & accessories!
  18. Guns & Roses ... Rte 37, Toms River $25 for CJR&P Club members
  19. Lavallette ... June 27,2012 to March 16,2013 for a change of address and 2 handgun permits. Writing - emailing the Chiefs is an exorcize in administrative futility. Go to the dispatchers desk and request a FTF meeting with the Chief. No results? Contact the Council person in charge of Safety (Police Dept) - explain status and find out WHEN? Be sure to explain to the Council person the 30 day statute and ask why their Police Dept doesn't follow State law
  20. Parker, I talked with with a shooter of older guns today. Clyde pointed out my issue quickly ... 'On the right side of the chamber is a slot. Put the front part of the stop in the slot and then the stud in the receiver hole' The shotgun cycles like a Swiss Watch now
  21. Assembling the M12 Take Down, vintage 1919 - * Barrel in or out of action * Bolt in battery The carrier jams up against the side of the cartridge stop and the gun cannot be cycled when re-assembled. Any help would be appreciated from other M12 Take Down owners Reason for disassembly - the insides of the action was heavily coated with decades of dried Cosmoline. Assembly article I followed said ... You can do it with your eyes closed ... Yea!
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  23. Date Start: May 2, 2013 (AM) Thursday Date Finish: May 21, 2013 Tuesday ... 20 days
  24. If you believe that mineral oli is a good cleaner, then just buy a can of it. Because that's the primer compound of Ballistol per their MSDS sheet: pharmaceutical white oil: CAS RN 8042-47-5 Oleic acid: CAS RN 112-80-1 C-5 alcohols: CAS RN 78-83-1; CAS RN 137-32-6; CAS RN 100-51-6 different essential oils to perfume Ballistol If you want an all purpose cleaner, lubricant and rust preventative buy Eezox or Clenzoil (on the market since 1948 and used by the military). Me? I use Eezox. Am on my 4th quart now - my 9 month salt air test proved it is the best rust preventative there is ... http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/index.php?topic=5457 And here's a test of Ballistol as a rust preventative ... http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/index.php?topic=9308 And an other good parts cleaner is straight Mineral Spirits - ACE Hardware has it
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