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  1. May 2nd - May 13 - 11 days, 8 hours ... still waiting. First handgun approved 31 days previously
  2. Since 2010, the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts has been compiling a database of mental health records of individuals who have been involuntarily committed using federal grant money. So far they have inputted more than 350,000 records dating back to 1975 and have transmitted them to the FBI for inclusion in the NICS. In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, Glenn A. Grant, the acting director of the New Jersey court system, stated that more than 85 gun purchases have been denied based on these records. Currently New Jersey voluntarily participates in this program. This bill would codify the state’s participation and expand it to all records of those federally-prohibited from owning a firearm. Read more at http://www.politickernj.com/65511/buono-gill-bill-include-those-prohibited-firearm-ownership-national-database-background-checks#ixzz2TDEBmqnP
  3. Talked with L&H Woods today. Was told that NICS checks are running 18-20 days now. My last month's NICS approval took 13 days. Words now among the NJ Firearms Retailer Association is that the NJ State Police have been told (by whom?) to drag their feet
  4. anactivegrenade's email is very professional. I guess I was more direct in the email I sent to Senator Sweeney: Senator Sweeney: "We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate.” "They [gun owners] want to keep the guns out of the hands of the bad guys, but they don’t have any regulations to do it.” "They don’t care about the bad guys. All they want to do is have their little guns and do whatever they want with them.” "That’s the line they’ve developed.” Senator Loretta Weinberg (D37), Senator Sandra Cunningham (D31), Senator Linda Greenstein (D14), and at least one member of Senate Democratic staff. I demand as a responsible law abiding citizen of the US and NJ that these Senators be immediately censored and removed for any attendance and voting privileges on the NJ Senate floor. In addition, that Senator Weinberg be brought up on charges and dismissed as a NJ Senator being in violation of her Oath of Office regarding the US Consitution, 2nd Amendment, and recent US Supreme Court Ruling respective to the 2nd Admendment. To wit, she have violated her Oath of Office: 41:1-1. Oath of allegiance; form Every person who is or shall be required by law to give assurance of fidelity and attachment to the Government of this State shall take the following oath of allegiance: "I, , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and to the Governments established in the United States and in this State, under the authority of the people So help me God."
  5. John Boy

    NICS checks

    NJGF, you are forgetting one of the requirements for your FID ... if you have a change of address, one must obtain a new FID so the addresses on the FID and your driver's license are the same. With an endorsement on one's driver's license, the addresses would coincide and it would not take in my case, 8 months, for the local police department to issue a replacement FID But the flaw in the endorsement law proposal is followup recourse when a FID or P2P is not issued within the 30 day period required by State Statute. I can't find the case law but supposedly if one filed a suit with their County Superior court for recourse because of the delay, the Court denied the case. So there exists a SHALL Statute for 30 days that has no teeth and is violated by nearly every police department in NJ. Even the State Police violate the issuance time requirement If there was an administrative order from the Governor to the NJ State Police to dissolve their fax NICS processing process and allow FFL's to subscribe to direct dial up - we wouldn't be waiting these inordinate number of days. In my case, 13 days so far and a weekend coming up
  6. John Boy

    NICS checks

    Here is the email link to Senator Stephen Sweeney, PRESIDENT OF THE NJ SENATE. I'll bet a couple hundred emails to him will get some action to move the NJ State Police ladies off their duff. Also send you district Represenatives and Senators plus the NRA the same email http://www.njleg.sta...s/SelectRep.asp I already sent an email to Sweeney and my other District Represenatives supporting the endorsement of adding ones's FID number as an endorsement on your drivers license. They need an amendment to the proposed law ... they propose it for every 4 years but your driver's license expires every 5 years Also requested they enforce the SHALL requirement of local police department to issue FIDs and P2P's ... 30 days from the date of receipt of the application for residents Also write-call or email your Congressional representatives in Washington. Tell them what is going on in NJ. Congress just appropriated $20,000,000 to improved the FBI NICS
  7. How long are you waiting presently for the approval back to your FFL from the 'effiecient' NJ State Police folks that process the NICS check? I'm at a week and a half so far - still haven't had approval
  8. Attention members: WE ARE IN TROUBLE! Last week we had our 1st General Meeting of the year. We invited speakers from the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society (NJ2AS) to give us their view of what the future brings regarding Gun Control efforts in the Garden State. ONLY 26 CLUB MEMBERS FOUND THE SUBJECT INTERESTING ENOUGH TO ATTEND. Five of the attendees were officers. On Saturday, I attended a meeting by the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) in Franklin Township on the same subject. Both those meetings were run by the associations doing the most in our state to try to stem the flow of BAD legislation being proposed in the legislature. If you think the battle is over or in a lull, you are sadly mistaken. There were on Friday some forty bills having to do with Gun Control presented in the legislature. By close of business on Monday, that total had grown to 76 (see attachment). Most of those bills have to do with some pretty onerous proposals of law which will gut the gun ownership in New Jersey. They are coming after all of us – pistol, rifle and shotgunners). We as a group need to keep up the fight. We now need to write personal letters to each of our State and Federal Representatives. I am told that it is a rule that in this state, that hand written correspondence must be answered by the legislator. What better way to tie them down and spend their time not writing legislation? It seems as if our past efforts have had some positive effect on the leadership of the Senate. Senator Sweeney wants to come across as a supporter of the sportsman. He comes from the western side of “South Jersey” from a rural constituency. However, his caucus, the group responsible for his election to the speakership is pressuring him to put forth some sort of anti-gun legislation. It seems that one political faction has as its agenda the embarrassment of the current governor. If legislation gets to his level and he vetoes it, a strong case can be made that he is pro-gun. If he supports it, the opposite case can be made. It will present him with a lose-lose situation - and will affect him in the next election, even with his 70% current approval rating. Be alert to the fact that there is going to be some legislation getting through. It is going to happen. It is my hope that it is not as onerous as what New York and Colorado Shooters are now LIVING WITH,. There are over 1 million gun owners in the State. Regardless of what is said at the gun buy backs, people in this state still want to posses firearms – whether for defense or for sporting reasons. Just go into a gun shop and look at the availability of firearms and ammunition. There ain’t a whole lot there. If the one million of us each wrote a letter or two; if one million of us showed up to the upcoming rallies - planned sometime in the next six weeks to protest these bills as they go to a senate vote - then we can make a difference. The 1,300 of us who showed up in the rain and cold in Trenton can be assured that it caught the eyes and ears of some of the senate leadership. If we showed up in mass 10,000 or a million strong, then the politicians would be afraid of our power in the election booth. Right now…. well the introduction of 70 bills gives some inkling of who is not afraid of us. There will be another Trenton rally called for by ANJRPC and NJ2AS. We have to make it a point to get off the backside and into a bus and get there. Your Senator may be on our side but the rest of the party needs to know that we are taking a united stand. If you think that this whole issue will be resolved in the Supreme Court – well it might but you may not like the results (especially if the composition of the court changes by hearing time or if the swing vote swings away from us). If you take the tack that “I’ll leave it to the next guy”, then please understand that to someone else, you are the “next guy”. That attitude that seems to permeate our ranks -26 club members for a presentation on endangerment of our rights seems to bear that out. I know that in some cases, losing a day of work is tough especially in this economy but if you value your gun, your freedoms, your current way of life then you best change your mindset. In my opinion, too many people have died to give us and preserve the freedoms and way of life we supposedly cherish. Where are you going to stand? Do you intend to stand up for your beliefs, your way of life? If so, then plan on attending the upcoming rally, meetings, or sit with us in the senate to show that we are united and that we will take a stand come election time. Remember that to not make a decision or take a stand is to do so. Paul Adamowski President CRI Gun Bills as of March 23rd ... http://www.scribd.com/doc/132322748/NJ-Gun-Control-Bills-as-of-03-22-13
  9. Recourse: If one applies for a permit or identification card, and within the issuance time frames of this law, 30 days for residents, is not issued the permit or identification card , IMO, they are aggrieved. Accordingly, they may request a hearing with the County Superior Court and also "shall serve a copy of his request for a hearing upon the chief of police of the municipality in which he resides, if he is a resident of New Jersey, and upon the superintendent in all cases." What I also would do immediately at the lapse of the 30 issuance period, provide the municipal Chief of Police a copy of the requirements within this Title 2C:58-3 before requesting a hearing with the County Superior Court. Also provide the municipal mayor (if the Chief reports to him) or the Council Committee person (that is liaison to the Police Department) with a copy of the requirements within this law. Then if the permit or identification card is not immediately issued - request a hearing with the County Superior Court. My belief is .... this being jerked around by too many local police departments will cease Title 2C:58-3 ... d. Issuance. The chief of police of an organized full-time police department of the municipality where the applicant resides or the superintendent, in all other cases, shall upon application, issue to any person qualified under the provisions of subsection c. of this section a permit to purchase a handgun or a firearms purchaser identification card. Any person aggrieved by the denial of a permit or identification card may request a hearing in the Superior Court of the county in which he resides if he is a resident of New Jersey or in the Superior Court of the county in which his application was filed if he is a nonresident. The request for a hearing shall be made in writing within 30 days of the denial of the application for a permit or identification card. The applicant shall serve a copy of his request for a hearing upon the chief of police of the municipality in which he resides, if he is a resident of New Jersey, and upon the superintendent in all cases. The hearing shall be held and a record made thereof within 30 days of the receipt of the application for such hearing by the judge of the Superior Court. No formal pleading and no filing fee shall be required as a preliminary to such hearing. Appeals from the results of such hearing shall be in accordance with law. e. Applications. Applications for permits to purchase a handgun and for firearms purchaser identification cards shall be in the form prescribed by the superintendent and shall set forth the name, residence, place of business, age, date of birth, occupation, sex and physical description, including distinguishing physical characteristics, if any, of the applicant, and shall state whether the applicant is a citizen, whether he is an alcoholic, habitual drunkard, drug dependent person as defined in section 2 of P.L.1970, c.226 (C.24:21-2), whether he has ever been confined or committed to a mental institution or hospital for treatment or observation of a mental or psychiatric condition on a temporary, interim or permanent basis, giving the name and location of the institution or hospital and the dates of such confinement or commitment, whether he has been attended, treated or observed by any doctor or psychiatrist or at any hospital or mental institution on an inpatient or outpatient basis for any mental or psychiatric condition, giving the name and location of the doctor, psychiatrist, hospital or institution and the dates of such occurrence, whether he presently or ever has been a member of any organization which advocates or approves the commission of acts of force and violence to overthrow the Government of the United States or of this State, or which seeks to deny others their rights under the Constitution of either the United States or the State of New Jersey, whether he has ever been convicted of a crime or disorderly persons offense, whether the person is subject to a restraining order issued pursuant to the "Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991," P.L.1991, c.261 (C.2C:25-17 et seq.) prohibiting the person from possessing any firearm, and such other information as the superintendent shall deem necessary for the proper enforcement of this chapter. For the purpose of complying with this subsection, the applicant shall waive any statutory or other right of confidentiality relating to institutional confinement. The application shall be signed by the applicant and shall contain as references the names and addresses of two reputable citizens personally acquainted with him. Application blanks shall be obtainable from the superintendent, from any other officer authorized to grant such permit or identification card, and from licensed retail dealers. The chief police officer or the superintendent shall obtain the fingerprints of the applicant and shall have them compared with any and all records of fingerprints in the municipality and county in which the applicant resides and also the records of the State Bureau of Identification and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, provided that an applicant for a handgun purchase permit who possesses a valid firearms purchaser identification card, or who has previously obtained a handgun purchase permit from the same licensing authority for which he was previously fingerprinted, and who provides other reasonably satisfactory proof of his identity, need not be fingerprinted again; however, the chief police officer or the superintendent shall proceed to investigate the application to determine whether or not the applicant has become subject to any of the disabilities set forth in this chapter. f. Granting of permit or identification card; fee; term; renewal; revocation. The application for the permit to purchase a handgun together with a fee of $2, or the application for the firearms purchaser identification card together with a fee of $5, shall be delivered or forwarded to the licensing authority who shall investigate the same and, unless good cause for the denial thereof appears, shall grant the permit or the identification card, or both, if application has been made therefor, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application for residents of this State and within 45 days for nonresident applicants. A permit to purchase a handgun shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance and may be renewed by the issuing authority for good cause for an additional 90 days. A firearms purchaser identification card shall be valid until such time as the holder becomes subject to any of the disabilities set forth in subsection c. of this section, whereupon the card shall be void and shall be returned within five days by the holder to the superintendent, who shall then advise the licensing authority. Failure of the holder to return the firearms purchaser identification card to the superintendent within the said five days shall be an offense under subsection a. of N.J.S.2C:39-10. Any firearms purchaser identification card may be revoked by the Superior Court of the county wherein the card was issued, after hearing upon notice, upon a finding that the holder thereof no longer qualifies for the issuance of such permit. The county prosecutor of any county, the chief police officer of any municipality or any citizen may apply to such court at any time for the revocation of such card.
  10. JM ... not only were you over charged, your police department is in violation of the issuance time frame
  11. And to expedite receiving your duplicate FID for change of address, be sure your local police department issuer reads this: 2C:58-3. a. Permit to purchase a handgun. f. Granting of permit or identification card; fee; term; renewal; revocation. The application for the permit to purchase a handgun together with a fee of $2, or the application for the firearms purchaser identification card together with a fee of $5, shall be delivered or forwarded to the licensing authority who shall investigate the same and, unless good cause for the denial thereof appears, shall grant the permit or the identification card, or both, if application has been made therefor, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application for residents of this State and within 45 days for nonresident applicants. A permit to purchase a handgun shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance and may be renewed by the issuing authority for good cause for an additional 90 days.
  12. http://www.nimh.nih....ica/index.shtml For zero tolerance, to stop gun violence by individuals that have or later develop mental health issues, State and Federal Gun Control Legislation would have to identify 57.7 million people and preclude them from having access to firearms? It's Impossible! Even should there be a requirement for a mental health check, ie NJ proposed law, every 5 years. The doctor stamps my FID and handgun forms - 'Of Sound Mind' and a week later a gun owner goes into a state of some mental disorder and commits a violent act
  13. Scatterbrains: All the firearms were stored muzzle down in the safes as they are supposed to be stored. The barrels were under water less than a day. I put all on the work bench and then brought them to the 1st floor and washed all with a mix of fogging oil and Eezox immediately. Then on a daily basis cleaned the mud and sand off and re-oiled. All bores were brass brushed, patched and lubed with Eezox, a highly rated rust preventative - cleaner and lubricator. Here's a test that I did of Eezox back in 2008 and in my mind and others that are now using it, is the best rust preventative on the market ... http://www.theopenra...hp?topic=5457.0 I am a BPCR single shot shooter and the majority are single shots, plus SxS shotguns, plus uniques like a 1905 fully engraved 9.5x47R Schuetzen rifle - most of them prior to the '20's and going back to the 1870's. Accordingly, they are not modern firearms that I can send to current manufacturers. Even my 1881 JM Ballard with a cast iron action developed no rust with the oil mix wipe down. Now all need to have the wood removed and a deep cleaning of the insides, plus blued where the salt blotched and removed the bluing. I have a substantial firearms insurance policy that will fully cover the re-blue, deep cleaning and 7 guns that might need some minor mechanical repairs
  14. Didn't deem it important to change South Jersey when we moved to our new home. We moved from MP 25 on the GSP in Cape May County in June 2012 to Lavallette.
  15. Looking for a gunsmith that deep cleans, re-blues and does mechanical repairs in the NJ area ... All of my long arms stored muzzle down were under 36" of water from Super Storm Sandy. Verified with the gun insurance company that re-bluing is covered under the policy and so is deep cleaning of the mud/sand out from inside the actions. The bluing needed is to repair the many blotches on barrels and action where the salt in the mud and sand removed the bluing. None of the guns are rusted because I oiled them immediately with a mix of fogging oil and Eezox Thanks for any good leads
  16. Last week I took 100 rounds of 45 Colt and a box of plastic shotshells that were under 36" of water from the storm to a cowboy match. Two Colts and one shotshell didn't go bang. In total, had 1500 rounds of Colts, 12 boxes of 50 or 100 round BPCR reloads and 11 cases of shotshells under water. Squirted them with engine fogging oil + Eezox. Plan to shot them all up. Then clean the brass in the rotary tumbler with burnishing solution and media. I cleaned close to 1000 cases in inventory (25-20 to 50-70). All cleaned up like new
  17. Super Storm Sandy did damage to my firearms collection ... Who are the full service gunsmiths in NJ that I can contact to parcel out the guns to for restoration work: * tank cleaning of the metal * hot and cold bluing of primarily the barrels & some receivers, revolver frames and cylinders * replacement of damaged parts (I have name contacts for many parts vendors) Thanks Gents!
  18. ... it would so much simpler if the NJ Driver's License had an endorsement for ones FID number and the FID had a box that one could put the DL Change of Address sticker in
  19. My DMS (Don't Mean Squat) Test of Primer Hardness ... 22 Oct 2010 Test Procedure: Using a Lee Hardness Tester that measures Brinell hardness, placed a new primer on a piece of steel. Held the indent ball on the primer for 30 seconds. Measurement is the diameter of the indent, smaller numbers are an indication of harder brass Pistol Primers 0.32 – CCI 300 LP 0.38 – Federal GM150 Match LP 0.40 – Federal 155 LP Magnum 0.40 – Winchester WLP 0.42 – Federal 150 LP 0.42 - Federal 100 SP 0.44 – CCI 400 SP 0.48 – Remington 2 ½ LP Rifle Primers 0.26 – CCI BR-2 LR 0.28 – CCI 200 LR 0.32 – Federal 215 LR Magnum 0.34 – Remington 9 ½ LR Note: Rifle primers are harder than handgun primers! Lot Numbers were not recorded
  20. I handed Lavallette Offiicer Ryan Grenhaligh the required paperwork for change of address & 2 handgun permits on June 27th. He looked it over and said it was complete and that I would have the FID & permits within 10 weeks. He is the officer assigned for FID's and permits 11.4 weeks later: The 2 references have not been contacted and I've heard nothing about finger printing. In the meantime, I have a Colt Mustang on hold in Connecticut and a FID with my old address that I can't use Congratulations and compliments to your police department!
  21. Lavallette has a population of 1,884 It took my friend 4 months & 3 weeks for the FID that was just a change of address ! For a change of address & 2 handgun applications - I'm on week 7 now
  22. And they state these time frames on their website ... http://www.hopewellt...nformation.html
  23. As the Word Turns ... 10 minutes after I made the post, my friend received a telephone call from the Lavallette Police Chief after leaving several voice mails: re: "Officer Greenhaligh says "when you know what you are getting then get them signed" * The Chief said this is not true. Dated - Signed and issued. Either policy has changed or Officer Greenhaligh was totally out of order Need for issuance claification - Closed. Thanks gents for your replies
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