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  1. I ended up with a Honda EG4000, can do most of the house. In process of getting an extension cord installed after doing the same extension cord ballet you reference. One thing with the Honda I appreciated during this storm, compared to some friends and neighbors, for the hours I used it - about 12hrs/day for 4 days, my gas consumption was noticeably less than theirs. We kept our load modest, but had frig/ sump/ hot water/ some lights running all the time. I too would like to know if others have had issues with electronics. I've spoken with 2 electricians who gave quotes to install our transfer switch - one told me he uses Briggs and Stratton genny and has never had a problem running laptop, iphone, etc. The other told me to NEVER do it, and only 'band-aid' solution was to plug into a UPS and the UPS would clean the power - although mentioned that some UPS wouldn't take a charge from a genny. I tried it this weekend with our UPS when I changed genny oil, etc- just started beeping non-stop and wouldn't take the electric from the genny....
  2. Just to clarify my previous comments. Yes, directions to Ft Dix are prominently displayed as Chet mentioned. Did not intend to send incorrect message. However directions to the new range are not posted on the site....or were not when I took the intermediate pistol class a few months back. I sent several emails asking for directions and got no response...which is really what caused my concern. Even if i had received a 'hey we are working on it' email id have been happy. We were emailed the night before the class had been relocated to Ft Dix....and that pistol class would be on the rifle range. So my concern was clearly more administrative/response based. By contrast GFH staff have always been available via email offered equipment suggestions, etc. The Shoot NJ classes i took were both fun and educational (I also took NRA basic pistol there) and the instructors Dawn, Dianne and the others were attentive, answered any questions and made it very enjoyable. I don't think you'd be unhappy with the classes.
  3. I've taken a few pistol courses with them, not the shotgun course, think you'll like it. The instructors I met were all knowledgeable, friendly and safe. Were attentive, answered any question and seemed really prepared to help new folks. I have taken 2 shotgun courses at Gun For Hire and loved both of them. I suspect for my future courses though I'll be going with GFH exclusively - for me, I found GFH staff to be far more responsive to questions before and after the training sessions (via email, etc). For both classes I took with SNJ, we didn't get confirmations until night before, directions to which range (they now have their own), etc - for me I prefer the way GFH does business, although they are a little more expensive. I also didn't love the training sessions at Ft Dix, with cease fires every 20 minutes interrupting the momentum.
  4. If you're going to go through the whole process and the wait, mine as well order 3, no additional cost from the state....give you some additional flexibility in the month or two after your original purchase if something else strikes your fancy....better than doing the whole process over for one gone at a time.......
  5. Some of this recently covered at a GFH class I took...their instruction was that you needed to be in imminent danger of death etc AND unable to safely retreat....if those two conditions met you can use lethal force. Other note I hadn't previously heard was if you are a legal owner of gun and someone other than LEO in the course of police business tries to physically take it away you were authorized to defend yourself. Up to you if you want to spend this much time thinking about protecting your life and family and trust that job to a throwaway gun.
  6. I'm a nikon guy and hear lots of great feedback on the d7000. If this is something you or she might get into then check out nikonians website or dpreview....lots of great knowledge and nikonians has a member o ly sales area. With Nikon d800 just released lots of folks unloading d300 or d700's so you might end up with a deal.
  7. Sandy's review is spot on....great class and very informative. I didn't realize how much we'd be put through....plan to work up a sweat and be tired when you're done. Eye opening to work through the exercises when you're under stress .... Fine motor function is not your friend when you're stressed and was very interesting to experience how it might degrade first hand. I liked how the drills were aligned with potential real world scenarios and we got reminders to do them right....instructors were not just trying to blow through a list of skills and get out. Great lifetime advice too during a drill...."Don't shoot your classmate during your turn" .....true words to live by Lots of mossberg 590s....all seemed to work flawlessly....a mossie 930 semi auto had some jamming issues and an 870 bit it's owner causing the only blood loss of the day. I was surprised as Sandy mentioned how different the spread was from my Federal Tactical buckshot than regular buck....good reinforcement I have more work to do to test spreads on other types of shotgun ammo I'm considering for HD. Great class and will definitely be continuing as a GFH student. Tom
  8. I'll be there with my Mossberg 590a1.....looking forward to meeting some folks in person. Be first time using new sling...
  9. Nice pickup on the shotgun...I'll have my 590 at the GFH Urban 1 as well.....but I think it's on 5/19, not on 5/20.
  10. We bought ours from the Liberty safe Mt Laurel store. Would do it again. Same guy delivered as did the sale....didn't try to of sell or stuff we didn't need. Delivery was great with automated hand truck....really knew his stuff and were happy with safe. I would restate some advice I've heard.,,,buy bigger than you think you'll need. We did and the larger safe is already full.
  11. Thanks for the review....I've been signed up for this class that occurs in May. Very excited to check it out. How much ammo did you use?
  12. Was at Range 14 today for a ShootNJ training class. We were a pistol class but were placed on the rifle side, ports 20 and 21 - seems like ports were open. 8:30am already a ton of cars there. Weird to see how the trees on the left side of Range road as you drive in are totally burnt, and on the right side seemingly untouched. Surreal looking. Far more attention to detail during cease fires I noticed today - RO walking the line to ensure everyone's weapon empty and shown clear along with a brightly colored chamber flag used. The coverings are really helpful - had a few sessions of light rain and coverings did a nice job keeping folks dry.
  13. TJM


    Thanks for the suggestions....thinking about giving the 16g a shot and then if it grows on me move to a 12 g either by getting a new barrel or looking for a semi to start me off...my mossie has the ghost ring site which while I like for he'd seems like it'll be a handicap for trap or skeet.
  14. TJM


    I'm a new member @ CJRPC, been impressed with the trap and skeet facilities there and am interested in trying my hand....although I'm not the best equipped I think. Would I be better off 1. trying out with my 18.5" barrel Mossberg 590a; or 2. 28" barrel Ithaca featherlight 16 gauge inheritance from my father? Ithaca is a pump as well? Seems like I read 12g is the primary gauge for trap/skeet - looking for advice to figure out which would handicap me less, shorter barrel or smaller gauge, at least to start and see whether or not I like it? Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. Always wonder when I read stories of people doing weird things....what did the other person do to prompt this? Think about it, what would someone need to do to you for you to think to yourself, "you know, a good way to resolve this situation would be for me to rip the other person's scrotum off of their body with my bare hands!" Wow.
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