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  1. Put a trail cam out there. and a note in the console that says, "Smile @$$ H*!% They never see it coming.
  2. I agree its never too early to teach basic safety. My son knows there are three basic rules if he comes into contact with a gun and im not around. 1. Dont touch it? 2. Get away from it. 3. Tell me or Mommy Number 2 being the most important. Especially if its discovered with some friends that dont know any better. He's practiced with airsoft and handled my pistols now that he's a bit older but every child should atleast know what to do if they find one. You would be surprised how many kids will reply "keep it" when asked what to do if they find a gun. Like everyone has said already the first step should be to take the mystery out of it.
  3. Looks like i need to do some reading, now that i cant rest until I've confirmed it. I was just hoping that someone could outline the specific verbage.
  4. Thanks Anselmo, That’s why I’m a member here always an education. I always thought there was a period like with the inheritance that if you take permanent residence in NJ with a handgun you had to register it with NJ within said time period. Thanks again for the clarification, you wouldn’t happen to know the specific statute or lack thereof that contains the provisions for out of state hand gun owners taking permanent residence in NJ.
  5. Hey everyone, this may be a repeat question, and if so someone please feel free to shut this down and point me to the thread. Of course this is purely a hypothetical question. So let’s say someone bought a firearm for a family member, a parent who happened to be a LEO outside of NJ, and then later reacquired said firearm from the Executor of that parent’s estate, and moved back to NJ in the 80's with said firearm. Now assuming that they still have the receipt from when they originally purchased the gun, and don’t have a NJ FPID. Is there any way that that firearm could ever become legally registered or transferred to someone in NJ? This was a discussion I had at work with a guy who knew a guy who's brother's cousin's friend "supposedly" "Legally" bough a revolver from a guy who pulled this move (you know one of those let me pull my boots up stories) but it happened to peak my interest and soon turned into a debate. It’s far beyond my memory, but if I am correct didn’t NJ start requiring handguns to be registered some time late 60's? And if my assumptions are correct the only way that could become a NJ legal gun is if that joker moved back to the state of origin and transferred it to NJ the right way. 1. Could one legally transfer a hand gun in such a manner seeing that technically the son who ended up selling it was the actual original owner since he bought it for his old man in a state that didn’t require any sort of transfer to his dad? 2. Obviously there was nothing illegal by inheriting the gun he bought his dad as a non NJ resident, but was it illegal for him to bring it to NJ with him when he moved back? 3. And could it be simply transferred to someone with a FID and P2P in NJ? P.S. the story also goes along the lines of him being an A/F brat who’s parents were originally from NJ born in another country where dad was stationed and Dad retired as a SC resident until his death.
  6. Yea if she let me show her the difference between a rifle and a gun, it might be worth the rip off on $25 worth of 22 rounds. Who wants to bet thats Doug in the kitchen?
  7. Wow thanks for the heads up. Thats one company I will definately never do business with. If you can call two jokers operating a business out of an apartment a company. I dont think I've ever seen reviews so bad for anything im my life. And to everyone who says give them a second chance, take into consideration that the only reason she offered the apologie was because of the NJGF comunity involvement. Also anyone who offers a "sensible apology" can shove it. Maybe a sensible explination accompanied by a sincere apology might mean something. It seems like they dont really take much care in the shipping since they are probably outsoursing the orders as they recieve them. And its not hard to get overwhelmed if your mom and pop business is growing too rapidly for you via internet transactions for you to keep up. The amount of negative feedback and the similarity of every customer comment leads me to believe their side of the story isn't worth hearing for any reason other than entertainment, and anyone who has an order pending will not find it entertaining I'm sure. I say eff-emm.
  8. I am usually well prepared and find myself ill prepared and skeptical on the accumulation of more than an inch. Which means there will probably be a foot and I'll probably have to shovel my way into the back yard to the snow blower that I stuffed under the deck to make room in the garage, only to realize I have no gas.
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum. Congrats on the 92FS by the way. My uncles beretta was the first pistol I ever shot.
  10. Its actually funny, because i moved here from what some would consider a bit of an unsavory neighborhood, and yet I lock my doors more now than then. I used to welcome the sound of my front door chime jingling because it meant I had company who knew to just walk in. Now I guess its because I know no one I know is going to drive 30 mins to stop by unannounced, I'm not so relaxed. Couple that with the kid up the street that thinks he's an entrepreneur, a few of his clients that almost got ripped out of the cars when they park infront of the empty lot across the street to conduct busuness. And the me getting stopped after dropping my kid at the bus stop because I fit the description of someone fleeing the scene of an attempted B&E, I'm a little skeptacle about that shady looking window salesman that stopped by at 5:45. Knock after 7pm and if its not the neighbor or his kids, you better believe I'm packin. The way I see it, if I dont know you personally, you better have a damn good reason to be knocking on my door after dark. Salesman or not..... I told a local LEO almost the verry same phrase when he was shining a flashlight in my windows at midnight.
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