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  1. This busts your question about commutable distances, but we moved to Lancaster County this summer and we're vey happy. Housing prices are reasonable and property taxes are half of NJ for a house twice as night. School districts are all very good. It's just too far to avoid trying to change jobs. I have a job interview in NJ next month and I highly doubt we will move back. They'd have to bump my pay at least 30% to enable us to have the lifestyle we have right now.
  2. As mentioned, Carol Bowne was knifed to death. Michael Eitel was a convicted felon and prohibited from owning firearms and had served a 5 year prison sentence for weapons offenses. As for requiring training for range access, private clubs usually require you demonstrate safety (OBRP did when I was a member). There is no excuse for the negligence that caused that man to shoot his son.
  3. I take squirrels with my 12ga. Choose your shot size wisely and lead them a bit. Get some pellets in the computer and I've never wasted meat.
  4. I got swept at a range in Delaware by a guy who was taking a concealed carry class. The instructor wasn't watching him. Shortly after he swept me, I and my shooting partner backed away from the firing line. The guy's Baretta cheetah misfired and no more than 1 second later, he upturned the gun and pointed it at his own eye. You take club membership for granted until you see something like that. *shudder*
  5. Isn't it more accurate to say that they were unable to secure enough people with the balls to follow through? That's how I remember it.
  6. The mixed messages are intentional. The scenarios listed are not exhaustive...by design. The dcpd want this discussion to continue so people are afraid to carry in the intervening period before they get their stay.
  7. Should we search the state and find a township willing to let nj2as March with rifles? No fake militia camo shit. Just regular people marching behind the banner.
  8. When I took mine, I had a guy ahead of me with his own muzzleloader. Not only had he never shot a ML before, he came with his rifle still in the box. They actually showed him how to assemble, load and fire his own rifle because he refused to use theirs and they don't want to be turning people away. Held everyone up for an eternity.
  9. My advice is to leave your shotty at home. Use te one s they provide. It helps move things along more quickly on the day. If a dozen guys show up wth their own guns, it slows things down a lot.
  10. I picked up a used ruger security six on here for $300. Couldn't be happier with it.
  11. Jon took me hunting with him and I forgot my hunting license. *facepalm*
  12. Why a stealth candidate? Back and finance a pro gun dem like Jeff van drew. Say they don't exist? I say hogwash.
  13. The fit on the ruger mark iii is VERY TIGHT. It will loosen up with time, use, stripping and lubrication. Enjoy a great pistol.
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