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    Walther PPQ

    Wombat, Thank you so much for the speedy and thoughtful reply. I wish I knew someone at my range who shoots the PPQ to test it live. Nonetheless, I'll take your suggestions with me back to the gun store and see if I can adjust the way I'm manipulating the slide. Again, thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  2. glockport

    Walther PPQ

    Dear Wombat, I'd love to hear your impression of the sights from a tactical/manipulation perspective. I shoot Glocks but I'm interested in purchasing a Walther PPQ because the grip fits my hand perfectly. I "tested" it at the gun shop - unloaded of course - and found when manipulating the slide (racking the slide) the palm of my hand kept getting scraped up due to the tall, square rear sights. Since I'm used to handling Glocks (a very square slide) and the PPQ has a triangular slide, the way I grip the slide when manipulating it may be causing the problem. (I don't pinch the slide. Rather, I use the proper slide grip of palm on top rear, fingers facing right and gripped on the right side of the slide with thumb facing rear.) I tried changing my grip but it seemed that I needed to keep my palm off the slide and use just my fingers to avoid ripping into my palm, a less secure secure way to manipulate the slide, especially during a high-intensity situation - more room for error. Have you had this issue? If so, how did you correct it? Please note that I do need rear sights that will allow for one-handed slide manipulations so I can't/don't use target sights or the like. Also, do you know if Walther or another company make aftermarket sights that curve more so as to better fit the triangular slide, thus creating a smoother profile? Thanks in advance to for your time and consideration.
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